Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking - Is It Possible?

By Jeff Glasser

Self hypnosis to quit smoking is one of the ways that help a person totally eliminates his smoking needs. Because of this self-help technique, the hassle of going to a doctor for help is reduced and the costs of the treatment become more affordable for the smoker. Although this type of treatment was not really proven to cure smoking addiction, it has helped a bit in reducing the effects of smoking and it has also helped relieve the smoking addiction symptoms of the affected person. Below are some ways to conduct self hypnosis to quit smoking effectively. You can be guaranteed of reducing your smoking problems and you can be given the chance to totally eliminate your smoking needs, if you try one or two of these ways.

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Through CD's

Self hypnosis to quit smoking through the use of CD's is in much popularity right now. Because CD's can be ordered anywhere and can be used anytime, it has improved the minds of many smokers to help them in their addiction problems. It would be convenient for him to do the self help therapies at home, if the smoker would purchase a quit smoking hypnosis CD.

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Through Books

Self hypnosis to quit smoking through books is also one beneficial way to cure you of your smoking problems. This allows for better understanding of the nature of your problem, as these books mentally stimulate you. Books are extremely convenient to use, like the CD's. It would definitely be helpful in reducing your urge in smoking, if you purchase these books

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Through Mind Conditioning

Self hypnosis to quit smoking through mind conditioning is also very helpful in relieving you of your smoking problems. However, because the therapy is done by himself alone, this needs great patience and education on the patient's part. The need of a therapist would be eliminated but greater work for the suffering person would be needed. Mind conditioning works best for some people; but to others, self hypnosis to quit smoking is deemed unrealistic.

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Through Relaxation And Aromatherapy

Lastly, self hypnosis to quit smoking through relaxation and aromatherapy can be helpful in concentrating in your modification needs. If a person feels relaxed, it would be easier for him to penetrate his subconscious mind and develop a plan to stop smoking. Moreover, awareness of the problem would be possible through these relaxation techniques.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting Personal With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

By Jeff Glasser

Dating back some thousands of years ago, transpersonal hypnotherapy is almost as old as acupuncture. It has been used by many people because of its therapeutic effects to many illnesses and other bodily conditions, ever since it gave birth in this world.

Today, a diverse array of transpersonal hypnotherapy has been conceived. There is hypnotherapy anxiety, hypnosis for weight loss, and a lot more variations of the therapy. Each and every type of therapy has been deemed to be very effective in every specific case. As to why it is effective, the reasons are still unknown. Because there are no detrimental effects related to it, bust safety in trying these treatments is greatly guaranteed. However, the positive effects can only be noted through a long term compliance with the therapy. It is important to remember that compliance with transpersonal therapy is greatly needed to make this kind of treatment work.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy ? What Is It?

Transpersonal hypnotherapy believes on the fact that there is something greater than our three dimensional consciousness. Said to be the guidance of our power, is this dimension of human nature in hypnotherapy. The individual's innate capacity to direct or focus on the problems areas of his life is the key to get in touch with the root cause or source of his problems. It is greatly believed that through transpersonal hypnotherapy, it would be possible to grasp on your problem and make changes in order to cure it.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy - Purposes

Transpersonal hypnotherapy works in so many ways. First off, it helps people get cured of their addiction problems in drugs, smoking, and drinking. Those who are frequently exposed to stress, the therapy also helps relax. Transpersonal hypnotherapy can even fix weight loss problems. The possibilities of this kind of treatment is actually almost limitless; perhaps the only thing that can tell of its efficacy would be the determination of the ill person to get cured and the regular attendance in the sessions given by the professional hypnotherapist.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy - The Two Forms

Transpersonal hypnotherapy has two forms, namely: directive and non-directive. The approach of the treatment is the only difference between the two. In a straightforward manner does directive hypnotherapy approach the person; this means the therapist readily asks some questions and gives suggestions to the person's problem areas. Non-directive therapy, meanwhile acts the opposite way as further "mind conditioning" sessions are given prior to the hypnosis therapy itself.

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Find Out How To Do Hypnosis Online

By Frank Bates

If the idea of learning how to do hypnosis is intriguing, you might find that taking a conversational hypnosis course to harness the power of hypnotic techniques is a viable option. Classes are available in a traditional classroom or in a more flexible distance learning model. No matter how you take the class, the skills you learn will be valuable tools.

Conversational hypnosis works by influencing or hypnotizing other people with everyday conversation. You suggest to others' subconscious mind their feelings about specific topics, by using tones of voice, select wording, and appeals to emotion. Without others even realizing they had been hypnotized, you can influence how they think and act.

There are different kinds of how to do hypnosis courses available if you do want to take them. An easy way to get started is to just look up conversational hypnosis on the internet for local teachers. From there you can email them and find out what classes are offered near you.

There are many conversational hypnosis classes that fit the schedule of a full time employee, including weekend classes. A weekend conversational hypnosis course allows you to learn this great technique without taking time off or revealing the nature of the classes to your boss. This will, of course, allow you to practice your new skills at work.

There are complete distance conversational hypnosis courses that you can order consisting of ebooks, dvds, CDs and books if you prefer to learn at home. The courses give you all the skills you need to get started with conversational hypnosis. If you are planning on using conversational hypnosis on or with your friends and family, this could be the most efficient, or best way for you to get started without them knowing it

The more you practice the better you will become at conversational hypnosis. Conversational hypnosis techniques require consistent practice in order to achieve your desired results. Once you have mastered the tactics, you will be amazed by the amount of progress you can make.

Conversational hypnosis is a practical skill that can be used in any place, any situation that might come up in your life. If you will, imagine being with and being able to influence your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband, supervisor, anyone important in your life. This could lead to power, or at least some degree of peace. You can achieve amazing things using your new conversational hypnosis skills. Begin your journey now by choosing a conversational hypnosis course that is perfect for you.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoy Your Life by Definitely Changing Your Point Of View

By Elias Maseko

"Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars."- Frederick Langbridge, A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts. Here's how optimists are in action and researches that back up why it really pays to be an optimist:

We reach a point in our life when we are ready for change and a whole bunch of information that will help us unlock our self improvement power. Until then, something can be staring us right under our nose but we don't see it. The only time we think of unlocking our self improvement power is when everything got worst.

Optimists tend to focus on and plan for the 'problem' at hand. They use 'positive reinterpretation.' In other words, they most likely reinterpret a negative experience in a way that helps them learn and grow. Such people are unfazed by bad situation, they perceive it is a challenge and try harder.

People respond positively to optimists. Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others for their happiness. They find no need to control or manipulate people. They usually draw people towards them. Their optimistic view of the world can be contagious and influence those they are with.

Optimism seems a socially desirable trait in all communities. Those who share optimism are generally accepted while those who spread gloom, panic and hysteria are treated unfavorably.

Optimists are healthier and live longer. Medical research has justified that simple pleasures and a positive outlook can cause a measurable increase in the body's ability to fight disease.

Why not look forward to success in all your endeavors? Why not be resilient? Like everybody else you are bound to hit lows sometimes but don't just stay there. Carry yourself out of the mud and improve your chances of getting back on the right track. And why not inspire others to remove their dark-colored glasses and see life in the bright side?


So how do you unleash your creative thinking? Well, the first thing is to become a human leech. No, we're not talking about just sucking the blood out of every living being available, we're saying that you should take in as much knowledge and learning you can find. Read everything available -- good and bad, and keep your mind open to the infinite possibilities of the universe. The more you know, the more you'll want to know, and the more your faculty of wonder will be exercised. Prepare to be amazed at little facts that add a bit of color into your life.

Embrace insanity. No not to the point of practically admitting yourself into the mental ward. As John Russell once said, "Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." Exactly! Every creative thought was once deemed insanity by other "normal" people at one time or another. Luckily, that didn't stop the creative geniuses from standing by them. The thing is, sanity or being normal confines people to think... well, normally. Withink limits. Creativity is essentially breaking through barriers. Yes, this includes the bizzarre and the downright strange. I'm not saying that you yourself should develop a creative personality. That might go haywire. An example of a creative personality would be George Washington, who often rode into battle naked, or James Joyce, who wrote "Dubliners" with beetle juice for an intense fear of ink, or Albert Einstein, who thought his cat was a spy sent by his rival (or in thinking creatively in this case, the term could probably be "archnemesis.") It's important that your creativity doesn't get you detached from the real world completely.

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How bad is Your Attitude Toward Debt and Money?

By T. W. Whiting

A large portion of the population today is living with excessive debt. They shop and spend with no thought of the consequences. In effect, they are not managing their money and debt properly. In order to get a handle on it one must change their attitude about money. It's not an never ending supply of fun but an asset that must be managed.

Those little expenditures on a daily basis really add up. Yes your leaking money like a sieve. This slow steady leaking day in and day out gets us deeper into debt. We don't really miss it because it is only a little at a time. So preparing a budget can help you spot those leaks. Once spotted you can plug them and budget money for those things that are really important, like that first Starbucks coffee.

By going through the process of preparing a budget you will see exactly where your money has been going. We all fritter money away daily. This excess is one of the things that gets us deeper and deeper in debt. Simply, it's a little bit of money at a time, so we never miss it. We are to busy building that mountain of debt. Like a bird with its nest we keep adding a little here and a little there until it is huge.

Often small amounts over a period of time, such as daily coffees and fast foods can be used to purchase something more substantial like a vacation. Some people might find that more desirable. But the choice is yours as long as you can fit it into your budget. In the short term spending is fun. However, in the long term the excessive debt takes an emotional toll. Buying anything and knowing it does not add to your debt is really satisfying.

Changing your attitude will enable you to take the first steps to getting your finances under control. You must make the choice about how you will handle your money and eliminate your debt. No it won't be easy? Not at first. But the more you focus and work your budget plan, the sooner you will get out of debt.

Is it simple? Yes it is a pretty straight forward solution. Simply changing your attitude will enable you to take the first steps to getting your finances under control. Changing your attitude to debt and money is your choice. Will it be easy? Probably not at first. But like any habit once you stick with it a while, the change becomes automatic. Make up up your mind to start a budget today by setting short term and long term goals.

Even people with huge incomes get into trouble with money and debt because of their loose attitude toward spending. After all, they can always make more, right? If you follow a budget, plan your expenses and expenditures, you can enjoy living without that huge pressure of debt setting on your shoulders. Your quality of life depends a large amount on your attitude toward debt and money.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Using The Law Of Attraction To Make Money At Home

By Kelly Heldreth

We've talked a lot about making money at home and the difference in how people who are rich think about money compared to how poor people do the same. Your relationship with money affects how much of it you have now and how much will come your way in the future.

Everything in the world is energy and money is no different. I'm sure you've heard of The Secret ? the DVD that was released in 2006. It was in The Secret that millions of people learned about the Law of Attraction and the principle that "like attracts like." Your thoughts literally create your reality through this principle. Now, the Law of Attraction (LOA) works whether you aware of it or not - and this is where most people fall into a trap.

Most of us are not aware that we create our own reality with our thoughts. People think about things which they would rather not have in their life and without realizing it, bring them about. You've probably spent time and effort worrying about something which you shouldn't have and then had that very thing you'd worried abut come to pass? This is an example of the Law Of Attraction at work.

Understand that the LOA works in every area of your life and what you think about is what you create ? whether you want it or not. The key is to think about things you want, not the things you don't want.

As our example, let's use money. You may spend a lot time worrying about money. If you do this, you are creating a reality where money becomes something that you need to worry about. This all goes back to what we were talking about in last week's e-zine. Rich people understand the LOA and use it for their benefit. They think positively about money and as a result, they have no problems with it. On the other hand, poor people spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about money, which makes it a problem for them.

As I said, the Law of Attraction works in all areas of your life, not just your finances. The key is to think about what you want, not what you don't want. While it is true that your thoughts create your reality, a more accurate statement would be that your feelings create your reality.

See, thinking about any one thing is only the trigger than signals feelings. How you feel about any one thought is what the LOA responds to. Remember, (in week 2's ezine) we discussed the role that desire plays in setting goals? That is because the LOA actually responds to the way you feel, thoughts are just the origination point.

Think about it this way, behind every thought is a feeling good or bad. While there are varying degrees to "good" or "bad" feelings, there is really no in between. You are either focusing on a feeling that will either create the result you want or don't want. The more intense the feeling, the more intense the LOA will be. Feeling really good about something carries more power (or energy) than feeling somewhat neutral. Of course, the pendulum swings the other way as well; feeling really bad about something carries as much energy as feeling really good.

The future is not predetermined; it is literally being shaped by your thoughts at this very moment. Taking conscious note of that fact will help you shift your focus. You can take control of your future by focusing on the outcome you want, not the one you don't want.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Using Goal Setting To Spend More Time With Your Family

By Dick Ingersoll

We live in a very busy world. The technology that was supposed to give us more leisure time has, in fact, increased our workloads. Regrettably, our families are frequently the ones to suffer. Goal setting can help us can help us fit every important part of our lives, especially our families, in our busy schedules.

There are probably several reasons why you can't spend the time you want with your family. None-the-less, the number one reason that pulls us away from families is work responsibilities. Many jobs call for long hours and some also require travel. Some people work in cities other than the one in which they live. This creates additional problems.

Goal setting that involves plenty of time with your family must be planned out with a conscious effort toward that outcome. If you make the exertion, you can overcome most obstacles. Let's look over a few options available to you when planning for optimum use of your time.

Most jobs are very demanding. Setting goals can help you reduce this problem. The first thing you can do is schedule specific times that are solely for your family and stick to that schedule. There are techniques that you can employ to reduce the stress of your job. One of the methods is to make a clear transition between work and home. Make every attempt to not bring your work home with you on certain days that belong to your family.

In your goal setting consider that community adult schools and other educational institutions often make available work related stress reduction classes. Check them out. It may be worth your while to devote the time in one of these classes if the end result is more quality time with your family.

If your job requires that you travel on a frequent basis, check for options with your employer. Many employers are now offering flextime for their workers. This may include compensated time off for time spent on the road. Another option to think about in your goal setting is the possibility of occasionally taking your family with you on trips.

An obstacle to your goal setting may include the fact that you work away from the area in which your family resides. This may also mean that you work in a different state. Electronic mail and digital cameras aid in bridging the gap for the person who only sees their families on weekends. Also think about rotating holidays and special family events so that you are home.

When goal setting for quality family time, you may need ideas. There are a number of family help guides online that will help guide assist in guiding you. Your local library is also a resource. A number of good books have been published in the last few years that address the challenges to quality family time. There are also online family newsletters that are an additional resource. Goal setting can help you get more out of the time you have with your family.

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Utilizing the Best Goal Setting Tips for Your Personal Success

By James Carter

The personal success of an individual is dependent upon the goals that are set and the achievement of those goals. When goal setting in any part of our lives, we often tend to set goals that are way out of reach in a small time period and thus lose interest before the goal can be reached. Personal success from goal setting needs to be centered on goal setting with small time lines and very surmountable moments of success. This will keep the mind moving toward the ultimate larger goal, setting the person up for the best possible chance for success.

Personal goal setting can work to make goal achievement easy and rewarding. These tips can hep guide your personal goal setting in the right direction.

Large goal, small steps. The realistic nature of small goals makes the personal goal setting more apt for success. When we aim huge, we set ourselves up for failure. For instance, if we want lose weight and 100 lbs is our end goal, the smaller goals setting steps along the way may be in 10 lb increments. This way, every time those small goals are reached, the end goal becomes more near and we see that as a reality and not as a distant dream.

Celebrate the small goals. Waiting until the end goal is reached is not a good choice. We need to celebrate every achievement along the way and that means those small goal setting goals. Success from goal setting will never be achieved if we do not thank ourselves for being so diligent along the way. At the heart of the smaller goals setting goals is the chance to celebrate those small successes.

Take help when you need it. Pride can mean the difference in goal setting movement that works and one that does not. If you are aimed at making those success driven life changes, having help along the way does not make you a failure. It does, however, make you the person that is more apt to make the most of goal setting. Your goals, with help, are still your successes.

Open your plan to revision. Revising your plan may be needed along the path of your success journey. Revision is part of goal setting due tot he changes that life will inevitably throw at us from time to time. When reality happens, goal setting allows for the small or huge changes in the measurement of success and that allows us to remain focused on the goals all the while.

Smile and be happy even when goals are not met. There is no sense is crying over a miss goal. Just because goal setting is there to help us to achieve goals does not mean every goal will end in success. Stumbles in goal setting success give us character and make us appreciate the goals we do achieve.

Goal setting allows each and every person to see the end result of their success in small bits along the way. Through careful goal setting practice, there is never too much involved to change the smaller steps along the way, thus increasing the chances of success through our goal setting efforts.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ayurveda: Healthy Mind

By Richard A Masla

In the Bhagavad Gita, a classic text on yoga, Sri Krishna compares the peaceful mind to a calm lake which has very few ripples or waves. Although there may be many rivers and streams running into it, the lake remains undisturbed. In this analogy, the rivers and streams can be compared to the constant flow of desires that arise in our thoughts. Like the lake, when the mind is at rest and satisfied the individual remains at peace.

We all know that stress and mental imbalance often precipitate illness in the physical body. The Ayurveda teaches us that the state of one's mind is every bit as important as a healthy body. In Sanskrit, the mind is referred to as sattva, which means clarity or goodness. In the Vedas and Yoga Sutras of ancient India, it is suggested that sattva can be attained by constant practice and detachment. This practice involves the regular application of the yamas and niyamas, which are the basic principles of yoga relating to optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.

YAMAS ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacarya, aparigraha Non violence, truthfulness, not stealing, moderation and detachment.

NIYAMAS Saucum, santosa, tapas, svadhyaha, Isvara pranidhana Cleanliness, satisfaction, austerity, self study and surrender to the Supreme.

Through personal practice of these social ethics, a mindful way of relating to both yourself and the world is achieved. The teachings of the Ayurveda also help us to understand that creating healthy relationships in our lives is just as important as taking care of our bodies and minds. You may take vitamins, do yoga, lift weights and run several miles daily, but if the close relationships in your life are lacking clarity or are toxic, they can be very detrimental to your health and well-being. In my practice when I meet with a patient, I look at all aspects of her life, diet, sleep patterns, regularity, exercise and the quality of her close relationships. Through an understanding of these aspects, a clear picture of her overall health emerges.

As stated in the Bhagavad Gita, just as a breeze blowing over a pile of garbage or flowing around a bed of roses takes on the characteristics of what it associates with, so too does the mind. The Gita suggests that by living our lives in goodness, we purify not only our minds but also our existence. Thus we create greater harmony within ourselves and within our universe.

If the body is the temple of the spirit, perhaps sattva, (optimal mind-state) can be viewed as the flame through which the spirit is illuminated. If the flame becomes a fire, then body and spirit are harmed. Through a commitment to the practice of good self-care like that prescribed in Ayurveda, as well as a commitment to the basic tenants of 'goodness' as outlined in the yamas and niyamas, harmony between the mind, body and spirit can be attained. Only then can we begin to live our best life possible.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Feeling Things Out

By Dick Ingersoll

We all have a built in mechanism for detecting when something or someone around us is ultimately good or bad for the life we long for. Most of us pay no attention to this system, or are unaware of it, or even make use of it without even knowing it. This method is our intuition, and it is fully functional in all of us. We just need to take a moment to reconnect to it.

Of course, instinctual abilities may greatly decrease with the occurrences of emotional blockages in our energy bodies. The more sealed off from the world we are, the less able we may be to access this ability. You need to open your energies, so that you can really experience what I'm explaining to you.

When in attendance of a new person or circumstance, quit for a second and notice your feelings; Are you anxious? - Uneasy? - Relaxed? - Composed? - Scared? Your emotional energy is a telltale clue as to the nature of your surroundings. This is what we often refer to as our "gut", or gut instinct. It's also referred to as "vibes", as in "So and so gave off some creepy vibes." These feelings are more often than not excellent assessors of our current situation, and you can use them as a sign to proceed or back up as necessary. In instances where we have habitual thinking that makes us emotional, we may in reality be causing them ourselves. This is why it is essential to be completely open, in order to sense the energy of any person or occurrence. Or else, it may just be a mental fabrication.

If you want to develop this ability further, you should start with working on meditation. As you learn to transfer into light trance states, and then moderately deeper, emotional barriers and unhealthy mental patterns will begin to identify themselves. It is much simpler to pick out and eliminate or heal such habits and blockages when in meditation. In many cases, knowing the blockage or pattern exists might be enough in and of itself to do away with it.

You may need to seek a hypnotherapist if there is severe issues in your emotional body. Traumatic or otherwise painful events in your past may be damaging a portion of your energy field in the present. Having a healer or hypnotherapist assist in removing such barriers is an excellent first step towards getting a hold of your full power. You can also buy healing and hypnosis CD's to play as you go to sleep. Over time getting fully into these types of materials will allow your unconscious mind to start the healing process, which may take a day, a week, or a year or more, but will eventually resolve in a healthy, happy energy body.

The more open you are, and the stronger and clearer your energy field, the more easily you will be able to identify and intuit all of the nuances of a given occurrence. You may be able to tell a bad person by the sense you get immediately, and you will catch liars in their tracks. When things are not going the way they should, or if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, you will get a feeling for that well in advance, and can switch up your plans to mesh with better events.

Take charge of your inherent abilities to intuit. Your life will be smoother and happier for it!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New You - With Chakra Meditation!

By Jonathan Benjem

Meditation is traditionally regarded as one of the most potent forms of realizing ones spiritual being, and in the process, one can live a healthy and aware life. Different people adopt different meditation styles, but if theres one universally acceptable mode of meditation, that has to be the Chakra Meditation.

Chakra Meditation " Basics

The meditation whose basic aim is to align the movement of all the seven primary Chakras in the body is termed as Chakra Meditation. Our body consists of 7 primary and over 20,000 secondary Chakras. For a better understanding of Chakra Meditation, its important to know what and where are the primary Chakras in the body:

1. Root or Base Chakra located at the base of the spine and related to the element Earth. It governs our general health, prosperity, and security.

2. Brow Chakra, also called The Third Eye Chakra, is situated between the brows on the forehead. It is related to the Light element, which governs our perception, interpretation, and visualization.

3. Solar Plexus or Power Chakra located just above the naval region and related to the element Fire. It governs our will power, autonomy, and metabolism.

4. Heart Chakra is situated right at the center of the chest. It is related to the Air element, which governs our feelings of love, compassion, and general relationships.

5. Throat Chakra located at the base of the throat and related to the element Sound. It governs clear communication, creativity, and resonance during our entire lifespan.

6. Orange Chakra, also called the Naval or Sacral Chakra, is situated at the center of abdomen. It is related to the Water element, which governs our sexuality and emotions.

7. Root Chakra, also called the Base Chakra, is situated at the base of the spine. It is related to the Earth element, which governs our overall health, security, and prosperity in life.

A concentrated mind working towards the achievement of synchronized movements of these seven Chakras in the body can truly bring incalculable rewards in ones life. The body, mind, and soul would become stress-free and youll emerge as a better-informed human being who can easily see the spiritual side to every materialistic possession in this world. One can also achieve natural healing for bodily and mental ailments just by bringing the seven energy centers in consonance with each other.

Chakra Meditation " The Process

Chakra Meditation involves three techniques in this order:

1. Grounding Technique. As is evident from its name, the Grounding Technique makes your body feel connected with the Earth. The application of this technique is pretty simple. Just visualize a root growing from your body and entering into the Earth. Easier it may sound, but requires intense concentration and mental awareness while performing the Grounding Technique.

2. Centering Technique. This technique is vital as it prepares your body to receive the benefits of Chakra Meditation. Again, the application of this technique is not too difficult. Just take 4-5 deep breaths and feel every body part from head to toe getting relaxed. This process involves tightening and relaxing each body part from toe, and then visualizing the act of a potter who centers a pot on the pottery wheel.

3. Relaxation Technique refers to the process whereby, the body feels relaxed by an act of visualization that suits an individual the best. Every individual is free to adopt his or her own relaxation method.

One of the popular methods of Chakra Meditation is detailed below:

a) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

b) Close your eyes and loosen your clothing. The idea is to be in a natural state without any kind of artificial compulsion on the body and mind.

c) Breathe in a relaxed manner, which is neither too fast nor too slow. Let the breath come naturally!

d) Feel every part of your body from toe to the crown in that direction. Feel the earth you are lying on or the sofa you are seated on, feel the clothes you are wearing. Feel completely present with yourself and relaxed.

e) Initially, your efforts will be met with stiff resistance from negative thoughts and emotions. Dont suppress them! Theyll disappear with time and practice.

f) Dont hinder your awareness! Let it flow freely from one part of the body to another.

Do this exercise for any length of time and at any time of the day!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Incredible Cosmic Ordering Process

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

Improving one's lifestyle is a concern that has affected most of us in these recent times. The quest to lead a fulfilling life and enjoying every moment is perhaps what you have always desired to do. There are many available options that promise you a gratifying life, and one popular concept is that of cosmic ordering.

What is cosmic ordering? It is a spiritual practice where you are able to get from the universe everything it is you want in life. You ask, or order something, and you will receive it. While this is a spiritual process, don't be swayed to think that you have to be a "Saint" and only do good things in order to get what it is you want from life. Yes, that's a benefit but not a requirement.

Cosmic ordering entails the fulfillment of your desires and objectives. You have to 'order' whatever you desire from the universe and in a spiritual manner those needs shall be fulfilled. There might be a rearrangement in your lifestyle or your environment that shall suffice your needs!

As Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer insist, you must be aware of the field of intent in order to place your command before the universe. This is a field through which energy is transmitted, and is invisible in nature. It is at this level that our spirit connects to the cosmos and fulfillment of the desires occurs.

Chances are more likely then not that you have done this in the past and not even realized it. Think back about a time where you wanted something, or needed something and then by coincidence you got it. This wasn't coincidence; this was cosmic ordering at work.

Using cosmic ordering has a lot to do with the power of intention, which is a combination of our desires and our belief that we can create a new situation and belief that we deserve what we are asking for. For cosmic ordering to work, you have to really want what it is you are asking for and you have to believe that you deserve it.

Saying "I want a new car," or "I want that promotion" and then believing that you shouldn't get those things because you didn't earn them, or you didn't put any effort into getting them will make it so that your order is not fulfilled. If a better life is really what you want, then you have to believe deep down in your soul that you deserve a better life.

Cosmic ordering is really not hard, it is one the easiest processes you can do to change your life. Is there a down side to this? Well, as with anything in life, there are always pluses and minuses to how it is used. Thinking about and believing negative things will also cause those negative things to manifest.

For example, if you think and believe that you are going to get fired, you probably will. So think positively and focus on what you really want.

Most people believe that do not deserve a lot of things because they deem themselves a failure. This negative mode of thinking affects his/her performances in every aspect of life!

Sometimes, it is your subconscious that works against you and tries to convince you that you do not deserve a change in your life.

For success at cosmic ordering you need to train your subconscious mind to make this change possible.

Communicating with the subconscious mind is not that difficult. It can be done through simple affirmations, meditation and self hypnosis. Changes have occurred in the lives of many people by using cosmic ordering.

Countless amounts of people around the world have completely changed their lives using cosmic ordering. Now it is time for you to start to live the life that you really want. Why not give cosmic ordering a chance and have the kind of life you truly deserve.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Power of Conversational Hypnosis: Does It Really Work?

By Frank Bates

Salesmen, writers, and many business professionals all draw on the secret power of conversational hypnosis to succeed, and it's also a good tool for anyone who desires to influence the feelings and actions of others. Through normal language, tone of voice, and choice of words, conversational hypnosis manages to create trance-like state in the people it is directed towards. Conversational hypnotists can manipulate the people around them in a simple everyday conversation.

You can gain the ability to control people's opinions of you and reactions to you through the power of conversational hypnotism. This gives you the means to predict and also to manipulate their behavior. Conversational hypnosis lets you take control of your everyday interactions.

This subliminal version of hypnotism is often utilized by advertisers, marketers, and motivational lecturers. It enables the manipulation of another individual's deepest feelings. By means of this inconspicuous approach, people's reactions are directed through simple conversation and they are never even aware they were exposed to the power of conversational hypnosis.

Chances are you may not be aware that conversational hypnotism is something we encounter during our daily activities. Have you found yourself impulsively purchasing a product that appeared on a commercial a few days before? Have you felt you can accomplish something after listening to a speaker in a conference? Have you found yourself impulsively making a bulk purchase after a lengthy sales talk? If you answer affirmatively to all these questions, then you most likely have personally experienced the power of conversational hypnosis.

No professional license is needed to learn conversational hypnosis -- it can be practiced by almost anyone who wants to learn. If you've been looking to change the way other people interact with you, learning this craft may provide the answer to your problems. It's a skill that can prove very advantageous both personally and in business.

For anyone who wants to learn the art of conversational hypnosis, there are helpful books to be found at your local library, and many guides, courses and downloadable ebooks available for you to look into online. You should start your research immediately -- mastering the power of conversational hypnosis will drastically alter your interaction with other people for the rest of your life.

By simply utilizing the power of conversational hypnosis, it will become possible for you to be the most popular person at work, manipulate the way other people look at you, or have the love of your dreams fall head over heels in love with you. When you use words to influence humans on a subconscious level, anything is possible.

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Stress Management-There is No Time Like the Present

By Sara Mendez

Learning to manage stress is vital to leading a healthy happy life. You are as unique as your body's reaction to stress, everyone is different. Stress is how the body responds to outside situations and problems. Sometimes these situations become out of control and your body responds by developing health problems or by lashing out emotionally. It is trying to make you stop the stress. You might develop high blood pressure, ulcers, or have a heart attack. Sometimes the response is different, you might be angry, aggressive or overly sensitive. Only by learning to control both the stress trigger and your response to it, will you be able to have complete stress management skills.

A trigger can be anything. I can be something immediate like preparing for a date, making a speech, or the threat of physical danger. These situations happen and are over quickly. The stress will allow you to deal with these things immediately and then your body will return to its normal state. Long term stressors are different. A long term stressor can be things like divorce, having a baby, work or moving to a new location. These stresses can wear on the body and also cause serious health concerns.

Learning to deal with triggers is crucial to stress management. Hypnosis can assist you on your path to inner peace. It will help you to learn what your trigger is and it can change your body's response to that trigger. Some people know their triggers but others might require help finding them, hypnosis can do this. Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for stress management.

Your body responds to too much stress through a variety of different ways. Stress can be the cause of low work performance, sleep deprivation, or other addictions such as alcoholism, drugs and smoking. Your body might respond through skin breakouts, grinding your teeth, a panic attack or a low immune system. I am sure you do not want to have any of these problems. Most people want to lead a happy and peaceful life free of stress.

Hypnosis will allow you to face your stress and its triggers head on instead of bottling it up. You will learn to relax your mind and breathing which will give your body a break that it needs. Hypnosis can help you avoid chronic problems caused by stress. You will learn to manage your stress in a healthy manor. Others may choose other ways of dealing with stress, such as medication, counseling or exercise but they are not dealing directly with the trigger and response. Hypnosis will address all of these things, it will even help you in other areas of your life that might cause you more stress such as weight loss, self confidence and fears.

Many new discoveries and theories are being made each day regarding stress management and treatment. The choice is yours. Only you can decide what is best for you and your lifestyle. Stress is something we are all going to have in our lives and something that will most likely not ever go away since our lives are forever changing. But you are in control of your body and it's reaction. There is not time better than now to decide what will work best for you, make a choice.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clearing Your Chakras " Clearing Your Problems

By Jai Dahalli

The secret of success in todays times is to reinvent yourself constantly keeping in mind that you do not lose heart and keep on motivating yourself and keep moving towards giving your 100%.

It is not only the physical stature that matters but also the strength of your mind and the willingness in your soul that can lead to continuous development of your career and personal abilities. In every human being are present circles of energy known as chakras which have a great involvement in the determination of your personality. These chakras cab be said to be the links between your inner and outer self.

The chakras are the source that can allow your will and desires to process into ability and skill which lead to your achievement of success with the desired results. However if not given proper attention these skills may reach a point of stagnation and hence require constant process of up gradation which is the called chakra clearing.

These chakras are placed at varied points in our body and all of them are related to different types of behavior and character. It is hence quite important that you can work on each one of them individually.

Clearing chakras involves the release of the toxic energy within the body into the environment and capturing the positivity from the surroundings.

Your body movements that are anticlockwise are said to be movements that help the removal of negative energy while clockwise movements bring in the positive vibes.

On most occasions people can feel pain at various points however it should not be concerning as it only proves that energy flows in and out.

The energy obtained by means of exchange in the process of chakra clearing is said to come from the planets and are used by man to channelize his efforts optimally.

Once your chakras are cleared you will find a newer self in front of you, while many practise this on a regular basis, the intervals do vary as per the need and intent of individuals.

Once you clear the chakras and ensure that the positive energy gained is stabilized you would discover that your mind is filled with creative thoughts much more than what you would have previously thought. It helps the others familiarise with the different aspects of your life and thoughts.

The process of clearing chakras can start by paying attention to 1-2 of the circles of energy in your body and in the process try to get all your chakras cleared as only then you will be able to enjoy the advantage of your energies. People would be able to experience peace of mind as well as they tend to be relaxed.

Once you are parts of your body that relate to a particular chakra are understood you just need to use your feeling sensation to find the part which has a problem and work out on the corresponding chakra.

The amount of competition in all fields today is tremendous and you have to be very agile. In case you do not have the apt approach or there is an imbalance of the energies in your body, the execution of your skills and talents into effective results would be very difficult.

People have realised that inner energies play an important role in their lives, personal as well as professional, and also there is a conscious attempt made by people to understand and utilize its benefits.

You can bring a lot to your life in terms of happiness, satisfaction, achievements and success if you can practise and implement the fundamentals of chakras. A lot depends on how you approach it, chakra clearing would help you to approach your goals with a freshness of mind and body!

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How To Easily Experience An Amazingly Vivid Lucid Dream!

By Colleen Rikke

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a lucid dream is one in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid, of course denotes consciousness. The extent to which you are lucid within your dream depends on how stable the dream is, how much of the dream you can recall upon waking and how much control you have over the course of the dream.

It is this last factor which is the most remarkable and amazing thing about experiencing a Lucid Dream. Being able to identify the fact that you are having a dream is astounding. You can decide which direction you want the dream to go in and there really are no limits to what experiences you can have!

Just consider that for a moment. Lucid Dreaming looks, feels and engages all of your other senses as if it were really happening but you know that you are only dreaming and will be totally safe no matter what you do. This is the kind of virtual reality experience which computer experts can only dream of creating!

A growing number of people are mastering Lucid Dreaming and trying it for themselves. While most of us have an experience with Lucid Dreaming at some point in our lives, just imagine how great it would be to have a Lucid Dram any time you choose!

A Lucid Dream can be a doorway to some amazing experiences! Meeting and interacting with your favorite celebrity, having untamed erotic fantasies, taking a trip to distant planets, visiting fantasy worlds and touring them, conversing with a lost loved one, in fact anything at all; there are no limits to your imagination!

Having regular Lucid Dreaming experiences is something which until recently could take an extremely long time to achieve. People would spend as long as a year in training to have their first Lucid Dream - and it remained out of reach for some people no matter how long they tried.

So are there any simple ways of experiencing a Lucid Dream?

Some people report that certain foods can encourage Lucid Dreaming if consumed shortly before sleeping - Mustard, Orange Juice and dairy products among them.

Also recommended by some are ice cream, popcorn, pickles and fish. Some people say that these foods are ideal for preparing your mind for Lucid Dreaming - but of course, many of these are high in salt and fat, which isn't very conducive to a good night's sleep.

Can Technology Be Of Assistance?

Technological developments have made it easier than ever for people to have Lucid Dreaming experiences. Devices which can assist you in having Lucid Dreams include sleep masks and eyeshades which flash a LED when REM sleep is detected, reminding the dreamer that they are dreaming and lets them take control over their dream!

Another of the new developments is an audio technology known as binaural beats. Different frequencies are played in each ear of the listener; this has been found to be helpful in achieving Lucid Dreams.

Binaural frequencies help to synchronize the hemispheres of your brain - listening to them helps the brain to reach REM sleep, which is the necessary state for Lucid Dreaming.

If you have always wanted to experience Lucid Dreaming for yourself, binaural sound presents the quickest and easiest way to begin.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking For The Right Love Handles Exercise?

By John Winaby

If we are going to lose love handles or fat from any area on the body it will require not only the right exercises, but also an improved diet. Exercise only helps to firm and tone up the muscles which are beneath the skin; however, a reduction in calorie intake will ensure that the extra pounds you have gained around your waist will be lost.

It is crucial that you are consistently performing between 2 and 5 different types of abdominal exercises at least twice a week in order to help eliminate those love handles and to tone and firm up the muscles. These exercises will train the muscles so that they will become stronger and in turn improve the appearance of the waist. But don't forget the importance of the calories you take in each day. These two factors combined can produce fantastic results.

When you have decided which love handles exercises you are going to be using, you need to recognize that the abdominals require more repetitions to get in shape as opposed to other body parts, such as the biceps (arms) and pectoral muscles (chest). Plus it is crucial that you initially do each exercise slowly and deliberately so that you will create the habit of having great form and also place more force on to the muscles as you exercise. As you become familiar with exercises you will want to vary the speed so that the body does not adapt to the exercise and hinder your progress. Below we look at just a couple of the kinds of exercises you may want to consider trying so you can get rid of those unwanted love handles.

1. The Basic Crunch Exercise - This one is specifically used to train the rectus abdominis muscle that runs from the breastbone down to the top of your pelvis. First off you'll want to lay on the floor with your feet apart about the same width as your hips with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Now place your hands behind your head so that they cradle it. You can intertwine your fingers if you'd like but ensure your elbows are rounded inward slightly. Now just move your chin slightly towards your chest and as you do this pull in the muscles of your abdomen. When comfortable begin to slowly curl your head, neck and shoulders up from the floor and as you move into the final position exhale. Once you have reached a position you are comfortable with stay in it for several seconds before slowly lowering your head, neck and shoulders back down to the floor remembering to inhale as you do so.

2. Twist Crunch Exercise - This not only works on the rectus abdominis but also the two sets of muscles that are wrapped around your waist known as the internal and external obliques. You need to place yourself in the same position as you did for the basic crunch exercise and then as you curl your neck, shoulders and head up you need to turn them towards the left. Exhale as you move up from the floor and hold this position for several seconds before lowering back down to the floor, remember to inhale as you do. Then repeat this exercise again, but this time twist your head, neck and shoulders to the right. It is important when doing the above love handles exercise you make sure that it is your head, neck and shoulders that you twist not your elbows. Remember it is the muscles that surround your stomach and waist that are the ones you want to tone up so really concentrate to make sure that you twist from the middle.

Here's a tip I learned years ago from a bodybuilder named Franco Columbo. You can use this tip anytime and anyplace. You know how guys sometimes draw their stomachs in to suddenly become like one of those "after" pictures in a before and after contest? Well believe it or not, this is an exercise. Of course it can be very uncomfortable depending on how far you've sucked it in and how long you attempt to hold it there. But if you can draw it in to point that is comfortable and hold it there whenever you think of it, you will strengthen the muscles and it will become increasingly more comfortable over time.

Next, pay attention to your self talk. Everything you say to yourself is being recorded in your subconscious mind and is creating and recreating your self image. Even when you don't do so well find something positive to tell yourself. If you only did half of what you intended to do, tell yourself well that's better than nothing. And when you do nothing, tell yourself "That's not like me. I'll do better next time".

Your thinking is the key to your success. Make sure you're thinking positively and remember what James Allen said. "The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the orders of the mind whether they be deliberate or automatic".

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Truly Spiritual Human Experience While Drinking a Cup of Tea

By Gayle Etcheverry

You can make great changes in your world by doing simple, small acts of kindness. Mother Teresa once said, "God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love." Guisepi, from FreeTeaPary.org is a perfect example of Mother Teresa's words - and he's doing so, one cup of tea at a time.

Offering free tea came naturally to Guisepi. Back in 2005, he began sharing cups of tea and snacks to those who would pass him on the street. With his truck parallel parked, it was easy for people to congregate and have discussions while sharing tea with complete strangers. Before he knew it, people from different educational and financial backgrounds, races, nationalities and ages were having a peaceful time together.

People who attended his impromptu tea parties explained to Guisepi how honored they were to experience something so pure and unique. Guests would leave the truck party filled with a feeling of love and unity like never before. Feeling inspired to go into the world and make a difference in their communities for the better. Guisepi says that serving tea is affordable, easy to do and is a gift that brings him unlimited joy. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, tea is served out of his Tea Bus that he calls, Special Edna, which is a short, yellow school bus. Its perfect size allows him to parallel park on major streets and has better fuel economy than if he owned a larger bus. "Special Edna" is his home and he graciously shares his traveling abode with anyone who cares to have a cup of tea with him.

Guisepi says that hosting free tea parties is not a new idea. In Fact, it is a custom that dates back thousands of years. Even after all this time, people still take part in this genuine, kindred interaction of drinking tea together.

Along his travels, Guisepi has inspired many people to hold their own style of tea parties. One such man decided he would make a life dream come true and serve free stew to people in San Francisco. Guisepi believes that people can serve tea, coffee, stew, or even sweets. The kind of offering doesn't matter. The magic happens between the human interactions.

If at all possible, you really must go to a free tea party. Should you live too far to attend one of Guisepi's parties you could easily host your own. It is definitely a remarkable event that will stay with you forever.

Luckily, I was able to attend one of his free tea parties in his magic bus in Los Angeles. Over the course of a few hours I met people from far away lands, of different backgrounds all the while enjoying a cup of chai tea. This was one of the most remarkable moments I've ever experienced - To sit in a group with people only moments before were so foreign to me, and then became instant friends.

Guisepi is a wonderful example of someone who is making a difference in the lives of humanity, by serving peace one cup at a time.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Can Hypnosis Really Help You Lose Weight?

By Robert Kaufman

Are you one of those who wonder if there could be a weight loss cure in hypnosis? Here is good news. Your weight is mere mass and mass is related to energy as Einstein proved. Energy is defined by frequencies of particle movement and hypnotic forces can alter these frequencies.

So what we are saying is, hypnosis and weight loss are clearly related and there is even scientific theory to support the fact. Not that science knows everything there is to know about either subject, but surely you see the connection made earlier.

Now you say hello, let's talk about fat loss 4 idiots ok. Imagine you are fat and hypnotized and no one bothers to get you out of your trance for a week. Is there a chance you would have lost some weight? Hmmm but is that how it works? Not really.

Hypnosis represents the mental condition of the body, and weight loss represents the physical condition of the body. Did you know that your mind completely controls your body? For instance, when you are preoccupied with something else you often will forget to eat at dinnertime. But when your mind preoccupied like when you are vegging out in front of the television, you can snack on loads of junk food and not even realize it.

So can you use hypnosis to not feel hungry? Sure. Many sales people I know (myself included at one time) self-program to skip lunch or live off a juice in the afternoon. Not many sales execs are fat, you'd agree. Self-programming is a hypnotic suggestion to the mind. No mumbo jumbo stuff!

Under the guidance of a master hypnotist, those who are serious about weight loss can explore their childhood experiences. Often, metaphysics reports, childhood pain and anger is stored up as fat in the body. You release the hurt and voila, you lose the fat. Takes a lot of patience and introspection, but the double benefit is worth it.

The signals that our mind sends to our body can be another reason why we are overweight. A friend of mine swore that skipping breakfast would help her lose weight, so that's what she did. Of course she was only making herself more overweight, because she was triggering her mind to tell the body, "We are in starvation mode because we haven't eaten for 16-hours." In response her body would store up fat to protect itself against ultimately starvation.

In summary, there is a clear relationship between hypnosis and weight loss. Try it out, find what works for you, and have a big picture point of view. If you are serious about your weight loss, then you'll find that hypnosis could be just the leg up you are looking for.

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Is There A 'Best' Stress Relief?

By Jeff Fenske

Vacations are one of the best forms of stress relief. Unfortunately, not everyone can take the vacation of their dreams or liking. Frequently, where or when you go is intertwined with other people's desires as well as your own. A vacation of your choosing is the best stress relief but since I know that is not always going to happen, let me give you some quick tips you can use right now, right where you are.

Don't try to eliminate all your stress at once, you didn't acquire it all at once. Make gradual changes over time. Your habits will start to change and you will see stress relief throught the new strategies you pick up.

There are a number of different ways stress can be relieved.

Puzzles can challenge your skills and provide an effective relief of stress by forcing your mind to focus on things other than what are causing stress. Puzzles come in many new formats to challenge your skills.

Gardening is an excellent source of stress relief. Or getting out in the woods for a walk or cutting and stacking firewood can be a healthy means of releasing pent up nervous energy and stress.

Nature is a great way to relieve stress and start viewing life with thanks . It's amazing the change as you get out and appreciate the natural beauty all around. If you don't have the ability to get to the beach or the mountains, stop and take a look at what you do have. One day I was standing in what appeared to be a weed patch. As I examined the weeds more closely I was amazed at the beauty of the tiniest buds on them. Even a weed, at close distance is a marvel.

Could you make an effort to add only one simple pleasure to your day?

I started a hobby by buying small cacti at the 99 cent store and replanting in a bigger pot. One, it is inexpensive. Two, you really have to be a poor gardener to not make a cactus grow. I am not kidding. I have had no luck with tomatoes or any vegetable but throw a 99 cent cactus into a new pot and watch it grow. Kind of makes you feel good. Every time I look out my kitchen window I see the little plants I rescued and provided a good home for.

Try some natural stress relief through natural stress reducing supplements. They are frequently as good or better than big drug company prescription drugs.

Music can alleviate a lot of stress. It can calm the children, providing you don't overdose them with sugar and you are the person repsponsible for the selection of the music! Try singing or dancing with the kids, or your spouse for that matter.

You can pick up an instrument on eBay relatively cheaply and experiment. Get something fun and relaxing. I bought a Native American flute that is super easy to play and it sounds very relaxing not to mention it helps my breathing; multiple good benefits.

Try reading and meditating on some Psalms out of the Bible. The Bible says we can make melody in our hearts and laughter is the best medicine. Try speaking peaceful words of encouragement to yourself. Yes, really, speak blessing over yourself.

Exercise can help with stress relief because it provides a way for the body to release tension and pent-up frustration. Exercise heals the mind and shapes up your body.

Knowing the best you can be can be accomplished through some exercise. give yourself a boost of self confidence.

I know good humor can be hard to find, but laughter is some of the best medicine. It helps you to relax, reduces your anxiety as you realize things are not as bad as you may have allowed them to become. Your body physiologically improves with laughter.

You've heard the expression, take only photos and leave only footprints? Get out and take some shots-with a camera. Experiment with close-ups of people and flowers and insects. It can be an amazing form of relaxation and stress release. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent never discovered.

Whatever you eventually choose as your preferred stress relief tip, remember to always find time to do it. Don't get so busy you don't take time for yourself.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Creatively Speaking

By Valerie Garner

A friend recently mentioned how she found her first store where you can paint your own pottery and how this was new to her. She was very animated while sharing this and about her desire to go there and paint everyday. You could see her passion for this hobby growing.

Then she said a statement in the conversation that completely took me aback, "I've never done anything like this before in my life, I'm one of those people who have no talent, or an artistic bone in my body." I asked her if she really truly thought that about herself, and she said that she did feel that way.

I do not believe that about any person. I believe especially in people who haven't found their "niche" yet, that there is a wealth of hidden, undiscovered talent, which just hasn't been found yet. I love meeting people like this because to me, I sense a treasure hunt.

I've found in my own life in seasons where I was not creating in some form, that I just felt slightly "off". Something was missing. I think we as a people are born with a need to express creativity. Sometimes it requires a process to discover what the blockages to that process may be in a person.

Expand your ideas of what you consider creativity to be. Art isn't just drawing, painting or writing. Nearly anything can be an art form. I've seen gardens for instance that were truly a work of art to see. There is basket weaving, knitting, spinning your own yarn and too much to list. Try going to some art shows or doing some research to explore various forms you hadn't considered before. Most people doing these forms of art, didn't just start on their own, most had instruction and much practice and that skill had to be developed. Consider investing in some lessons in something that interests you.

Take some time discovering some areas of interest for yourself. What are you drawn to? Where are you curious about how it was created and the process to make it? What are some things you love to do? Those are good areas to begin researching. Consider taking some lessons to see if the interest increases or decreases once you dabble in it.

Invest in yourself. Take a class, get a book or find a possible mentor. Put into action a commitment to learn. Each one who has mastered a skill goes through a learning process and starts at step one. Start. Put away the excuses and fears. It doesn't have to be perfect; you don't even need to show it to others if you don't want to. Give yourself permission to fail, but give it enough time and dedication to see if it's something that fits you or not. If it doesn't, move on to try something else, but keep looking until you find that fit.

Creativity isn't just about what we're doing. It's also about who we are as people. When we begin to move in our creativity, it will affect others around us as well. Its so amazing when you see that spark of creativity begin to spark creativity in those around us as well.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to Enhance Your Long-Term Memory

By Dr. Jay Polmar

DYNAMIC SPEED READING becomes a part of long-term memory. We believe this is caused by intense concentration. Intense concentration causes the altering of states of consciousness which, in turn, accesses long-term memory.

Another factor is eidetic or auditory memories. Really you can remember everything you have ever seen or heard, even if you weren't focused on it. Your brain/mind, works like a camera, an audio recording device, and a computer, storing all memories.

When you begin learning BE DYNAMIC THROUGH SPEED READING techniques, you'll notice some slight repetition! It is these techniques repeated, with visualization and various other methods that will help you achieve what you want and be your personal best.

All of this will make you a better student, employee, communicator, and decision maker in your life. And only one of your benefits will be that you will cut reading time on reports, memos, correspondence, newspapers, novels, non-fiction, magazine, etc. You will save time, and the saying goes ..."time is money".

Writers get paid by the word in magazine and newspaper articles and by % of gross sales (royalties) in book publishing. Usually the thicker the book, the longer the article, the higher the price and the higher the royalty or more pay for being wordy. Have you noticed yet that writers are often verbose. That means many words exist within sentences that are just fillers. What you learn in Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading, is only read the words that are essential and then learn speed reading techniques. You will learn how to do this through this example, read this paragraph:

You are a slower reader because you read word-by-word and you say every word to yourself. Instead you should use your hand as a pacer.

Take time and search for the important words ... like those in capital letters:


When you look at those words,, you'll notice the words in ALL CAPS; these are the ONLY WORDS YOU MUST READ to get the meaning of the paragraph.The ones I typed in regular type are just fillers. What you need to be reading is this:


Wow, it reminds me of the old Tonto of the Lone Ranger Saturday AM TV show. But, you can get what it means and you can easily get rid of those filler words.

Dr. Jay Polmar, the founder of www.speedread.org , taught classes in colleges and universities for 16 years. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading program is his 7.5 hour course recreated so you can learn valuable tools yourself at home or in the dorm. You'll get the most out of your reading experience.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

By Dick Ingersoll

Meditation means to be in a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and centered. Practitioners of this art report enhanced understanding, center, and concentration, as well as a more optimistic attitude in life.

Meditation is most commonly associated with monks, shaman and other spiritual controls. Nonetheless, you do not have to be a monk or mystic to enjoy its benefits. And you don't even need to have a particular place to practice it. You could even try it in your own front room!

Although there are several varying approaches to meditation, the basic principles never change. The most significant of these principles is that of eliminating obstructive, pessimistic, and drifting thoughts and fantasies, and soothing the mind with a deep sense of focus. This empties the mind of rubbish and prepares it for a higher quality of activity.

The negative thoughts you have - whether it be of loud neighbors, bossy officemates, that parking fine you received, and irritating junk mail- are said to contribute to the 'polluting'|"Cluttering"| of the mind, and closing them out permits for the 'cleansing' of the mind so that it may focus on deeper, more important thoughts.

Some practitioners even close out all sensory input - no sights, no sounds, and nothing to touch - and try to remove themselves from the chaos around them. You might now focus on a deep, insightful thought if this is your goal. It might seem unbearable at first, since we are all too use to always hearing and viewing things, but as you persist this exercise you will discover yourself becoming more conscious of all that is around you.

If you find the meditating methods you see on television threatening - those with ridiculously arched backs, and painful-looking contortions - you need not worry. The point here is to be in a relaxing position favorable to concentration. This may be while sitting cross-legged, standing, lying down, and even walking.

If the position permits you to be at ease and become centered, then that would be a positive starting point. While sitting or standing, the back should be straight, but not so as to be uncomfortable. In other positions, the only no-no is slouching and falling asleep.

Unrestrictive, breathable clothes makes a big difference in the process since ill- fitting clothes have a tendency to bind you up and leave you feeling tense.

The location in which you practice your meditation should have a soothing atmosphere. It might be in your front room, or bedroom, or any other area that you feel relaxed in. You might want an exercise mat if you plan to take on the more challenging positions (if you feel more focused doing so, and if the contortionist in you is screaming for release). You may want to have the place arranged so that it is soothing to your senses.

Absolute quiet helps most people relax and meditate, so you might want a noise free, undisturbed area far from the jingling of the phone or the humming of the washing machine. Pleasing scents also help in that regard, so having on hand many aromatic candles isn't such a bad idea either.

The monks you see on television humming those monotonous sounds are in reality just performing their mantra. This, in simple terms, is a short creed, a simple sound which, for these practitioners, holds a spiritual value.

You do not need to perform such; although, it would be beneficial to note that focusing on repetitive actions such as breathing, and humming help the performer to gain a higher state of awareness.

The principle here is center. You may also try becoming centered on a particular object or thought, or even, while keeping your eyes open, focus on a single sight.

One example routine would be to - while in a meditative state - in your head name every part of you body and centering your consciousness on that part. While in this process you should be conscious of any tension on any part of your body. Mentally visualize letting go of this tension. It works like magic.

In summary, meditation is a relatively risk-free practice and its rewards are well worth the effort (or non-effort - don't forget we're relaxing).

Studies have discovered that meditation does bring about beneficial physiologic effects to the body. And there has been a rising consensus in the medical community to further study the effects of such. So in the near future, who knows, that spiritual, esoteric thing we call meditation may turn into a science itself!

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Love, Art, Humor And Widowhood

By Donna J. Skinner

Several years ago I had quite a different life. I suddenly found myself a young single mother with three children to journey through life with. My nuevo-unmarried status was not a choice of mine. Fate had dealt me a losing hand. Never would I have imagined that when I kissed my husband good-bye that fateful morning I would never kiss, much less see him again.

My children greeted me as I arrived home later that evening. They seemed concerned that their father had not arrived home. I made frantic phone calls to friends and relatives. I had a feeling deep within my core that something was horribly wrong. My feelings were confirmed a short while later when I noticed a car slowly approach my house. My oldest daughter sensed something was amiss. There was a knock on the door. She pleaded with me not to answer.

I opened the door to a police detective. I knew before he told me. I immediately fell to my knees, I childishly covered my ears with my hands and threw the phone at him. On the phone was my husbands' brother whom I had been speaking with at the time. I heard the detectives words they burned deep into my being. He informed me that my husband was dead. The days that followed were a blur.

My many friends and family took over, they got me through the initial shock. However the pain would not dissipate that easily. Pain every breathe I breathed every thought I felt. Pain it was my constant companion, It kept me company in those long sleepless nights. The nights were always the worst. Darkness begets darkness. My pain was so immense that it burned through my veins circulating through my heart. There was no reprise. Pain ruled my impulses. At one point I considered ending it all. I plotted my own demise. It would have been so easy. So easy to curl up into a fetal position and reverse life. At one point I ran my car off the road only to turn the wheel back at the point of no return. I had pills. I had a gun. I toyed with these ideas, like a cat toys with its prey right before it pounces. I liked the idea of the gun it would be quick and there would be no chance to change my mind.

I had a lucid thought, who would clean the mess up? I began to laugh uncontrollably, then came the tears. I slept that night a long restful sleep. I awoke the next morning with a plan. Laughter and a plan, they have carried me far. I now enjoy life. I am a proud mother and grandmother of beautiful grown and infant children. I love life, humor, theater and the arts. Life goes on, and, surprisingly, it has only just begun.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do You Know, How Hypnosis Can Help You?

By Pia Perkins

While hypnosis is not a word we hear everyday, it is a word that many people seem to have a preconceived definition for. The most common thought is that hypnosis is an altered state of mind that brings the subject to a trance like state.

The rest of the definition not quite as well known is subject is vulnerable to suggestions in order to change their lives. When combined this is a correct assumption and a rather accurate description.

However, hypnosis is something more than just you have seen on TV, it is a deep and complex relationship carried out between hypnotist and subject that comes with a wanted set of goals to accomplish.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. When a subject is under hypnosis they are much more responsive as they experience their inner world the subject's thoughts and ideas become more vivid and actionable through the art of suggestion and language.

The responsiveness in a hypnotic trance is much more sensitive than that of a normal state of being; thoughts and suggestions presented by you, the hypnotist, will become part of your subject's inner world creating a pallet for you to work with and mold into the desired outcome.

As you become an expert hypnotist, you have to always remember that you will always have am impact over your subject. Since, everything that you set aside into your subject'inner mind will effect their outer mind as well because they would put your hypnotic order into action.

Another thing that hypnosis is a very natural way of being, it is not magical or strange, and in fact many people spend a large amount of their days in hypnotic trances, as you learn to entrance people you will start to notice those around you who are experiencing hypnotic trances in everyday life.

An case of a daily experience that can frequently event in a hypnotic trance is driving. A lot of times we start driving and recognize where we started out, and suddenly we are at our destination. We do not remember how we came there or any of the events that occurred on the road, this is a hypnotic trance.

The rhythms we are used to, such as the experience of the car, can loosen up us to the point that our subconscious takes place and does the job while we, let off the word as someone like to call it, 'zone out'. This may seem unusual at the start only once you actually conceive every activities we exercise everyday we have been disciplined completely through out our lives to enter hypnotic trances.

Have you ever saw a film and afterward recognized that the entirely matter in your mind and field of vision was a TV screen, apparently you are able to image the rest of the room, people, cat and dog while concentrating on the screen but the density and capture that is produced makes it seem as if the only thing that exists in the room is that little screen and the action it is creating.

Reading is another example of hypnosis trance. As you go through the story in the book, nothing can distract you out of your story.(if it's you favorite one.) Additionally, while you read, the emotion; fear, sad, happy, laugh, of the characters in the book effect your emotion as well.

There is almost always the effect that the book you are reading will change either your mood, emotion, ideas and ultimately could change how you live your life, such is the objective of a hypnotist.

This emotional response is unconscious, the changing of your emotions, ideas and life, is one of the fundamental and guiding themes when learning hypnosis. You have no choice in your emotions, you do not get to choose how you feel about a thing, it is simply a conscious response by your unconscious mind as a reaction to the suggestions you are presenting to yourself.

Hypnosis can and generally will effect from any repetitive task you enjoy operating in. Runners receive runners high, they modify their mind and experience a trance like state while their body works they feel sound and alive. Getting in this adapted frame of mind is a form of self hypnotherapy which is a very effective place to put yourself, and a powerful thing to be able to achieve for yourself.

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