Monday, March 24, 2008

Attracting Love with the Law of Attraction

The biggest question I'm asked over and over again is how to employ the Law of Attraction to attract love into your life. A lot of people have a particular individual in mind; others are just seeking a new relationship. The Law of Attraction is certainly capable of bringing you love - if you use the correct technique.

Most especially, those of you with intentions on a special person, I have unpleasant news. You most likely won't attract that somebody you so hope to attract. That's not to say it's impossible, and there are a million reasons why you might be able to. All the same, what I've found in my experience is that rather than that specific someone; people attract someone who is an exponentially closer match for them. Consequently while you may grumble, I've never met a person who was dissatisfied in the long run.

Side by side with the previous statements, it's not suggested to practice forceful visualizations seeing a specific someone. In energy terms, this constitutes imposing your will on others, and simply doesn't work out. Everyone possesses free will. When you begin applying your visualizations, center on the feeling of being with someone you deeply care about. Center on the friendship, the romance, and the fun. Don't place a face on the individual, or put an imagined face on them. Even if you do attract the person you're enchanted with now, you will have more success with this tactic than with envisioning that individual specifically.

Rest back in your bathtub with a bottle of wine and imagine walking side by side with your lover down the beach. Imagine eating out, taking walks, or talking lightheartedly till the sun rises. The more caught up in this vision (imagining) you get, the more energy you're sending out into the universe that says "bring me a someone who can fill this role!" When this is done properly, you will most likely come across someone very quickly. But don't concern yourself with the timeframe - just relish the vision.

Do this while you relax in the bath, as you hit the sack at night, and when you first waken. Picture this while you drive to your place of work or while sitting in traffic on the way home. The more you do this, the more potent it becomes. Your life will become filled with abundant, energy of love and attraction, and this will attract the right somebody to you. And when it comes about, don't forget to express your gratitude!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

What Everybody Should Know... About How to Use the Law of Attraction!

There is a lot of buzz around the Law of Attraction these days. The massive hit movie/book The Secret took the world by storm. As Oprah jumped on board, the entire nation became acquainted with the Law of Attraction and the secrets of manifestation. The Secret did a great job of introducing the law and showing us how we generally work against ourselves. However, many people were left wondering "how exactly do I use the law of attraction?"

There are three major factors in learning to use this powerful law to manifest the things that we want in our lives. The first are our thoughts. The things that we think about and hold constantly in our thoughts become part of our reality. However, most of us are keeping negative thoughts in our minds on a daily basis. How do we change that?

We need to begin watching our thoughts. The easiest way to do this is to note how we are feeling. When we are feeling good, we are thinking thoughts that are affirming the things that we want in our life and sending positive manifestation energy out into the universe. When we are feeling bad, that is a red flag that we are holding thoughts that are not in our best interest.

This brings us to the second important factor, our emotions. Emotions, which are triggered by the thoughts we are currently thinking, are the actual energy that give an intent (or thought) the power to manifest. By noting when we are feeling bad and then changing our thinking, we will begin to change the overall energy surrounding us. As we become more focused on thinking positive, prosperous thoughts, we will see the world around us change to adapt to our new perceptions of ourselves. In this way will our desires begin to manifest.

The third and final factor in the process of attraction is our ability to act when an opportunity is presented. In many cases, our manifestations will come about as opportunities. If we work on manifesting wealth, there may be a sudden business opportunity offered to us. If we act on that, we will do well. If we do not act on it, we will get nothing. So we must be willing to act upon whatever opportunities are presented to us for our manifestations.

Finally, once we are done sending our intentions out into the world, we must be patient and detached. Don't focus endlessly on whether or not this will work, how long it will take, or any other doubtful thoughts. This kind of thinking destroys the work that we have done, and further instills more doubt. On the other hand, a patient, detached approach will allow our intentions to manifest, and will instill further faith in the process, which will assist things in moving faster next time. No wonder opinions about the Law of Attraction are very divisive!

Hopefully you have something to work with now. Best of luck and may all your dreams come true!

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