Monday, September 3, 2012

The Law of Attraction Change Lives

by Yuling Chansard

Ten years ago I didn't know the Law of Attraction when I was in the deepest pit possible, a single parent with two young children, with no family, no friends, no reliable income.

Today, I am happily married to the most wonderful man, making great money.

How Did the Law of Attraction Change My Life?

One day I was browsing in a book store when a book caught my attention. It is a book by Esther Hicks,
The Law of Attraction: the Basics of Teachings of Abraham.

The book taught the three universal Laws of Attraction. I have learned and applied the Law of Attraction to my life and suddenly my life started to turn around.

The Three Universal Laws of the Law of Attraction
  1. The Essence of That Which Is Like onto Itself, Is Drawn
  2. The Science of Deliberate Creating
  3. The Art of Allowing

The Law of Attraction changed my life with such confirmations as:
  • I AM the attractor and creator of my own life experience
  • My every story is attracting its vibrational match
  • Think of myself as I would want to be
  • Whatever I desire I can acquire
  • Achieving is my natural birthright
  • Money is the root of evil or of happiness
  • I can have money and freedom, too
  • Whenever I am feeling good, I am attracting good
  • The better my story gets, the better my life gets
  • We are each responsible for the thoughts we think
  • I can make a career of living happily ever after
  • My career is one of creating a joyful life experience
  • My life is as good as I allow it to be
  • I am always receiving the Essence of what I am
  • Love and appreciate everyone and everything in my life
  • In my appreciation I allow myself to receive wonderful things
  • I can transform my own world
  • I can create both money and the time to enjoy it
  • I can earn money by doing what I love to do
  • Life is always working out for me

Once I started to apply the Law of Attraction with those affirmations, my life began to change and good things started flushing into my life in every area.

Apply the Law of Attraction

  • I have attracted the most desirable marriage to the most perfect man - the secret to attract the best relationship
  • I have attracted great money-making opportunities and making great money - the secret to attract financial abundance
  • I have attracted many endless wonderful things in my life - the secret to attract all good things
  • My life has been ever expanding with Law of Attraction, but at the same time I am maintaining peace and freedom in my life. I enjoy doing what I do and making great money doing it.
The Law of Attraction Is the Most Powerful Law

If anyone told me a few years ago that my life would be changed in such a tremendous way by a book, a concept, a way of thinking, I wouldn't believe it possible.

You know what? Today I know I am living the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction changed my life forever

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Let the Law of Attraction Change Your Life Too

If you are completely happy with your life, do nothing. If you want your life transformed, do the following:

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Yuling Chansard has always been passionate about personal growth and business expansion. She is dedicated to helping others to transform their lives and to achieve more success in online network marketing.

Yuling Chansard's interests include spiritual reading, movies, fine cooking and organic gardening. She also enjoys watching Formula 1 Races with her loving husband. She currently helps run an online network marketing website where they teach people a proven successful system to make money while enjoying life.

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