Friday, January 4, 2008

Abundance Is Your Birthright

Abundance is the birthright of every man and woman born on this planet. However, very few realize this fact. This is mainly due to a misunderstanding about the term "abundance" itself. Generally, abundance is thought of only in relation to money. The common misconception is that only a person who has amassed great financial wealth can be said to live in abundance.

In reality, abundance encompasses a much greater depth than simply finances, although that is certainly a part of it. The main facets of abundance are money, health and relationships. A person who has success with these three elements will definitely experience the joy of abundance. A rich man with poor health will not. A poor man with no freedom of time will not. A rich, healthy man with no family or friends will not. The utmost joy in life comes from a balanced combination of these three elements – that is the essence of abundance, and that is what can be manifested in anyone's life using the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction teaches that your thoughts and feelings are the key to attracting what you want. If you believe that you are abundant, you will experience abundance in your present life, and more and more abundance will be drawn to you. If your predominant thoughts are of worry, stress, or fear, you will experience lack and negative circumstances. You can easily change your experience to one of abundance, in whatever form that means to you (health, friends, money), very quickly by changing your thinking. Become grateful for what you already have – that is an excellent way to begin getting more things to be grateful for. It is up to you to identify the areas in which you need to work on increasing your abundance, then take active steps to improve your life.

You are naturally abundant, even internally. You are gifted with:

i) Creative abundance; the creativity of your mind. You can experience the presence of this abundance whenever you have a creative thought.

ii) Abundance in choices, which gives you great freedom to choose your life style, food, clothing, habits etc.

iii) Gift abundance, which makes you aware of the things you have (no one in this world lives without any thing). So everything you possess is a gift and we are all blessed with copious gifts, whether we recognize it or not.

iv) Health abundance is a treasure many have but do not think of as abundance until after it is greatly diminished. Good health in a sound body is really a matter to cherish, and anyone, in any state, can return to a healthy mindset that will in turn bring about physical and emotional healing.

v) Love abundance provides the ability to bring about the seamless love present in the universe. Love is a powerful force which we can all learn to access and exude toward all of the creatures in the world. Abundant love showered boundlessly will bring only more in return.

vi) Material abundance is provided to all the humans by nature itself. But many fail to see the material abundance that is naturally available for free and they become entranced with artificial possessions in search of fulfillment and pleasure. Enjoying an evening walk among the woods in autumn is delightful and costs nothing when compared to enjoying a banquet in a five-star restaurant. Sometimes we miss the boundless joyful opportunities available to us because we are focused on our lack of something else – don't fall prey to this!

Of course, not everyone possesses the same level of health, wealth, and relationships. Each of us has attracted what we currently have, and the best way to begin attracting more abundance is to appreciate, deeply, what we already have. Everyone is capable of attracting an abundance of all three, and it's time you accept this amazing truth and begin to do so.

Happiness is also more dependent on your state of mind than on your actual possessions, be it financial, material, or inter-personal. Someone may feel abundant with one great friend, a small apartment, and enough money to live on and take an occasional hike. Another may feel most abundant living in a mansion with five star service. The level of material gains is really unimportant – what's important is the ability to attract the level of abundance that makes you happy, and to be sure to delight in the good things and people that are already a part of your life. Life is an amazing gift, and we are all the pilots of our own planes. There is nothing you can not have, do or be. In order to reclaim your birthright, you must become abundance-minded, which means appreciating your blessings, and not focusing on your present lacks. In doing so, you will attract far more abundance – an abundance of abundance, if you will – into your life.

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ThinkThankful said...

i just found your blog and wanted to say how wonderful it is. My family and I have found so much joyful abundance this past year. We made many Big changes and focused on our happiness and on those things that encouraged our happiness. One big goal was to enjoy our children and our time as a family and you guessed it - our new blessing is due this winter! Our family growing is such an amazing and beautiful testament to Abundant thinking and the Law of Attraction.