Monday, December 31, 2007

Controlling Your Thoughts By Monitoring Your Feelings

It has been said time and time again, and yet it's worth repeating. Your emotions are the key to learning to control your thoughts. When you take note of your feelings and then act to enhance or alter the way you feel, you are taking control of your thoughts and your life.

The purpose of learning the Law of Attraction is to begin changing your thought processes from primarily negative thinking to primarily positive thinking. When your thinking is mostly positive, then the experiences in your life will be mostly positive as well. When you learn to curb all negative thinking, you will be in control of your reality.

Begin becoming aware of your emotions by take a journal with you for a day or two. Make note at 30 minute intervals of your primary feelings. Are you angry? Tired? Stressed? Happy? Excited? Cheerful? Exhausted? Delirious? Write them all down. This exercise alone is powerful enough that if you want, you can just throw your notes away at the end of the day and tomorrow you will automatically begin noting your feelings at regular intervals.

When feeling down (angry, sad, unhappy, stressed), find some keys to turn your mood around. Find several different pieces of music so that you have options. Find memories, thoughts, or people you love to think about. Remember times in your life that you really enjoyed yourself. Find anything you can pull together to create a list of triggers, whether a mental list or a physical list.

Now, when you catch yourself feeling bad again, pick the trigger you think can lift you out of and use it. You don't have to think only positive thoughts to create your perfect reality – just mostly positive thoughts. Never beat yourself up for thinking negatively, just change your focus to the positive. Positive thoughts are far stronger than negative ones anyway!

By monitoring your emotions, which is easy, you will get an insight into your thoughts. By checking yourself when you are feeling bad, and changing your energy back into a positive mode, you will stop creating negative things and events. Meanwhile, you will begin to experience more and more positive events in your life. This will quickly snowball until you are manifesting your desires and living without all of the stress.

All you need to do is make a commitment to work hard at it for a short period of time. Your mind will catch on quickly, and before long you will be able to completely overhaul your mental processes so that you live in at least a mentally positive reality. Once that happens, your physical reality will change to match. All you must do is start the momentum.

Good luck!

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