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Law of Attraction - How to Unlock the Secret in 7 Steps

By Daniel Hinds

There is a secret to activating the Law of Attraction without going crazy. These psychic mind power techniques have transformed my life as well as the live of many people who have decided to apply these often hidden techniques.

Within a considerably short space of time you can experience remarkably rapid results. Imagine using these mental techniques to increase the amount of money you make without doing extreme physical work. The only thing required is the ability to apply these simple mental techniques that will make you a powerful money sucking magnet. Most people are astounded by just how much they are able to manifest in such a short space of time.

 The Most Powerful Yet Hidden Key

Would you like to learn one of the most powerful keys to unlocking the Law of Attraction? That secret is increased focus energy. Like plants need water and sunshine our desires also need something special and magical to grow. Visualization and affirmations are hardly enough to compare to increasing your personal power which is quite like adding water and sunshine. This is the real magic of attraction. However few people know the power of this secret.

It Does Not Work and You Already Know This

Have you already figured out that positive thinking alone does not allow you to manifest what you want? You are saturated every day with negative people and disempowering information all day long. What this over saturation of negative energy does is cause you to continue to attract more negative situations. Negative energy permeates your environment that you often aren't even aware of how much it is affecting you. It can make you disbelieve that the Law of Attraction works at all. This causes you the most suffering as you remain in the same frustrating situation year after year.

 Because You Don't Know How to...

Its imperative that you learn how to take your energy away from what drains you while opening up to what fills you up. What fills you up increases your manifesting power and accelerates the Law of Attraction in your favor. Only when you learn to discern what energies enhance you and which depletes you can you see powerful changes that make a difference.

 Whatever You Give Your Attention to Grows

You simply cannot ignore the things which matter to you while hoping to manifest greater things. The more you increase attention to what you desire the more it grows. This mental focus, accompanied by higher energy are two phenomenal keys when used as a combination.

Opened Breathing Also Increases Your Ability

The breath is quite magical. Often people are very shallow breathers. Shallow breathing cuts off your supply to the flow of energy. You often reduce your breathing when you are nervous, fearful and unhappy. Shutting down your breathing shuts down your emotions, leaving you feeling depleted and unhappy. This depleted feeling makes you an anti magnet. Results are very slow in this case.

Affirm it Into Existence

Another powerful tool to increasing mental focus at a deeper level of the mind is the powerful tool of affirmations. Distraction will be decreased while mental focus will accelerate while using affirmations. It's a most effective tool. As you affirm your desires you activate the Law of Attraction in the present moment to bring you what you speak into existence.

Ancient Universal Truths

The ancients knew many secrets to the power of manifesting. Still to this day many of those techniques remain unknown. The few people who know and practice these techniques know of the tremendous power and ease that comes with using these techniques. The Law of Attraction is one of many universal laws. Combining your knowledge of the psychic and universal laws can deeply accelerate your ability to attract what you desire.

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Lisa said...

I also believe in affirmation.

First visit of your site and I find it very impressive.

Lisa form Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Manifestation Code Scholars said...

An optimal environment and condition for the manifestation process can be created by an overall positive attitude and self-image, gratitude and calmness of mind. This is in fact the first essential practical step of the Manifestation Code, and only when you have cleared yourself from negativity, the unnecessary noise and have thanked the universe for all the beautiful things it has given you and will give you, can you initiate the request of your desires. Learn more about how to create this magic state in the Manifestation Code (

Quantum said...

The secret to the Law of Attraction is that it's not the only law. We couldn't do much physics, if we only used the Law of Gravity, could we?
It's the same with attracting things. There are 11 laws in total, and they all must be followed.

bhavani said...

Attraction is not by one's choice, it just occurs!! My message to all-
are you ready to give yourself a chance of real attraction

Law of Attraction said...

I know the law of attraction is real. I have seen it make magnificent changes in my life. I am grateful for writers like yourself, who presented the success available behind the law of attraction. The environment of the mind becomes reality.

Law of Attraction said...

I am grateful you post these steps for the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a true working force in the universe. All people abide by it whether they are aware of it or not. Since I realized the law of attraction at work in my life, I decided to utilize it for my good. Both my home at work life have improved. I am excited about what the future holds.