Monday, December 17, 2007

Attracting Your Target Income

There is a certain amount of income that would allow each of us to do the things we want and live the lifestyle we want. Of course, that amount is different for all of us. For some, a minimal lifestyle may be satisfying. For others, it may take mansions and expensive cars. Whatever it is you truly desire in your life, if you can identify your target income, you can attract it. Let's talk about how.

First, begin a list. Get a pen and paper, and begin listing the things you would like to be doing regularly. Sleeping in, golfing, cruising around the world, moving to another country… any habit, hobby, or travel you want. Try to identify a basic cost per month or per year for each item in your list. At the end, tally up all of the items and add an additional 10% on top. We'll call this your target yearly or monthly (depending on how you broke it down) income.

Now you know how much money you need to have coming in. So the next step is to begin to attract an income, or streams of income that will bring you to that level. Meditate on this. Clear your mind and allow your thoughts to relax. When you catch yourself thinking about your day, just gently let go of the thought. Eventually, your mind will begin to take on a more creative mode. Set your intent before hand to come up with an idea to bring you more money. As you sit, allow your thoughts to drift in and out, and just watch them. Note what you are thinking about, and then release. Once your mind has finished its usual ramblings, it will begin to present creative thoughts to you. These are where you can begin to pick the diamonds you can use to begin making more money.

You may have an idea for a product to create, or a book to write, or a second part time job you wouldn't mind taking. You may realize you know something others don't and can consult, or write an e-book about it. Allow several different creative ideas to flow through you before getting up and writing them down.

Next comes the part many of us struggle with – action! You need to begin working on your ideas. Even if it's only an hour every day or two, you need to put some time into creating the product or doing the extra work you need to in order to start bringing in a second income. Once you have reached your goal and are earning more money, repeat this exercise. See if you can find a way to bring in a third income. And a fourth. Sometimes it will be necessary to start up some turnkey operations – things you can set in motion and then automate. Other times, your mind may present the million dollar idea right away.

Never allow yourself to procrastinate or be lazy when it comes to your creative business ideas. Act immediately and work as hard as possible. These ideas came to you as a direct result of the intention you put into the universe. They will allow you to pull in more money. If you follow each of them, you will find that you reach a point where your target monthly/yearly income is now your real monthly/yearly income. Now you are living the life you desired!

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