Friday, November 9, 2012

How Using Positive Affirmations Will Help

If you want something for yourself or if you have a goal in your life then you will want to make sure that you set goals and that they become more than just words written on some paper. It is important that you condition your mind so that you actually get to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You may think setting goals is easy and for the most part identifying your goals is the easiest thing you can do but figuring out how you can achieve them is a different story. Getting to realize the goals you have set will take some time and some work. You need positive thinking affirmations, visualization, planning, focus, and hard work and then the chance of realizing your goal becomes very real. From the moment you set your goal everything you do must be geared towards helping you reach your goal. If you think that identifying a goal is enough for you to reach it then you will have to think again. You may think the goals you have set are too high but people will tell you that with some positive thinking and focus you can reach those goals and you can bask in your victory. You must never give up on your goals before you have given them a try as this is one sure way for you to never realize your dreams. You will never get anywhere if you do not try.

Once you have set your goals it is time to use some affirmations which can help you achieve them. One of the first things you must do is to focus on the things you like about yourself so that you feel more confident about reaching your goals. If you are willing to accept who you are then you can slowly work to becoming the person who you aspire to become. Try not to feel too bad if your positive affirmations for success do not work on the first day. These things usually take some time to work and you do not want to rush the process but rather appreciate it as it helps you grow. The changes you will feel will help you reach your goals and you must savor them.

Another thing you have to do is think of negative scripts you have developed and counter them with positive goals. It is necessary to develop positive daily affirmations so you do not give yourself time to relapse into negativity. The best way to do this is to make a list of all your negative perceptions and write down how you want to change them and what you want to change them into. When you turn your negatives into positive energy, this is when you will really prosper.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Finding Your Life Purpose Will Help

Finding your life's purpose is not at all easy. Many people go through their lifetimes without really understanding why they are where they are right now and how they can move forward. If you are among these people, perhaps it's about time for you to know what your life's purpose really is and start living the way you truly want to. "What is my purpose in life ?" - you may have asked yourself this question at least once over the years and never got any clear answer. In reality, finding the true purpose of your life is similar to hunting for treasure. You know that it's there, but you need a map to lead you to it. So how do you succeed in finding your real purpose? The first question you would want to ask is what skills you have and what are you good at. There are a lot of people that think too little of themselves that they overshadow this very basic aspect.

Make a list of what you think are your weaknesses and then list down the values or aspects that you feel your strengths lie on. Are you good with communicating with other people? Do you choose to stay home instead of going out and meeting other people? Do you love art in its many forms? These are just some of the things you can also use to evaluate yourself and learn how to find your purpose in life. It may require you to reflect and think long and hard about your answers, but each answer you come up with can lead you a step closer to what you really want to do and prepare you for it at the same time. Remember to be honest with your answers if you really want to know your purpose, otherwise you will just end up being where you were the first time.

Lastly, ask yourself this question. If you were to die in an hours' time, will you have any regrets about the way your life played out and the opportunities you've let go? Your answer to this question as well your answers to the previous question may lead you what you are really looking for after all. Whether you decide to accept what is your purpose in life or not will entirely be up to you. As with all self-searching processes, what's important is that you be honest with yourself and the people around you. When you are at a point in your life where you cannot choose between what you need to do and what you really want to do, understanding your life's purpose can bring some sense to all of it and lead you to the right course.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nothing Happens Until You Take Action

It is quite possible that you have heard of the saying where you are advised to wait for good things to come to you but while it is good not to do things in haste you must also strive to work for what you want. You cannot expect things to happen while you just sit there and wait because all you will be doing is wasting valuable time. You must get off your chair and start making things happen if you don't want to miss any opportunity. But of course it does not pay to be hasty either so you must know how to take action so you get the best results. If you ever have an idea or come across an opportunity for you to improve on yourself then do not hesitate to take action so you can keep the momentum going. If you spend your days sitting and waiting for something magical or momentous to happen to you but you waste your time doing mundane things then you cannot expect for something life changing to come about. It could happen that one day you sit up and realize that you have spent years waiting for things to happen and yet they never did simply because you never bothered to take any action at all. What you must do is act on your desires so you get to where you want to be. Waiting hopefully can end up waiting in vain. Instead of just waiting you want to be one of those men who wait not for chances but create their own opportunities.

It is better to act first and apologize at a later date then to opt for seeking permission first. People so often wait for the feeling to be right before they take action which can bring satisfaction. But what you have to understand is that satisfaction comes with having accomplished something. This is the reason why you need to learn how to take positive action. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much your life will change once you start moving and making things happen for yourself. You will be happy to know that you can actually accomplish what you set out to do in the beginning.

Do remember that setting a goal is very easy and it is accomplishing it that will be challenging. If you are ready to start taking positive actions to accomplish your goals then some affirmations may just help you out. It is important that you tell yourself every day that you are capable of achieving your goals. Your strength may waver from time to time especially when things are not going your way but affirmations will help you for sure.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Expressing Gratitude for All of the Good Already In Your Life Demonstrates Your Belief

You must not feel bad about wanting to get all that you can out of life because you only do get to live once. One of the things that people always seem to be focusing on is money and while it is okay to want money perhaps your existence should not be consumed by the need to get as much of it as possible. It is not wise to make the pursuit for more and more money become the whole reason for your living as there are more worthwhile things to shoot for and better things to be happy about. Understand that it is okay to want nice things and it is okay to shoot for something above average. Everyone has the right to be happy after all and everyone has the right to pursue happiness while not having people make them feel bad for doing so. But in the pursuit of the ideal life, you may lose sight of what you already have to be thankful for in your life. You really should learn how to express gratitude for all the wonderful things you have rather than dwell on what you do not have yet. If you put all your energy despairing over what you do not have then you lose all sense of happiness over the present. If you want the law of attraction to work for your benefit then you must cultivate a feeling of gratitude over the things you have now and while at the same time setting your sites on achieving bigger and better goals. What you attract in your life is actually heavily influenced by what kind of energy you put out there. The predominant energy you give out is affected by the thoughts and feelings that you have.

If you only focus on the good things in your life as of now then you start to feel more positive and thus you give out more positive energy as well. It will be so easy for you to begin expressing gratitude if you just paused and looked at what you have. You can choose to be happy about having a house to live in and having warm food every day. It does not take much to be grateful for what you have; you just need to truly take stock of what you have accomplished so far. You can appreciate all the good things in your life now and still work at achieving the bigger goal so you can be thankful for that too.

Overcoming negativity will be hard at first but it will be worth it in the end. You should start to express gratitude a little at a time until it becomes a habit. Before you know it, this will be like second nature to you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Joe Vitale Elaborates On The Law Of Attraction To Help People Become Successful

By Lee Mckenna

Joe Vitale was featured in "The Secret", which was a movie that explained various Laws of Attraction. In this movie, you find him sharing his knowledge and take on the Law of Attraction and he exposes the power this has to bring in great fortune, success and wealth in one's life. Only experts were included in this movie and their understanding and knowledge about the Law of Attraction has spread to all corners of the globe. People began to hear about him as his fame preceded him like bushfire.

The Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. was founded by Joe Vitale who has been renowned as a copy writing expert. He has spoken extensively on the subject, written many books on hypnosis, marketing as well as the Law of Attraction. He integrated his expertise on both the Law of Attraction and hypnosis to found "Hypnotic marketing" which has become famous today.

Joe Vitale is commonly referred to as "Mr. Fire," as his internet marketing techniques and expertise level on the Law of Attraction has made him famous as a guru, who provides extensive knowledge on acquiring wealth. He has the ability to produce great marketing strategies with positive outputs that make him the greatest online marketer.

Joe Vitale is a voracious speaker and has been recognized as one of 25 top speakers in the field of marketing and sales. He has spoken in front of many business groups and proved to be a popular speaker and marketer. There is no doubt that he is noted for his mastery and excellence as a speaker on topics such as abundance and wealth.

He has helped many publishers and authors to promote their books by collaborating with them. "Money Beyond Belief" is one of the books co-authored by him along with Brad Yates. Readers can learn how to amass great and unimaginable fortunes by get rid of fears and certain beliefs that prevent them from making money.

Learn the technique that has been created by both Joe Vitale and Brad Yates that is called the 9-Point Quantum Tapping System. You learn how to create positive relationships instead of restricting your actions with limited fears and beliefs. The book "Money Beyond Belief" is based on ancient Chinese principles, psychology and quantum mechanics. Both the books create a program that will help achieve wealth and success by letting you understand the basic reason why you are not able to amass this in the first place. Terminate this core reason and you will find that you are able to work in the right direction to amassing wealth and success.

In the book "Missing Secret," you learn about the art of making the Law of Attractions work for you. We should be aware that this Law of Attraction works continuously. You may have failed though you have been using it all your life. This is only because you let your subconscious mind dictate your actions and attitude.
Use this program to learn how to make this universal law work favorably, automatically and consistently for you. This will help you change and strive to fulfill all your desires. It is not only a guide for people to wish to learn how to make this law work to their advantage. It also is aimed at people who have tried to apply the law but failed to get the desired results. Read the book to know the potential and try to grasp the principles that will make you succeed in life.

Though people assume that Joe Vitale had a successful life, it has not always been easy for him. He was homeless at one time in Texas till he learned to achieve the present success. He always strove to achieve his dream and did not let the fact that he was homeless play on his mind. He held on to that dream by taking necessary action and the proof is in the books that he has written that have become best sellers.

People who are positive of their requirements and wish to learn from his teachings attend Joe Vitale's meetings. They benefit from his extensive knowledge as a marketer, while using the Law of Attraction as this gives them an advantage over the other marketers in the field.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Goals Using The Law of Attraction

By Nick Hoad

Choosing your goals in life is something you should think about very carefully, as you will want to be in charge of your own destiny. When you use the law of attraction, this can bring you happiness, as you will be using your mind to help create the reality you live. For most people there is nothing more important for them than being happy, and by being a more positive person you can start to feel an improvement.

The life goals you choose should be the ones that you really desire, the ones that make you want more from life, as being creative and achieving greater levels of success can happen by applying the law of attraction.

Your life goals can be chosen no matter what age you may be, so think hard about these, as it is never to late to become the person you feel you should be. Having these goals are the things that keep you motivated and help you pass though the bad things that can happen, and strive towards the good things in life, as being successful gives you the power to be happy in your life.

Do not let a negative attitude fuel your fears and hold you back, as choosing your life goals is an important decision that needs to be reached before you let yours goals fade away. By using your mind to create something for yourself is important and helps to make things easier to happen. Try to work out your main goals if issues arise that are hard to keep up with.

You will find that most people can fall on hard times, the trick is to not let it keep dragging you down, and letting the negative energy wash over you. If you are goal oriented you will find the good things in life happening for you, and bringing you greater success and happiness.

You will find that there are many CD's, books etc so you can study the law of attraction, to help you find out about the things to learn about achieving the right mind set, and with this you will be better able to be a more successful person and not miss out on the better things life has to offer.

Dreaming of the things you want, and making them happen are two different things? To make your dreams happen you need to have your goals set in place, and using the law of attraction can help these. You will find that the way that you think will be your main support, and having positive reinforcements in life can bring you the happiness you want, so focus on the things that are keeping you going.

Remember to never let anyone stand in the way of the things that you want! By using the law of attraction your life goals can become a reality, as it is about what you want and expect from life, as nothing is going to be handed to you, unless you take positive action with yourself, and apply the law of attraction to start to make things work for you and your own happiness.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Law of Attraction and Money - How to Attract More

Law of Attraction and Money - How to Attract More
By Tammi Putnam

Law of Attraction...It's gained a big audience over the last 10 years. The reason? People all over the world are waking up and realizing that their thoughts are creating their world.

By far the #1 question I get is, "How can I make more money using the Law of Attraction?"

Yes, it's important to understand Law of Attraction and money.

People want better results.

They want to know the action steps to create a better life for themselves and their kids.

As Jerry Maguire says, "Show me the money!"

How about Law of Attraction and money?

Yes, it takes action steps.

Too many people think you can sit around and attract money without doing anything.

Not true.

You see, the universe will always respond to your vibration. If you're holding on so tightly to everything that you have, you're telling the universe, "Hey Big Universe, I can't give anything away because I've got to hold onto every dollar."

Until you're ready to let go of your hold on what you have, you can't possibly create more.

You can't!

You see, there's this a small myth surrounding the Law of Attraction and money.

And it's this...

You don't have to do anything to create the money you want.

"When you pray, move your feet."

That means, get off your backside and create what you want.

You're going to have to move with a boldness to create what you want.

You see to create what you want, you'll have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

The Universe is waiting on you!

Because with belief comes a vibrational energy that is like a magnet in attracting what you desire.

"So, what can I actually "do" to take inspired action to attract money?"

2 Main Steps to Attract Money

  1. Give Money Away - Yep. When you give money away, you're telling the universe that you have enough. Because, quite frankly if you were down to the bottom of the barrel, you wouldn't give anything away. So, give money away and watch it come back to you ten-fold.
  2. Get in the Right Financial Vehicle - You want to look for opportunities where you can make as much money as you desire. We don't want someone telling us how much we can make. Find the right financial vehicle that has a low start up yet big return on your investment.

That's it. Two steps to attract more money in your life!

And remember, Law of Attraction says, "Whatever you focus your energy and attention on, you'll attract more of the same." Like attracts like.

Focus on the abundance that flows to you each day.

Make it an Abundance Celebration

  • Celebrate finding money in parking lots, stores, in your jeans pocket, in the house
  • Celebrate gifts/coupons/freebies that come in the mail
  • Celebrate all the compliments and good tidings others offer to you
  • Celebrate all the money that comes into your bank account
  • Celebrate all the opportunities to pay others for their service to you

When you take these steps, watch how bit by bit you start to attract more money to you. I'll look forward to hearing your results!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Law of Attraction Change Lives

by Yuling Chansard

Ten years ago I didn't know the Law of Attraction when I was in the deepest pit possible, a single parent with two young children, with no family, no friends, no reliable income.

Today, I am happily married to the most wonderful man, making great money.

How Did the Law of Attraction Change My Life?

One day I was browsing in a book store when a book caught my attention. It is a book by Esther Hicks,
The Law of Attraction: the Basics of Teachings of Abraham.

The book taught the three universal Laws of Attraction. I have learned and applied the Law of Attraction to my life and suddenly my life started to turn around.

The Three Universal Laws of the Law of Attraction
  1. The Essence of That Which Is Like onto Itself, Is Drawn
  2. The Science of Deliberate Creating
  3. The Art of Allowing

The Law of Attraction changed my life with such confirmations as:
  • I AM the attractor and creator of my own life experience
  • My every story is attracting its vibrational match
  • Think of myself as I would want to be
  • Whatever I desire I can acquire
  • Achieving is my natural birthright
  • Money is the root of evil or of happiness
  • I can have money and freedom, too
  • Whenever I am feeling good, I am attracting good
  • The better my story gets, the better my life gets
  • We are each responsible for the thoughts we think
  • I can make a career of living happily ever after
  • My career is one of creating a joyful life experience
  • My life is as good as I allow it to be
  • I am always receiving the Essence of what I am
  • Love and appreciate everyone and everything in my life
  • In my appreciation I allow myself to receive wonderful things
  • I can transform my own world
  • I can create both money and the time to enjoy it
  • I can earn money by doing what I love to do
  • Life is always working out for me

Once I started to apply the Law of Attraction with those affirmations, my life began to change and good things started flushing into my life in every area.

Apply the Law of Attraction

  • I have attracted the most desirable marriage to the most perfect man - the secret to attract the best relationship
  • I have attracted great money-making opportunities and making great money - the secret to attract financial abundance
  • I have attracted many endless wonderful things in my life - the secret to attract all good things
  • My life has been ever expanding with Law of Attraction, but at the same time I am maintaining peace and freedom in my life. I enjoy doing what I do and making great money doing it.
The Law of Attraction Is the Most Powerful Law

If anyone told me a few years ago that my life would be changed in such a tremendous way by a book, a concept, a way of thinking, I wouldn't believe it possible.

You know what? Today I know I am living the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction changed my life forever

The Wealth Builder is a platform that people are learning to change their lives while making great money through online marketing.

Like the Law of Attraction, the system has changed many people's lives. When you take a moment and watch the video your life will never be the same.

Let the Law of Attraction Change Your Life Too

If you are completely happy with your life, do nothing. If you want your life transformed, do the following:

Get a copy of the book The Law of Attraction; Check out the life-changing website.

Yuling Chansard has always been passionate about personal growth and business expansion. She is dedicated to helping others to transform their lives and to achieve more success in online network marketing.

Yuling Chansard's interests include spiritual reading, movies, fine cooking and organic gardening. She also enjoys watching Formula 1 Races with her loving husband. She currently helps run an online network marketing website where they teach people a proven successful system to make money while enjoying life.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Law Of Attraction Tips That Will Help In Manifesting Your Goals

Law Of Attraction Tips That Will Help In Manifesting Your Goals
By Roberta Barrow

Law of attraction is a belief that says like can attract like. Focusing on positive thought will ring in positive results; whereas if you dwell on negative thoughts, then negative occurrences will come to your life. This theory seems quite easy to understand, but there are instances when this simple principle can become really hard to perform. Knowing and applying law of attraction tips can greatly help in reaching for your dreams and in manifesting your goals.

No Attachment To The Whatever Result May Come

The Law of attraction is said to be able to give us what we want. Thus, we may think that we need only to want something and it will materialize before our eyes. The law, however, is not that magical. We may need to sweat a little before we can actually get what we want and throughout the process, we are allowed to learn how to be patient and grateful. To successfully live by the attraction law, learn how to not be attached to what the results will be. Visualize yourself having your desires, but do not care if you will achieve it or not. This will help prevent you from feeling frustrated each day, as you wait until your dreams unfold in your life.

Happiness With What You Already Have

Remember that happiness is different from contentment. Be happy with whatever you have now, but this happiness should not hinder you from wanting something more. By being happy and grateful for what you have at present, you are also to avoid feeling depressed. You can focus on what you have and work on enriching it for a better future. Do not concentrate on what you feel and think are missing in your life, they will all manifest once you have learned how to be appreciate the goodness you already have.

Determine Why You Desire It

Another important fact that you must remember is that you must know the reason that you want something to come true in your life. Goals are not that exciting to reach if you do not know for sure what those goals are for. The reason behind will give you the willpower to continue working and hoping that dreams will all come true someday.

Always Visualize

The brain is in a neutral state. It can offer you with things that are in accordance with what you think, not considering if you want the results or not. Controlling the brain may be difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Through creative visualization, you can send out more favorable intentions instead of the bad ones. If you have the means, you could invest some money on binaural beat products that can assist your brain to be calmer and more relaxed. This way, you can have more vivid and clearer visualizations.

Actions Are Still Necessary

Simply wanting, without showing any effort to achieve it will be fruitless and futile. The law of attraction can bring positive things to your life if you will seriously desire for it. Any desire, regardless of how strong or serious it is; if it is not coupled with appropriate actions will still not bring in rewards. Thinking about what you desire and working towards its achievement will synchronize things with one another so that you will have better chances for manifestation.

Angelic Attraction Video Series can offer you with seven videos for bringing in positive changes to your life. Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos is another suggested set of videos for realizing your dreams and goals in life.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth

New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth
By Rion Freeberg

If you are not where you want to be yet with your personal growth and attraction goals and are already using the best technologies and methods to get their, what could possibly be missing?

You may already be using affirmations, mind movies, meditation, hypnosis and subliminal audio as well as positive thinking and goal planning (with a whole lot of hard work) yet still not where you want to be with the law of attraction. If your thoughts and beliefs are everything and form your reality and you are already working on changing them, what else is missing?

Let's briefly take a look at what levels of consciousness you are working with your beliefs on. Western traditional personal growth is very fond of the 'conscious mind'. And this is often meant and referred to include your thoughts and beliefs, but they can also occur on deeper levels such as your subconsciousness. Technologies like binaural beats, hypnosis audio and subliminals help you to affect and even change your beliefs (or the intention to) on those deeper levels.

But if you are already trying and using hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations, visualization and positive thinking to affect yourself on both the conscious mind and subconscious levels, then why aren't you there yet? Why do some of your thoughts obviously not manifest what you desire?

I mean is there some other level of consciousness that you have to work on or something that has just gone overlooked? Well, if we take a deeper look at your waking states of consciousness, you'll find that it is more than the mere conscious mind (which is really kind of a generic term). When you are awake during the day, a more qualitative definition of your consciousness would be a little more insightful and could be called your holistic consciousness.

Your holistic consciousness is your mental, emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual consciousness (or subjective experience). You can feel, sense, know and experience reality on each of those levels of conscious energy. A lot of Western personal growth (when you look at it compared to spirituality) is really coming from more of an ego driven definition and valuation of self; thus, conscious mind is more closely related to the ego definition of self.

But you have consciousness on the mind, heart, body, sexiness and soul levels of self. Understanding that greater and holistic definition of waking consciousness (where your practical experience of life exists), you are then able to work on expanding and changing your beliefs on all levels of consciousness; emotionally, sexually, etc..

You may have heard the saying 'when the heart and the mind are one it can move mountains', but if you are closed off to your heart then it is simply another level of self that you may have to take into account to finally attract and manifest your personal growth goals and dreams.

Your mind or really 'thought' often isn't enough power on its own. And that is no understatement because the Western definition of self is mind, body and soul leaving all of the power up to your mind for personal growth but you also have unlimited power with heart and sexual drive as well as aligning your soul to your purpose.
When it comes to audio meditation and consciousness reprogramming, if you do not have resources and tools that know how to affect each of the conscious areas of waking self, you may want to look into Powerliminals.

Powerliminals know how to engage each of your conscious energies to heal and effectively reprogram and help you become congruent with a higher level of power and reality to experience what you previously worked so hard to attain.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It

How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It
By Harsh Agrawal Jain

According to online dictionary, a belief is something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. It is an idea which you consider as truth even though that idea may or may not be true. Our beliefs are framed in early childhood and teenage years by parents, siblings, peers and our day-today experiences. You keep thinking and believing these beliefs as thoughts throughout the day, consciously or subconsciously, and hence, the law of attraction brings the same to us in the real outer world.

On one side, positive beliefs help you achieve your goals quickly while negative beliefs serve as an obstacle in achieving your goals. Hence, it is really important that you change your beliefs to manifest the law of attraction. Follow these simple steps to alter your negative beliefs and replace them by positive ones:-

1. Write Down Your Negative Beliefs:

a. The first step in changing your negative beliefs is to carry a personal diary and pen with you throughout the day. Whenever, you find yourself thinking a negative thought, just stop a minute and write down that thought in your personal diary. Write down all those thoughts and beliefs which trigger anxiety and bring your confidence down in your personal diary throughout the day. Make sure you keep everything confidential. Other people's ridicule and laugh may shatter your confidence.

b. After you have jolted down your negative beliefs, take out some time and go through each of them. While going through these negative beliefs, just accept yourself for whoever you are and accept that it is OK to have these beliefs. Just welcome all the negative beliefs and release them.

2. Write Down the New Positive Beliefs:

After releasing your negative beliefs, write down the opposite of all of them in a separate piece of paper. The conventional method of writing the opposite positive statement for your negative beliefs and repeating it to yourself several times creates a lot of discomfort and does not really works for most of the people. Hence, it is really important that you write a solution along with your counter positive statement in your diary.

For example, if your negative beliefs are:-

a. I can't do this.
b. I am never able to finish my work on time.
c. That guy gives me a difficult time. I can't tolerate him anymore.
d. I hate my job.

Your counter positive statements will be:-

a. I can do this. This task is pretty easy, it can be easily completed.
b. I can finish my work on time. By dividing my work into several mini-tasks and assigning a deadline for each of them, I can get any work done in a given period of time.
c. I am cool with that guy. His attitude and behavior does not really matter to me. I will remain calm, assertive and straight to the point while talking to him.
d. I love my job. I will find and cherish one good thing about my job daily.

3. Establishing the New Positive Beliefs in Your Subconscious

In order to plant the new positive beliefs, just before sleeping at night and just after waking up in the morning, speak out all the positive statements (written in previous step) with full passion and enthusiasm. Mixing emotions, confidence and enthusiasm to your positive statement is important. This is where most of the books and self-development courses fail. Nothing is going to happen if you don't mix your emotions while auto-suggesting your positive statements. Keep doing this exercise daily until you start believing positive statements as actual and they become your new real positive beliefs.

4. Finding Real Life Examples

Find real life examples where you have actually acted against your negative belief. This method is really very powerful. Again many self-development books and courses miss this method. In fact, your negative belief will be completely and immediately dissolved when you find a good real life example of you acting in completely contradiction to your negative belief.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

How the Law of Attraction Works

How the Law of Attraction Works
By Rene Bastarache

We live in a world of Cause and Effect; a world where the invisible becomes the visible. The Cause or thought which cannot be seen and the effect or "materialization of thought which can be seen. According to basic science, an effect cannot occur without a cause and yet we choose to accept one without the other.

The actuality of it is that everything we see, feel and enjoy initially came from the invisible. The thought of that makes many of us uneasy to say the least. It can change everything in our lives if truly understood. Lets break it down a bit more.

Unseen radio waves become music that we hear. Unseen television waves become the programming that we see. Unseen Internet signals and information become what many know as their pastimes and even livelihood. Without this unseen information surging through the ether, cities, countries and civilization it self would crumble.

There is one more thing that is more important than anything I have mentioned that cannot be seen. It is something that you have total control of and without it nothing would exist. You are using it right now as you are reading and I used it as I wrote this article. It is the gift of thought. It cannot be seen but from it "all" things come.

Thoughts do become things. Someone had to initially think of how to design the clothes you are wearing, your furniture, computer, house, car, landscaping and even this article before it could be created. None of it could have happened without the thought initially.

You think of what you want to say and formulate it before speaking. You think before you drive, eat, walk, work, play and everything else you do. Otherwise how would you think about doing it? The thought "always precedes the action or the materialization of thought. It is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This thought can come from you, your friends, society, the government, the media, mass hysteria or virtually anyone but it all starts somewhere and through focus becomes reality as we know it.

Since an effect "cannot" exist without a cause, then sickness could not exist unless it began with a thought somewhere along the line. So was poverty, sadness, anger, hatred, prejudice, war, loneliness and greed. It really puts things in perspective when we start to think that all of these things began with our own thought process.

If this gift of thought is something that we truly have total control over then that means that we have total control over the direction of our lives as well. We have control over our present and future health, wealth and happiness. Yes, we control the invisible, which in turn creates the visible. It is the world of thought.

Not only do thoughts become things but "every" thought is a creation. Think if the enormity of that statement. It is said that the average human has approximately 64,000 thoughts a day. That would be similar to placing an order in a restaurant every time you have a thought. You order what you want and you also order what you don't want. You believe you can have the lobster so it is coming to you and then you doubt you deserve it so it is taken away. We think like yoyos, up and down, want and don't wants. We are constantly placing orders unknowingly by default rather than taking control and consciously placing the orders that we want. So any thought of indecision, doubt, fear or unworthiness would be working against the goals you have set for yourself.

It is time to take 100% responsibility for your life now. How? By simply being aware of your own thought process. Only think what you want rather than what you don't want. Understand that you are the originator and creator of this "invisible" thought. You are the cause of the Cause. The Effect is the direct result of your Cause. You are now able to understand how "you are the creator" of your own reality. Your new thought process or Cause(s) will now be the Effect(s) of your new health, wealth and happiness.

You are now in the drivers seat. Drive wisely.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Use Law of Attraction - 5 Steps to Manifest It With The Process of Visualization

How to Use Law of Attraction - 5 Steps to Manifest It With The Process of Visualization

By Harsh Agrawal Jain

Follow the following simple steps to effectively Visualize your dreams and trigger the law of attraction which will work in the minds of people and things in the Universe to bring you what you want and manifest your dreams:-

1. Know exactly what your goals are

First crucial in the process of Visualization is to set yourself a clear goal. It may be anything from earning money to attracting your soul mate. Make sure you write it down clearly on a piece of paper or create a vision board so that you can set and visualize your goal clearly. If it's earning money, how much is the amount you want to earn. If it's attracting your soul mate - how does he or she look, what are their habits, personality and behaviour? It would be better if you write down your goal and be as specific and subjective as possible.

2. Have a relaxed posture

Find a quiet place and sit or lay down in a relaxed posture. It doesn't matter whether you sit on a chair or lay down on your bed. You can choose any posture which you find comfortable. Just make sure you are in a relaxed state and no part of your body is tensed. After sitting in relaxed posture, just cool your mind and meditate for two minutes before starting visualization

3. Start Visualizing

Close your eyes and start picturing your goals. Feel as if you have already achieved your goal. What would your lifestyle be after you have achieved it, what will be your level of happiness and energy after that. It is important that you feel and experience the joy of already achieving that goal. This is where the law of attraction starts working.

4. Feel the Joy already achieving your dream

As stated above, it's important that you feel good. Visualization works best in morning just after you wake up or at night just before you sleep. In this way, your body keeps vibrating the feelings of joy and happiness to the Universe and law of attraction keeps working for you throughout the day. Initially you might feel uncomfortable during the process but this feeling of discomfort indicates that you are on the right track. So, be persistent and keep trying visualization until you find yourself in sync with your goal.

5. Start taking Action

As mentioned in all major books and courses on "How to Use Law of Attraction", nothing is going to happen if you don't take consistent action towards your dreams. An idea will pop into your head which is in complete synchronization with your goal. It is really important that you get out of comfort zone and start taking massive action towards that idea. This is where majority of the people fail in manifesting the law of attraction.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The power of positive thinking or, in modern parlance, the law of attraction affirmations has long been noted to draw good tidings or prosperity for individuals. Yes! Laws that lead to fortune do exist, and all you need to do is learn how to use them to improve your life.

You need to channel energies or thought impulses so they take on a power of their own and cast away all opposition. In other words, the positive affirmations can be actualized if you keep repeating them. Before you gain control of conditions, though, you need to know how to control yourself.

For example, if you cannot control overeating, you become overweight or obese. You then try to lose weight but you develop wrong habits of thought that give rise to so many negatives (like saying to yourself you cannot ever shed flab even if you exercise and diet). The bottom-line is, you will stay obese and unhealthy. In similar manner, if are convinced and keep saying to yourself that you will never recover from an illness, you really won't. Conversely, thinking positive and happy thoughts will shatter the negatives and usher desirable things like harmony, love, health, or prosperity.

The law of attraction affirmations conveys that the mindset you adopt, such as when you have the unwavering belief that something will take place notwithstanding the odds, can play a big role in its actualization.

Take it from French psychotherapist Emile Coue, author of the book, "Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion." He led many people to healing & recovery by teaching them to open the mind and keep saying to themselves that each day and in every way, they are becoming better and better. What happened was that they did get better.

The technique, as Coue maintained, is to cast aside distorted or negative thinking that can lead to mental and physical ailments, and direct the mind, instead, in a conscious and wise manner. This means tapping the immeasurable power or force within us, harnessing the unconscious self, and unleashing the power of conscious autosuggestion to make good things happen.

The law of attraction affirmations -- or as early theorists refer to the concept, the law of autosuggestion - can lift people up and make them soar to altitudes of achievement. In reality, people who experience continuous failures that may diminish their self-esteem may find it difficult to think positively, much less snap out of a passive state.

Over time, and with the encouragement of people close to them or their therapists, such individuals with a broken spirit can regain their confidence. Flipping negative moods or feelings and replacing pessimistic thoughts and beliefs with positive affirmations can greatly reverse the situation and turn it into positive.

The good news is, self-help or empowerment tools have been devised to help people adopt healthy coping skills to undesirable circumstances in life like illness, poor career prospects, unsatisfactory relationships, or dwindling wealth. Individuals can rein in their unconscious selves, give free rein to creativity allow the positive cosmic forces to work their magic, by drawing on the power of the law of attraction affirmations.

Jeff Staniforth, Australia's Leading Motivational and Self-help Expert. Jeff is also the creator of the Sculptor3 program and publisher of the " Affirmations For The Mind " self help newsletter. Jeff's approach to teaching is empowering and effective... go here for your daily sample affirmations

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Law of Attraction Methods

by Denisse Theis

When you first look at Steve Pavlina's concepts behind the Law of Attraction, if you're the right age, you may think it is something from the peace and love time of the mid 1960s. When you discover that Steve uses his very own methods throughout his many firms, and he has earned several degrees, you may think he came originally from a made background. He didn't, and you could be surprised to learn that his quest for private growth and development came when he was incarcerated in his late teens.

Do I Need a Private Development Programme?

You'll find a lot of explanations why many individuals are efficient yet others aren't. Very often it's just thanks to the way in which effective folks think. They're determined that they're not going to quit, while somebody in the same situation will throw in the towel and fail. Steve shows people the proper way to be effective and think in ways that they will overcome the reasons why they aren't able to achieve what they want to. He has learned that what holds a lot of folk back is most likely what occurred in childhood and how people are programmed to think while they are young. It's known as conditioning. If you're consistently failing at what you do - especially in business, or maybe your personal relationships, we recommend you visit - you'll be there together with thousands of other visitors he draws every month. You could be astonished by the articles he's got on his site - a lot of them are actually beneficial for altering how you consider things. For example, why do you dislike to do some things? Frequently, since you've been unsuccessful doing something previously, you connect those things with failure. If you're running your own business, this could interpret something similar to being shocked to call people on the telephone to ask for leads. Steve offers effective techniques for getting over these issues.

Personal Growth Means a Better Business

Steve states you can attract anything you would like, so in business you can attract that which you truly need, so the LOA will help you achieve your ambitions and overcome issues easier. By having the power to remain positive and knowing the most effective way to circumvent these hurdles will be part of your own self-development. You progress or you quit, but with your own business and understanding the Law of Attraction that is not sure to occur.

Concepts from the LOA

Have you got goals or have you been just going through the motions every single day doing what you have got to do with no plan in mind? One extraordinarily basic tip that Steve shows is if you want something, to firstly empty your head and focus on the stuff you need. Saying you really need a new house won't get you anywhere near to getting a fresh house, but by having set targets uppermost in your mind's eye, they're going to drive you on to remain positive about your life and your business, making your ambitions a rather more achievable fact. If you're beginning a fresh business, these goals can drive you forward to when you can meet the first financial goal you set, and then move on to set other goals. That is how entrepreneurs think each day, and with Steve Pavlina's L. O. A you will be able to condition your intellect to at last think like they do.

Have a look at this terrific post about The Law Of Attraction for extra information!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Law of Attraction - Being Aware of Your Thoughts

Law of Attraction - Being Aware of Your Thoughts
By JT Williams

You will attract into your life whatever you focus on. So what do you give your attention to? What do you think about? talk about? fantasize about? worry about? listen to on the radio? or watch on TV?

Many time the things you spend most of your thought time about are negative. So it might take some effort to keep your focus on what is good and positive around you. But when you do, you bring more of the good and the positive into your life.

Law of Attraction is something that can not be turned off. You are bringing into your life the things you are focusing on, day and night, week after week, year after year. So if you want your life to change it starts with what you spend your time thinking about. You build your future with every thought you think.

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is fundamental to your success. You can empower yourself to build the future of your dreams. You can create a new life for yourself. But it takes an honest understanding of your role in the creation process.

That part you have to master is choosing what thoughts you will put your awareness on. You do not have to be aware of every thought, it is not a process of monitoring every thought that goes through your head. But you do need to be aware what thoughts you linger on. What do you spend time thinking about? It is up to you to be intentional about choosing what thoughts will bring you closer to what you want, and focus on those thoughts.

It can be helpful to have a reminder word that you can repeat to yourself that reminds you of what you are trying to accomplish. Or to put it another way, it needs to be a word that describes you, how you are or will be when you accomplish your vision.

It might be a word like, strong, brave, kind or loving. Or it could be something like victorious, prosperous or abundant. Whatever word you choose, it need to be one that makes you feel like you have become what you are trying to be.

As you read your word and speak it out loud you will find yourself becoming more and more like the word you speak. Your vibration will change and you'll attract things that are in harmony with the word you speak.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Use Your Intuition For Law Of Attraction Success

How To Use Your Intuition For Law Of Attraction Success
By Matthew Watts

One of the key ingredients to successfully use the law of attraction is the intuition. Unfortunately, it is one of the keys that is hardly ever spoken about. Your ability to use your intuition combined with the law of attraction can bring about rapid manifestation of anything you desire. The key, however is knowing how to combine the intuition with the law of attraction in order to create fastest results. Visualizations and affirmations are just not enough.

When you use visualization to attract the things that you want you are communicating with the universe, and you are saying, "This is what I want. This is what I want it to look like. This is what I want it to taste like. This is what I want it to feel like." Once you have communicated to the universe what you want, the next step is to allow the universe to guide you to exactly the right place, then the right conditions to achieve the thing that you would like to attract in your life. Unfortunately, too many people assume that the only part of successful manifestation is visualization and affirmations. This is highly incorrect. You have to also participate in the bringing about of what you want.

Placing Yourself In Alignment Is Key

Part of placing yourself in alignment with what you want to attract in your life requires that you be in the right place at the right time with the right people and the right circumstances. In order to achieve this, you need your intuition. The clearer your intuition, the more precise your focus will be. Your intuition serves as a guide to take you to the perfect place at the perfect time.

The Fastest Way To Activate Your Intuition

One of the fastest ways to open up your intuition so that you can work with the law of attraction and manifest what you want is through dreams. Dreams are directive tool directing you, and what is even more powerful about dreams is that you don't even need to struggle in order to receive information through your dreams. Imagine that everyone spends about 7-8 hours a night sleeping. During those hours of sleep your sub-conscious mind is working overtime to bring you into alignment of what it is you want to achieve in your life.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to get you the things that you want, and the best way to get the things that you want is when your entire mind and body is at rest. When your anxiety levels are calm, and you are in a deep trance state then, your subconscious mind is working full-force. That is where physic dreaming can begin to guide you.

The Power Of Physic Dreaming And Your Intuition

Physic dreaming is something that happens to all of us. We receive higher guidance, and higher knowledge about everything that is going on in our present lives. However, because of ignoring our dreams, we often overlook our dreams and think that they are nonsense. But, your dreams have access to a higher prospective of what is going on in your present life. One of the things that you need to do in order to access these physic dreams is to get a journal. Keep a journal by your bedside, and the very first thing in the morning, write down everything that you recall.

There are many other things that you can do with physic dreams, to enhance your practice of the law of attraction and that is you can ask your subconscious mind for guidance on what is best for you, where you should go, who you should be with, and what you should manifest in your life. If you are struggling with making more than one decision, your physic dreams will give you the answers so that you can compare the two different outcomes, and decide which on is better for you. You can learn much more about dreams than you thought possible to have a very incredible, magical experience.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Law of Attraction - Do You Really Know What It Truly Is

by Cittadino-Aubut

For example, should you lack the capacity to take action (per the "Law of Action"), it is not because your cognizant mind has brought you down the wrong path... it's because your Inner Essenti has instinctively caused anyone to believe that you'll be more comfortable if you don't take action. And also if you're the most beneficial action-taker in the world, in case your Inner Cruci is calmly sabotaging your current willpower you'll rarely finish off what you begin.

Sir Isaac Newton declared an object sleeping tends to lodge at rest with an object in motion tends to be in motion. After we take action and set our ambitions into action, this makes use of Newton's law. Surround yourself with dedicated and positive people who are actively pursuing their goals. Picture the steam coach gradually developing speed. Affirmations and visualizations will be the coal that is certainly powering that will steam engine. The successful folks around you are contributing their vitality by putting more fossil fuel on the fireplace. Now the coach is "full steam ahead" and looks to race onward with ease. A professional always makes this look effortless, and most industry experts are using the actual laws whether or not realize it you aren't.

In my opinion 1 of the recommendations to achieving success while using Law of Attraction comes down to the intention. An intention has two key components. System that can help have 'content' of the particular intention. This can be the information part, the thing you want the most. As an example it could be a brand new car, a difference of career as well as to win the lottery. The other component of a great intention will be the 'energy'. Described frequently a feeling of great passion as well as gratitude. Though the 'energy' is not the experience itself, far more the result of the energy.

Notice what you don't want and also notice the undesirable feeling which accompanies that thought. That is easy. It's the reason you want what you accomplish want. Purely ask yourself precisely what is bothering you.

Be adequate to say that once you're committed to producing something take place, it usually really does happen... regardless of what. Especially if you maintain the "no matter what" at heart. Another great offer I've discovered commitment is definitely:

It's all too easy to throw in the towel at the first sign of one thing not working. If you would done that in early living, you'd always be crawling around on all fours. A good deal of dieters get this issue - the first time they expire, that's it, the dietary plan is over. Really don't fall into this particular trap using the law of attraction.

You very likely won't get a 100% win price - no-one does in person - but that does not matter. Hold aiming at the dreams along with desires and you'll begin to see that a majority of these individuals will come to cross.

In order to achieve success we need notion. Belief inside ourselves plus in what we are trying to accomplish. Without this we are doomed to fail. Getting belief comes from both equally a conscious and subconscious level inside our minds. It isn't difficult to manipulate each of our conscious thoughts, but the subconscious attests to be much trickier.

Tim attract money life

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Law Attraction - Don't Let Others Sabotage Your Success

Author: Daniel Hinds

When it comes to the law of attraction do you only think about your thoughts?  Do you ever pay attention to the thought patterns of the people you spend most of your time with?  Do you also taken into count the energy and the environment where you spend most of your time? It is very important that you incorporate not only your thought patterns, but also the thought patterns in the space and the community and in environment where you spend most of your time. And it is also additionally important that you monitor the thought patterns of the people do you spend most of your time with.

It is not necessary that you judge anyone for the way they think. however, it is important to become mindful of the total thought frequencies that a person has. If someone is constantly producing negative thoughts and negative emotions, that person will eventually influence your thought patterns with negative thoughts and emotions. So, it is very important in using the law of attraction that you become aware of the thought frequencies all around you.

Other People's Frequencies Can Bring You Success Or Disaster
How you ever notice that while spending time with certain people that your life maybe filled with one bad experience after another?  Have you ever notice while being in a company of certain people, your thought beginning to decline and become very negative, sad, and depress?  Have you ever notice that some people bring disaster and destruction into your life, no matter how much you try to use the law of attraction to manifest positive changes?

Just as much as there are people who bring negativity to your life, there are also people who bring lot of positive experience in your life.  Have you ever notice that some people bring you lots and lots of blessing, that your thought patterns begin to feel elevated and expanded while communicating with certain people?

Why You Should Choose Wisely
If your goal is to use the law of attraction to manifest positive life experiences, than it is absolutely necessary that you become very observant of the people that are coming into your life.

It is very important that you examine the quality of energy they carry. Just as you want to hold positive thoughts to manifest positive experiences, it is important that you examine the thought patterns of those around you. Chose people who hold similar thought patterns to yourself.  Or, at least chose people who hold more positive thought patterns than yourself. You will find that over time those people who hold positive thought patterns will assist you in manifesting positive changes in your life.

The Law Of Attraction Works Based On A Total Picture
The law of attraction does not work on a singular thought as lot of people would like to believe. Instead the law of attraction is triggered on the total energy in your space.

That total energy influences all of your entire being. You are saturated by a sea of energy, and that sea of energy makes up your thought patterns as well as the thought patterns of those you spend most of the time with. And included with that, is the community or the environment where you spend much of your time. It's very important that you examine all sources of energy coming into your life.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Law Of Attraction - Psychic Powers Gets Your Results

Author: Matthew Watts

When you think of psychic powers, and you think of the law of attraction, do you not think of a super, more powerful aspect of yourself? When you set out to use the law of attraction, it's very important to understand that there is a higher aspect of yourself, and that higher aspect is your subconscious mind. That aspect of yourself has answers to questions answers on how to achieve what you want, and can also direct you in ways that you would have never thought possible previously.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction And Your Psychic Mind For Success

There are several ways of using your psychic mind, and one is to get into the mode of listening. Understanding when you visualize, you are commanding, you are stating what you want. The more you visualize what you want, the more complete that picture becomes. However, there is a second half of the manifestation process that most people often overlook, and that part requires you to take guidance from the universe on what you need to do in order to improve your life, or in order to take action or move in the direction of the desires that you want.
One way to do this is in the use of your dreams. Dreams are a crucial part of activating your psychic powers.  Every day you dream, but do you remember your dreams? Do you understand the meaning of your dreams? Do you understand that your dreams are always here to guide you to the right place, the right people and the right circumstances? If you are unaware of the significance of your dreams then you are missing out on a very vital part of attraction.

You Must Program Your Dreams For Success
Part of programing your dreams for success is writing down what it is that you would like to dream about that night. Another way of programing your dreams is writing down a question of something that you would like an answer on. When you do this, you will find that you have a better ability to remember your dreams the following morning.  You will find that naturally you will wake up with the answers of what you want. True, it does take a lot of practice, and there are techniques that you can do to experience a more rapid shift results, and after applying those techniques, you will find that you develop far more faith in your ability to use dreams with the law of attraction. 
Dreams are a fascinating part of attraction. Ask yourself what it is that you are struggling with, what it is that you would like to know, what is it that you are trying to achieve with the law of attraction but can't seem to experience.  Using the power of dreams, you can find that you can get all the answers that you have ever wanted.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Law of Attraction - Why What You Do Now Is So Important

Law of Attraction - Why What You Do Now Is So Important
By JT Williams

Why is it that so important? Because whenever you allow your thoughts and feelings to go down that road of not feeling so happy about the whole thing... it is impossible for Law of Attraction to bring you the positive things you are looking for.

You can not say to yourself that you are in a job that you hate and expect to bring to yourself a job that you love. It just does not work that way. You must continue to bring your thinking and emotions to focus on what you enjoy, what makes you happy, what gives you energy. Even if you can only find one small thing that you can call positive in the situation, keep your focus on that one thing, and the situation will improve.

There is not a way to have a happy ending to something when the journey getting there is not happy. Have you ever noticed a day that starts out bad and just keeps getting worse? Where it seems the only good thing to happen in the day is that the day will soon be over? Don't you think that there has to be another way?

There is.

It is not always easy, but it is always possible to direct your day in a more positive direction. When things begin to go awry, stop, and find just one little thing that is good about the situation. Focus on that good thing and then go back to what you are doing. It will be better. If only for a bit.

You may have to repeat the process over and over in a day. You look for, reach for, lean toward those things that are positive, and you can not help but view the situation in a more positive light. Wallace Wattles in "The Science of Getting Rich" calls it "overcoming wrong thinking" and that it may be "the hardest thing you ever have to do". But the results are well worth it.

Sometimes you need to remove yourself entirely from the situation to distract yourself from the negative. Go for a walk, listen to music, play a game, sing out loud, dance, whatever you need to do in order to focus your thoughts on something else.

As you remember to bring your thoughts back to those things that are good, positive and happy about any given situation, right now, and you will find more in your day to be positive about. This gives you the ability, day by day, to design your life into something you really want.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more you might like my newest e-book "Life Without Limits"

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Law of Attraction - How To Change Your Own Future

By JT Williams

So much of the time people tend to measure their life by what they see in the physical realm. And it is hard to get past the "facts" that you can see. After all, seeing it is proof that it is, right? But when you remember that what you see is only evidence of what you have (past) thought, not what you are thinking and feeling now, or what you may be thinking and feeling in the future; This gives you the ability to change what you see in your future. It gives you a way to literally carve out a new life for yourself in just a few basic steps.

First you have to be really honest about where you are. If you deny that you have made mistakes or that your thinking has not been up to where you want it, then you have no power to change it. But when you are honest with yourself, then you can start from where you really are and make progress.

You can not go anywhere pretending to be somewhere else. Do you imagine yourself as having made much more progress than you actually have? Or do you belittle yourself and set yourself farther back than you really are? Either way, you will have a hard time moving forward until you honestly assess your progress.

From a true starting point you can progress as rapidly as you want. Like going up the stairs, you might skip a few steps, but mostly you take one step at a time. You can linger on one step a long time before going to the next step. Or you can bound up the steps with enthusiasm. It's up to you.

Next you need to understand that when you find (or see) a shortcoming in an area of your life, the shortcoming itself is not what causes you to feel lack, or pain or want. But when you let your focus and thoughts become enveloped in the lack, or the pain and want then Law of Attraction brings more of what you don't want to you. So, shift your focus off of the shortcomings and onto what is good in your life.

Remember what you see now is only evidence of the past, what is in your future can be completely different.

So, bring your focus back to all the goodness, and abundance and richness that is yours. This gets you tapped into your source, from which you can build you new life. Then as you stay lined up. and continue to focus on what you really want, those things you want will be what you start to see in your life.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Law Of Attraction - How Negative People Influence Your Results

Author: Daniel Hinds

When it comes to using the law of attraction, it is very important that you examine your thought patterns. But it is also very important that you examine the thoughts of those around you. And by that I\'m not trying to tell you to sit down and over analyze or judge others for the way they think. But it is very important that you be mindful of the quality of energy you allow into your space.

When a person is holding very strong negative thoughts and emotions, those negative thoughts and emotions eventually will begin to seep into your aura. Before long you will also begin to think as they do. You will begin to examine life and circumstances as they do. What is even worst is that you will begin to manifest some of those negative experiences into your life.

Negative People Love Company

People who are saturated in a negative thought frequency share their negative emotions by introducing negative possibilities into your life. They can never see life or the future in an optimistic way. It suits them far better to imagine that everybody\'s life is as difficult and miserable as they are experiencing.

When someone projects a negative possibility into your future, they are helping you to create a negative possibility. Simply by listening to that possibility you may find yourself thinking upon it, wondering if it\'s going to happen, preparing for it, placing your life and circumstances in alignment with that negative possibility, and before long you begin to dream about that negative outcome. And as you know the law of attraction supports whatever you\'re thinking about most.

Don\'t Let Negative People Enter Your Space

It may be a bit difficult for you at first to put your foot down, it may also be difficult for you to examine your life and recognize the people in your life who hold very strong negative thought patterns. It may be difficult to take action and to eliminate those people from your life. But ultimately your success depends on that. It is crucial to your success that you eliminate people who dream up negative possibilities.

You must remember that the law of attraction supports anything you think about, anything you speak about. The law of attraction is here to assist you with anything that you want to bring into your life. Why limit what you bring into your life, by associating with people who continue to dream up negativity?

There are few key principles in examining the people who enter your space. Start by listening to their thoughts, and their conversations. Start by examining their emotional state, also become aware of their experiences. What are the things which happen to them, daily? What are the experiences like? Are they experiencing joyful moments, or are they continuously experiencing negative circumstances.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Basic Guide To Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream refer to a dream in which someone knows they are dreaming. Oftentimes, when this happens, the dreamer may be able to control the events in the dream. Lucid dreamers frequently report that their dreams are incredibly life-like and especially memorable compared to normal dreams. Lucid dreaming is an interesting phenomenon, and it has been validated by a variety of scientists. There are a number of reasons someone may be interested in having a lucid dream, and some techniques that can helpful in helping people dream lucidly.

Lucid dreaming can be beneficial for people who do not have enough time to do everything they would like during the day. A lucid dreamer might be able to go on a relaxing fishing trip, play 18 holes of golf, or enjoy a ride on a sailboat while they are asleep. A lucid dream can offer relaxation and stress relief when a person would be unable to achieve them otherwise. Lucid dreams can also be a great way to fulfill your fantasies. You could experience the sensation of flight, be a celebrity, or be surrounded by supermodels in a hot tub.

Time spent in dreams does not work like in the movie Inception. Experiments show that time passing roughly equivalent to time spent in real life. This means that every night while you sleep, you can get several hours to do whatever you wish, assuming you are successful in your attempts.

In normal dreams, everything that happens makes sense. You need to adjust your thought process so that you can think the same way both in dreams and real life. This means realizing that when an absurd event happens, you are probably dreaming. Pick a ridiculous action that would be impossible to do in real life-imagine something like pulling your favorite food out of thin air. If you can perform this action in a dream, you will hopefully realize you are dreaming. This technique has been proven to be successful in helping people combat nightmares as well. People with recurring bad dreams can alter them with some practice.

To have the best chance of lucid dreams, you should be in good health. You should not be overly tired or sick. Go to sleep at the same time that you usually do. Practice visualizing your impossible event so that you can trigger knowing you are in a dream. Remember that you are never in complete control of your dream. If you try and create every single aspect, you may focus too hard and the dream will fall apart. Try and create a general scenarios that you can enjoy. As you get better at the process, you may be able to fill in more details.

Lucid dreaming can be a beneficial tool. It can help people conquer nightmares, fulfill fantasies, and even give people leisure time during their sleep. The basic trick to entering a lucid dream is realizing you are in a dream, which can be triggered by consciously performing an impossible event. For the best results, try and remain in good health and keep a regular sleep pattern.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Controlling the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is an age-old universal law. It's always there and it's always working for you. How it works for you is something that only you can determine. If you want good things in life then you have to make that happen. You can learn to control the law of attraction so it always works in your favour.

Controlling the law of attraction sounds difficult but it's not. It's all about your mind set and your thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive energy, which in turn can bring you the success in life that you desire. Negative thoughts will serve to only sink you further down in life and make it harder to claw your way out.

The law of attraction does not differentiate between what is negative and what is positive. It only concentrates on your thoughts whatever they may be. It's all in the way that you think. For example you may be deeply in debt. If you focus on reducing your dent, this is negative and you will wind up further in debt. However, if you change your way of thinking and focus on increasing your finances then you will find that this will start to happen.

You must learn to focus only on positives and avoid negativity. This is not so easy; all of us are negative at some point in our lives and we all have that little inner voice that screams negative thoughts at us. In order to control the law of attraction you must learn to control your thought processes.

Whenever negative thoughts and doubts start to creep in you must quash them immediately and replace them with positive thought. Always look for the good side of every situation and focus on it. Eventually you will be able to train your mind in such a way that this will become easier.

You must learn to visualise your goals. Always live in the present. The past has already happened and cannot be changed, no matter who much positive thought you have. The future can be determined by how you deal with the present. Always visualise yourself as having attained your goals.

If you want to be rich, visualise yourself as being rich now. If you want to be successful and gain that job you've always wanted, visualise yourself as having achieved it. Your goals must, however be achievable and attainable. They must be realistic. It's no good visualising yourself as having won the lottery if you don't even do it! And learn to act on your desires. Positive thought gives you positive energy which in turn leads to a different, more confident you.

To start controlling the laws of attraction you must start controlling your own thought processes. Make a conscious effort to replace the negative with the positive. Only you can determine your true path in life and only you can make it happen. Belief in the laws of attraction will make it easier for you to get yourself to a place where you want to be.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Law of Attraction in Weight Loss and Blogging

By Alex Papa

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that we can attain anything we really focus on and work toward. By positively focusing on something, like wealth or love, we create a new reality for ourselves that makes those things attainable. On the opposite end, when we focus only on negative experiences, like being unhappy with a job or a relationship, that will soon turn into the only perceivable reality for that situation. By instead focusing on positive attainable prospects, we can use the Law of Attraction to our interest and obtain the things we really want, rather than just acknowledging the things we don't want.

How can the Law of Attraction help you improve your blog?

Some people seem to have it all: a fulfilling job, great income, wonderful family, physical fitness, etc. While some things are certainly out of our control, it is possible to attain your goals and desires whatever these may be, making more money from your blog, having better relationships, getting healthier or losing weight.

4 Steps to defining and getting what you really want

In this article we are going to examine briefly the steps to using this law in order to attract in your life what you reallywant, instead of what you do not want.

Define Your Goal

The first step in using the Law of Attraction is finding and defining your particular, concrete goal. It could be something like "make six figures," "save $5,000," "lose 30 pounds," "have 3,000 visitors a day in my new blog" or even "get married." Any of these goals are positive, attainable and can be broken down into smaller steps to make them manageable.

Be Practical

Goals like "win the lottery," "lose 100 pounds in one week," "get 100,000 visitors a day" are all impractical. No matter how hard you think about them, and no matter how hard you focus on them these wishes are not physically attainable. In particular, when it comes to weight loss or diet,  expert dietitians from companies like Bistro MD and Diet to Go will tell you that your goals need to be realistic or you only set yourself to be disappointed. The same applies to the blogging sphere.

Narrow Your Focus

While it's tempting to say, "why not attain all the things I want?" it's not very practical. Focusing your energies on one goal is much more reasonable than trying to focus on every goal you've ever wanted. When all of your energy is focused on one thing, it's much more likely to come into your grasp. Then, once you have the thing that is most important, you can work on your other goals.

Focus your thinking on what you want and never give up

Bringing your version of abundance into your life really comes down to the energy you put into your goals. Focusing your energy on what you what is not easy, especially when you go through adversities.

If your goal is something like "rank in the first page in Google for my main keyword," or "lose weight and shed 2 inches around my waist" then first acknowledge that you can do it, then find the steps you need to complete this goal and then stay faithful to your dream.

It may take weeks or even years to reach your goal, depending on the nature of your goal, but know that if you stick to your path and work to get there, it will eventually become possible.

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