Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Conscious Art of Subconscious Influence

When dealing with the Law of Attraction, it is important to acknowledge and familiarize yourself with your greatest ally and your direst foe. That is, your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds tremendous power over your life. It has the power to make a belief become a reality, and it has the power to veto new ideas from entering into your perceived physical reality. This is a safety mechanism, as so many new things are thrown at you each day that without this protection, your world would seem entirely unstable. However, we want to look at ways to slip the ideas and beliefs you want to take root under the guardrails so that you may begin to experience the things you want.

There are many tricks to getting things past your subconscious resistance. Hypnosis is one that, if repeated every few days for around a month, will work. Research suggests that when the subconscious is bombarded with a new idea for approximately twenty one days consecutively, it will accept the new idea. That is why you will find so many programs called "How to XYZ in 21 Days!"

Another trick is to phrase your desire in the form of a question. The subconscious can not perceive a question without answering it. The brain, in fact, can not understand a question without forming some type of answer first. So slipping a question in is an easy way to force your subconscious to process something.

Brute force is another way to get past subconscious resistance. By forcibly exposing your subconscious to something, often following the 21-day rule, you can force it into acceptance. This can also be done with hypnosis, or by using affirmations, affirmation recordings, repeated meditation, etc.

In the end, once your subconscious accepts something as true, be it "I am rich" or "I am healthy", that truth will begin to take form in your reality, until it is 100% true. The subconscious holds an uncanny power, as it literally dictates what you will or will not be able to perceive in your reality. If your subconscious has rejected purple flying elephants, and a purple flying elephants comes hovering across your lawn, you won't even see it. Your subconscious would have to allow for the fact that a purple flying elephant might exist before that reality could be perceived by you.

So you can see how very important it is to turn this potential foe into an ally. (One tactic I won't go into detail with here involves having your subconscious form into a character within a lucid dream and speaking with it.) The speed with which you will be able to transform your life is directly related to how willing your subconscious mind is to accept the change. Do some research and learn more about this connection, and you will find that you already have all the tools necessary to get your subconscious working with you.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Benefits of Cultivating Peace of Mind

Aside from simply being pleasant, living with peace of mind has many important perks. Especially where the Law of Attraction is concerned, a peaceful state of mind allows for far greater manifestation skills. A person who has cultivated peace of mind will not be swayed by the troubles of each day, in that while they may feel momentary stress, their emotional levels will not be spiking up and down as others do. Let's look at ways in which you may begin to create a peaceful state of mind within yourself.

First, you absolutely need to set aside some uninterrupted time with which to do absolutely nothing. Why nothing? Because that is what meditation is. You must be able to sit or lie, without falling asleep, and allow your mind to wear itself out. Once that has happened, you will be overcome with an incredibly serene feeling, verging on ecstatic. This is a pure, open state of mind. This is also what it feels like to be fully in the present moment.

There are so many benefits to meditation that I can only go into one or two here, but the most important by far is that in experiencing the mind in a shut-off state, you will learn to shut off your mind at will. That means that whenever your mind is persistently bugging you, you can stop it immediately. No more insomnia because "I just kept thinking in circles". No more A.D.D. moments where you just can't seem to focus. You will be able to stop, take a breath, halt your mind, and then refocus on whatever it is you are doing.

Once you begin to experience peace of mind, you will be far less prone to dive into negative thinking patterns, and you will be more aware of your thought processes in general. Having begun mastery of your mind, you will be more conscious of what your mind is doing, and how it is affecting you. This is tremendously important, as your mind is the basis for your reality. Your thoughts bring about your emotions and your emotions fuel the Law of Attraction. Therefore your thought processes manifest the reality around you. By taking control over your mind, you can dictate the reality you live in.

That is the very basis for cultivating peace of mind - it will allow you to enjoy life more fully and to have far more control when exercising the Law of Attraction willfully to manifest your desires.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Secrets of a Money Magnet

You've read about the Law of Attraction. You've watched The Secret. You've likely begun working with visualization to bring your desires into manifestation within your life. I'm pretty sure you've thought to yourself, "How can I become a money magnet?" The good news is, you can become a money magnet! Let's look at how you can attract money, and the pitfalls you should avoid while doing so.

Many people become discouraged when first attempting to use the Law of Attraction. They focus on the things that they lack, and not solely on what they desire to attract. This is a common error, but a frustrating one, and many people give up and leave the Law of Attraction behind. If you focus on lack, you attract more lack. This is pitfall number one.

You know better than this, I'm sure. You're not a silly newbie, you're a spiritual mastermind! You realize that by correctly using the Law of Attraction, you can be, do and have anything you can possibly imagine.

You would be correct.

So how do you become a money magnet?

Begin by being thankful. Thankful for the money you have right now. Thankful for everything in your life that costs money, and for the things you love to do most. Almost everything in life costs money, and by reinforcing the things you enjoy in your life, you will more naturally attract the money with which to do it. Value every penny you pluck from the ground. Money is money to your subconscious, and by ignoring a penny you send a strong message: "I do not value money". Avoid this pitfall as well.

Continue to affirm to the universe how important money is, and how much you cherish it. By this, I do not mean start throwing money parties, or neglecting your friends to go hang out with all your money. But you can treasure and truly value money, no matter how much or little you have. All of this positive thought and emotion towards money will work to attract more money. This will create a cycle of prosperity in your life.

The more you are grateful for what you have, the more of that you will receive, and on and on. Remain in a receptive mode, and allow money to flow into your life easily and without resistance. Appreciate each little "bonus" that finds its way to you, be it a two thousand dollar pay bonus or a beat up nickel you find in the dirt.

Eventually, the money magnetism will really lock in, and opportunities to make big money will begin flowing into your life. Remain aware and be ready to pounce on opportunity when it comes knocking. Remember, you will have to act when the time is right, or you might just miss that chance. Remember, life is organic. You will not manifest a million bucks directly into your checking account. Allow the universe to manipulate phsyical reality in such a way as to bring you the very best opportunities to create and enjoy wealth.

There is no luck, chance, nor even coincidence in life. There is only the Law of Attraction, and the energy you have put out which magnetizes that unto you which is like what you have imagined. Like attracts like. Becoming a money magnet is a gradual process, but it is fully obtainable. Simple follow the steps in this article and reread them from time to time.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Relinquishing Control – Moving Into the Flow With Intent

It can be a scary thing to completely let go and surrender to life. Life can appear cruel, impersonal, and scary. However, the Law of Attraction clearly states that what you think, feel, and believe is what you will get. Let’s look at the right time to let go, and how to get to that point in your life. Let’s also look at the benefits to letting go, as moving into the flow with intent will give you the most powerful experience of the world imaginable.

First of all, before completely relinquishing control of the minute details of your life, you will need to be in a position that allows you to trust yourself completely. If you can trust yourself, you can trust the universe, as the universe and life itself will only give you what you attract. That means once you are in a good place mentally and emotionally, the world will only bring you good things if you surrender.

I don’t mean to mislead you. You are never truly in control of anything, insomuch as things can and will happen to you even when (or especially when) you are still putting out detrimental thoughts. However, the illusion of control is impossible to surrender unless you feel comfortable, and so that is what I am actually referencing – the illusion of control, and not true control itself.

The problem is that clinging to the illusion of control stifles the organic process of life. The good things that should be coming to you may be held back, or you may not recognize them when they come by. The benefits of moving into the flow are that you will be able to manifest your desires almost immediately in a day by day fashion. Again, this is impossible before you are comfortable and truly trust yourself.

Begin by paying attention to when you are feeling bad. Whether unhappy, angry, depressed, etc, any bad feeling is an indication that you are thinking thoughts that are not bringing good things to you. As difficult as it may be at first, you need to learn to break this up immediately. Whenever you catch yourself feeling bad, find a way to take your thoughts back in a good direction, so that your emotions will follow. One very easy way is by finding music that makes you feel happy.

As you become more and more positive in your habitual thinking, you will begin to trust yourself, and trust the process of life. Good things will begin happening to you on a consistent basis. At this point, it will be time to let go. When you truly let go, life will begin moving much faster, and much more will happen in shorter spans of time. You may move in and out of the presence of new people, or various groups of people. You will find that when you desire something, you will wind up somehow receiving it.

For today, begin working on building a trustworthy pattern of thinking. And tomorrow, maybe you will have that dream life you are looking forward to!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deliberate Manifestation

The Law of Attraction teaches that everything in our lives, from the good to the bad, has been attracted to us by our own thoughts and feelings. We often hate to hear this, and may remain in denial. After all, most people do not wish to admit that all of the unpleasantries in their lives were self-created. Unfortunately for them, it is so. Fortunately for all of us, we can change the course of our lives quickly by deliberately manifesting the conditions for the ideal life we dream of.

When learning to manifest deliberately, a few ground rules are helpful to know. First off, there is no such thing as coincidence in life. I mean this absolutely - there are NEVER any coincidences. Things that appear to be a coincidence are actually the carefully orchestrated whims of the universe, operating in perfect harmony with your thoughts and emotions via the Law of Attraction.

There are four primary keys to manifesting your life deliberately. Let's discuss these four keys and why they are so important.

First, you must be willing to take ownership of everything in your life, whether good or bad. You must take responsibility so that you can take control. Without claiming ownership over even the bad things, you are not claiming energy that is yours. This energy is what you can use to replace the undesired portion of your life with a more desired person, place or thing. However, if you won't take responsibility, you will never have full control.

Secondly, your word is the closest thing to a magical wand you have available to you in this physical world. Your spoken word is a direct connection between the realms of thought and physical reality. When you speak, you are manifesting thought energy directly into the physical in the form of sound waves. This energy, now that it is a part of the physical world, will quickly disperse, reform, and come back to haunt you (or bring you great things, depending on what you said). Most people alive today are using their own words against themselves on a daily, hourly, and often minute-by-minute basis. All of this confusion and jibberish causes crazy things to manifest. Be aware of what you say, and do not use your powerful word against yourself!

Third, your feelings, while a little trickier, can also be controlled once you realize that they arise from your thoughts. When you catch yourself feeling bad, note what you are thinking about. Likewise, when you feel really good, note what you were thinking. By changing the way you are thinking in the moment, you can literally change your feelings. Good feelings, in general, indicate that you are thinking thoughts that strengthen you, build you up, and continue to attract good things into your life that you will enjoy experiencing. Feeling bad likewise indicates that you current train of thoughts is having a not-so-positive effect on the reality you are currently in the process of manifesting for yourself. Now is a good time to reconsider the thought patterns that are causing these emotions.

On the up side, it is easier to overcome an emotion before it becomes destructive than it is to overcome words that you speak. There is a time delay and you have plenty of time to recognize the error and correct it. Once a word is uttered, that energy has made it into the physical - stopping it from manifesting into another physical form won't be easy.

Fourth and finally, put up reminders around your home or work area that help you to remember to live a conscious existence. When you see this item, pause for a moment and remember your goal to deliberately manifest your dream life. Check your thoughts and emotions. Make sure that you are creating positively, and if not, attempt to alter the thoughts and feelings that are working against you. Take control whenever possible, then relax and rejoin your day.

Just by remembering to remain aware of your intent to manifest deliberately within your life, you will begin to change long-held habits of thinking, which will ultimately change the way you experience life itself. You will come to realize that those bad feelings begin to happen before a negative experience, and that the words you speak will be back to haunt or help you within a mere few minutes or hours. You will begin to see the workings of the universe for what they are, and the Law of Attraction will have come fully alive for you.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to becoming a deliberate creator of your own life.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creating a Law of Attraction Poster

In order to utilize the Law of Attraction, there are many tools you can use to assist you in reaching your goals. One of the most important is the Law of Attraction Poster. This poster will serve as a constant reminder of what you are attempting to manifest, and will be fun to make. Here’s what you do.

First, find several magazines. Then, sit and cut out pictures of things you desire, or that represent to you the things that you want to attract. Get exact pictures whenever possible (the red picture of the car, not the black, or you may end up with the black car!). Take each of these and begin to paste them on a piece of colored poster board. Pick whatever size you like.

When you are finished, you have a poster to hang on your wall. Put it somewhere that you will walk past it every day. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways are all good spots. Whenever you see it, stop for a moment and look it over. Allow yourself to feel excited again. Each time you do this you will add energy to your attraction efforts.

The poster also serves a dual purpose. Even when you don’t notice it or stop to observe it, your subconscious will see it. Your subconscious will become accustomed to seeing those things in your life, and the real things will begin popping up here and there. Never underestimate the power of your subconscious for aiding with your Law of Attraction practices.

You can also create a Law of Attraction list, where you simply list all of the things you want. You can add to the list whenever you want, and take a little time to read over parts of it when you feel like it. This also adds excitement, which adds emotional energy to your manifestation efforts.

A third thing you can try is to create a manifestation calendar. Using this, you will select one day each month and write in a small Law of Attraction goal, all the way across a year if you choose. Each month, focus primarily on attracting the goal for the upcoming Law of Attraction day. Use visualization, meditation, or anything at your disposal for attracting that thing.

As time goes by, you will become better and the things you write on your calendar will begin showing up in your life. Hopefully, this gives you a fair overview into some tools you can use with the Law of Attraction.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Attracting Customers

The life of any organization is its customers. The world is filled with many products but each one is designed keeping the customer in mind. Fulfillment of the needs of the customer should be the main motive. The success of any unit is indicated by the number of customers it has and also the rise in the number of customers every year. In order to keep up the reputation of the organization it should not lose any of its existing customers and should also gain many new ones.

Competitors are always there and their main job is to make you look sloppy and out of the market. If you want to make the best products or provide the best services and you are thinking about it all the time, the Law of Attraction says that the universe is surely going to move you in the right direction. The thoughts are yours and the direction of your professional life is also yours.

If you want to attract more customers, the first course of action is to get attracted to them. Look at a customer not as someone who is going to make you rich but as someone who needs your product badly. Think about the various pros and cons of your product or service. Are you satisfied with your product? Would you use it yourself? Asking questions like this will put you in the customer's shoes. Once in the customer's shoes you will more easily be able to get an objective picture of your product or service.

When this is established you will ensure that your product is the best and that there is no compromise made on the quality or quantity. Differentiate from competitors! This will bring you great satisfaction. When you as a provider are satisfied you are bound to attract the same satisfaction from your clients. A satisfied client is sure to be yours both now and forever.

What you think about the other person is what the other thinks of you. This is a vital factor especially if you want to attract customers whether new or old. If you want them to come in and focus all your thoughts on to it, they too will surely want to come in and check out your offering. 'Ask and it shall be given unto you'. Asking and focusing in this case can be considered synonymous. What you think is what you want. By constantly meditating on the same thought you have a great chance of getting what you want.

Customers may walk into your organization with different thoughts - some of them may just want to have a look around, some may have a particular favorite that they want to buy and some may just come in because you smiled at them and welcomed them. The reasons may be different but they have all been pulled into the counter because of your continuous thought and longing for them to be there.

Attracting a customer by your thoughts alone is not possible. Or perhaps I should say attracting a satisfied repeat customer by your thoughts alone is not possible. The deed part of it has to be there too. Make your store or website attractive. Provide your customers with the best service and quality. Give them no chance to crib or rethink. When you have the deed part of it right, then your mental wavelength and theirs is bound to match.

If you focus on creating an excellent product or service, then focus on attracting satisfied, happy customers, you will do very well in your business.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Abundance Is Your Birthright

Abundance is the birthright of every man and woman born on this planet. However, very few realize this fact. This is mainly due to a misunderstanding about the term "abundance" itself. Generally, abundance is thought of only in relation to money. The common misconception is that only a person who has amassed great financial wealth can be said to live in abundance.

In reality, abundance encompasses a much greater depth than simply finances, although that is certainly a part of it. The main facets of abundance are money, health and relationships. A person who has success with these three elements will definitely experience the joy of abundance. A rich man with poor health will not. A poor man with no freedom of time will not. A rich, healthy man with no family or friends will not. The utmost joy in life comes from a balanced combination of these three elements – that is the essence of abundance, and that is what can be manifested in anyone's life using the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction teaches that your thoughts and feelings are the key to attracting what you want. If you believe that you are abundant, you will experience abundance in your present life, and more and more abundance will be drawn to you. If your predominant thoughts are of worry, stress, or fear, you will experience lack and negative circumstances. You can easily change your experience to one of abundance, in whatever form that means to you (health, friends, money), very quickly by changing your thinking. Become grateful for what you already have – that is an excellent way to begin getting more things to be grateful for. It is up to you to identify the areas in which you need to work on increasing your abundance, then take active steps to improve your life.

You are naturally abundant, even internally. You are gifted with:

i) Creative abundance; the creativity of your mind. You can experience the presence of this abundance whenever you have a creative thought.

ii) Abundance in choices, which gives you great freedom to choose your life style, food, clothing, habits etc.

iii) Gift abundance, which makes you aware of the things you have (no one in this world lives without any thing). So everything you possess is a gift and we are all blessed with copious gifts, whether we recognize it or not.

iv) Health abundance is a treasure many have but do not think of as abundance until after it is greatly diminished. Good health in a sound body is really a matter to cherish, and anyone, in any state, can return to a healthy mindset that will in turn bring about physical and emotional healing.

v) Love abundance provides the ability to bring about the seamless love present in the universe. Love is a powerful force which we can all learn to access and exude toward all of the creatures in the world. Abundant love showered boundlessly will bring only more in return.

vi) Material abundance is provided to all the humans by nature itself. But many fail to see the material abundance that is naturally available for free and they become entranced with artificial possessions in search of fulfillment and pleasure. Enjoying an evening walk among the woods in autumn is delightful and costs nothing when compared to enjoying a banquet in a five-star restaurant. Sometimes we miss the boundless joyful opportunities available to us because we are focused on our lack of something else – don't fall prey to this!

Of course, not everyone possesses the same level of health, wealth, and relationships. Each of us has attracted what we currently have, and the best way to begin attracting more abundance is to appreciate, deeply, what we already have. Everyone is capable of attracting an abundance of all three, and it's time you accept this amazing truth and begin to do so.

Happiness is also more dependent on your state of mind than on your actual possessions, be it financial, material, or inter-personal. Someone may feel abundant with one great friend, a small apartment, and enough money to live on and take an occasional hike. Another may feel most abundant living in a mansion with five star service. The level of material gains is really unimportant – what's important is the ability to attract the level of abundance that makes you happy, and to be sure to delight in the good things and people that are already a part of your life. Life is an amazing gift, and we are all the pilots of our own planes. There is nothing you can not have, do or be. In order to reclaim your birthright, you must become abundance-minded, which means appreciating your blessings, and not focusing on your present lacks. In doing so, you will attract far more abundance – an abundance of abundance, if you will – into your life.

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