Monday, December 31, 2007

Controlling Your Thoughts By Monitoring Your Feelings

It has been said time and time again, and yet it's worth repeating. Your emotions are the key to learning to control your thoughts. When you take note of your feelings and then act to enhance or alter the way you feel, you are taking control of your thoughts and your life.

The purpose of learning the Law of Attraction is to begin changing your thought processes from primarily negative thinking to primarily positive thinking. When your thinking is mostly positive, then the experiences in your life will be mostly positive as well. When you learn to curb all negative thinking, you will be in control of your reality.

Begin becoming aware of your emotions by take a journal with you for a day or two. Make note at 30 minute intervals of your primary feelings. Are you angry? Tired? Stressed? Happy? Excited? Cheerful? Exhausted? Delirious? Write them all down. This exercise alone is powerful enough that if you want, you can just throw your notes away at the end of the day and tomorrow you will automatically begin noting your feelings at regular intervals.

When feeling down (angry, sad, unhappy, stressed), find some keys to turn your mood around. Find several different pieces of music so that you have options. Find memories, thoughts, or people you love to think about. Remember times in your life that you really enjoyed yourself. Find anything you can pull together to create a list of triggers, whether a mental list or a physical list.

Now, when you catch yourself feeling bad again, pick the trigger you think can lift you out of and use it. You don't have to think only positive thoughts to create your perfect reality – just mostly positive thoughts. Never beat yourself up for thinking negatively, just change your focus to the positive. Positive thoughts are far stronger than negative ones anyway!

By monitoring your emotions, which is easy, you will get an insight into your thoughts. By checking yourself when you are feeling bad, and changing your energy back into a positive mode, you will stop creating negative things and events. Meanwhile, you will begin to experience more and more positive events in your life. This will quickly snowball until you are manifesting your desires and living without all of the stress.

All you need to do is make a commitment to work hard at it for a short period of time. Your mind will catch on quickly, and before long you will be able to completely overhaul your mental processes so that you live in at least a mentally positive reality. Once that happens, your physical reality will change to match. All you must do is start the momentum.

Good luck!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When The Law Of Attraction Just Won’t Work

Okay, so you’ve read all the books. Bought all the products. Tried hypnosis CD’s, meditation, visualization, and affirmations. Yet, your desires are not manifesting! More than likely this is due to some old emotional blockages that need clearing, so fear not! Once your emotional blocks are removed, you will have full access to your creative potential.

Throughout all parts of life, we are faced with stress, difficulties, sadness in ourselves, sadness in others, anger, death, and occasionally worse things than this. In some cases, especially in childhood, we don’t know how to process our emotions when something bad happens. Instead of dealing with our problems, we end up allowing them to become absorbed into our energy body, where they very often become emotional blockages.

When powerful emotional blockages are in place, you get cut off. You can not open to the world around you, and the magic and love of the universe has great difficulty getting in to you. This stunts intuition, the astral body, thought processes, brain power, will power, and most importantly to us, the ability to attract into our lives the things we desire. These blockages must be removed so that you can reclaim your power as the creator of your reality.

So how do you know if you have emotional blockages? If you’re a living, breathing human being, more than likely you have some. But don’t worry! There are ways to cure this. You may try a healer or hypnotherapist. You may turn to meditation to reveal and cleanse these blocks. You may get a regular therapist to slowly help you work through them. You may also try EFT, which is a powerful healing technique that takes only a minute or two and can often heal anything encountered.

The important thing is that you find a way to release your energy, so that it is available to you again. If you are just not having any luck with the Law of Attraction, you are probably stuck behind a blockage. Cleanse yourself in any way possible. Laughter is cleansing, music is cleansing, having fun with friends is cleansing. Dwelling on negative things in your present or past is absolutely not cleansing. There are a million books and websites on the subject of clearing emotional blockages. My purpose is not to lay out how, but rather to lay out what your problem most likely stems from so that you can fix it!

Find a way to heal your emotional body and your full powers as a creator will be bestowed back upon you. Happy cleansing!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stopping Thought with the Third Eye Exercise

You may be wondering why you're the only person who seems to have trouble meditating. Everyone seems to get along just fine, stopping their minds, relaxing, going into a blissful state of trance. But whenever you try to meditate, your mind races even faster than usual. I have just the technique for you!

This technique utilizes a major charka known as the Third Eye charka. The Third Eye is located in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. You may have an easier time focusing between your eyes or even up on your forehead - go with whatever works for you. Now when you place your body awareness on this spot, you will feel a tingling sensation. Don't worry if you don't feel that yet - you will in time. If you do, great. If not, you might try gently placing the tip of your finger in that spot and focusing on the feeling of your finger on your skin.

Once your focus, whether mental body focus or actual finger-touch focus, is on your third eye, concentrate on that feeling. If you have the tingling, become aware of it and allow it to amplify. Breathe deeply, slowly, and rhythmically. If you breathe deeply while focusing on your third eye, an amazing thing happens. Your mind stops cold!

No wild thoughts, no self-conversations, and no remembering, stressing, or worrying can occur in this state. The longer you hold it, the more all of your stress and mental ramblings will vanish. At first they will leave an impression, but they are gone. Practice sitting in this state for about five minutes each day for three or four days. After that, entering into the third-eye focus state will become easy. Later it will become second nature.

When you have control of this state and can summon it instantly whenever you want, begin focusing on your desire. Start by focusing on the third eye, then simultaneously begin thinking about or speaking aloud the desire you wish to manifest. Your attention will be undivided, as you will be using the singular focus power of the third eye meditation, and your desire will get 100% of your energy. This is a powerful trick for working with the Law of Attraction and visualization techniques.

And before long, you will notice that you can return to this state without even needing to focus on the area of your third eye. You will be able to stop your mind whenever you wish, because you will have become accustomed to the mental silence inherent in the third eye meditation. Then you can meditate in any way that you wish, without any worry of getting sucked into your normal mental ramblings. A quiet mind is a powerful mind, so go get started and begin planning for the manifestation of your desires!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Attracting Your Target Income

There is a certain amount of income that would allow each of us to do the things we want and live the lifestyle we want. Of course, that amount is different for all of us. For some, a minimal lifestyle may be satisfying. For others, it may take mansions and expensive cars. Whatever it is you truly desire in your life, if you can identify your target income, you can attract it. Let's talk about how.

First, begin a list. Get a pen and paper, and begin listing the things you would like to be doing regularly. Sleeping in, golfing, cruising around the world, moving to another country… any habit, hobby, or travel you want. Try to identify a basic cost per month or per year for each item in your list. At the end, tally up all of the items and add an additional 10% on top. We'll call this your target yearly or monthly (depending on how you broke it down) income.

Now you know how much money you need to have coming in. So the next step is to begin to attract an income, or streams of income that will bring you to that level. Meditate on this. Clear your mind and allow your thoughts to relax. When you catch yourself thinking about your day, just gently let go of the thought. Eventually, your mind will begin to take on a more creative mode. Set your intent before hand to come up with an idea to bring you more money. As you sit, allow your thoughts to drift in and out, and just watch them. Note what you are thinking about, and then release. Once your mind has finished its usual ramblings, it will begin to present creative thoughts to you. These are where you can begin to pick the diamonds you can use to begin making more money.

You may have an idea for a product to create, or a book to write, or a second part time job you wouldn't mind taking. You may realize you know something others don't and can consult, or write an e-book about it. Allow several different creative ideas to flow through you before getting up and writing them down.

Next comes the part many of us struggle with – action! You need to begin working on your ideas. Even if it's only an hour every day or two, you need to put some time into creating the product or doing the extra work you need to in order to start bringing in a second income. Once you have reached your goal and are earning more money, repeat this exercise. See if you can find a way to bring in a third income. And a fourth. Sometimes it will be necessary to start up some turnkey operations – things you can set in motion and then automate. Other times, your mind may present the million dollar idea right away.

Never allow yourself to procrastinate or be lazy when it comes to your creative business ideas. Act immediately and work as hard as possible. These ideas came to you as a direct result of the intention you put into the universe. They will allow you to pull in more money. If you follow each of them, you will find that you reach a point where your target monthly/yearly income is now your real monthly/yearly income. Now you are living the life you desired!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

The True Power of Prayer

Prayer is a staple of many religions.  People speak to God or to higher powers or forces and ask for assistance.  Prayer in this form still works, as many people will attest.  But prayer in its purest form is nothing more than a focused visualization, utilizing the Law of Attraction to bring about healing, assistance, guidance, or to affirm gratitude.  Let's look at the ways in which we can use prayer to manifest our desires.

When looking at prayer specifically for the purpose of manifesting, we are discussing a focused form of thought infused with emotion.  When do most people pray?  When there is turmoil, fear, or other bad emotions that they want relief from.  People also pray when they become so enthralled with the idea of having something that they pray excitedly to receive their desire.  In both cases, we are seeing hyper-concentrated thought-emotions being focused directly on the desire, which is already emotionally charged.  A person praying in this fashion becomes a very powerful magnet indeed, and will generally succeed in attracting their desire.

Try engaging in such prayer, regardless of your religion or lack thereof, whenever you find yourself worried, stressed, angry, sad, or in a state of deep desire over something.  By stopping and literally focusing your mind, you put a magnetic pole up to the universe, and begin pulling your desire for freedom from the stress, worry, or the acquisition of your desire.  The difference between the normal thought processes and what I am calling prayer here is a powerful intent.  Use your will, and rather than praying to a deity, you may simply state, "I intend that this occur" or "I will receive that".  The more emotional energy behind the statement, the more powerful it will be.

Every thought you have is like a prayer to the universe, so let me specify the form of prayer I'm talking about as hyper-focused thought.  If you follow this prayer up with additional visualization work, you will have even greater success.  The more energy you put into the desire, the faster and greater will be your success.

Group prayer is a powerful force.  When multiple people bring the power of their thoughts and emotions together, the Law of Attraction can truly shine.  With many people working together to attract the same thing, a tremendous boost of energy goes into the thoughtform, and the universe hears this loud and clear.  Manifestations with a group can happen very quickly indeed.  The only difficult part is ensuring that everyone in the group is truly working as a united whole, and that no negative thinking is being added to the pool, which can diminish some of the group's power.

So try to form a group of like-minded people.  Pray for world peace.  Pray for new cars.  Pray for whatever you like!  Take advantage of group prayer and make a difference in your realities.  The effort may be daunting but the payoff will be huge.  Good luck!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Attracting a Soul Mate

There is a lot of buzz around the Law of Attraction. Many of you are looking for ways to attract money into your lives. But just as passionate are those of you looking to attract love. You can certainly attract a soul mate using the Law of Attraction. Let’s discuss how to do so.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the primary parts of the Law of Attraction. First, we visualize our desire as though we are there, it has manifested, and we are ecstatic. Then, we leave the universe alone to do the work. Finally, we accept the desire as it is actually manifested into our lives. The important thing to remember is that we don’t visualize “HOW” our desire will be manifested, we simply visualize that it IS. Leaving the “HOW” to the universe is very important. When overlooked, our manifesting seems to work sluggishly if at all.

So when looking at attracting a soul mate, if you have a certain person in mind, you need to let go of their image when visualizing. Instead, imagine the warmth of a loving relationship. Do not imagine particulars. Try to create an imaginary face for your person, or don’t visualize a face at all. Just imagine the feeling of having the partner you desire. This way, the universe can work freely to bring you the very best possible love available. As much as it may hurt to hear, it just might not be the person you are focused on. If you focus your visualizations exclusively on that person, and things are simply not going to work that way, you will waste a lot of energy and come out disappointed. Your internal insecurities and fears will work against your practice, and you will have little luck. Detachment from a particular person will work far more easily, even if it does in fact bring you the very person you are hoping for.

For those of you without any prospects at the moment, things will flow even smoother. The universe will bring your love to you – just be patient. Until then, do not pine for love, and do not indulge in depression, whining, or feeling sad. These things only work towards manifesting more lack of love, and that is counterproductive. Focus on the image of being in love, and then let it go and enjoy being single. You won’t be single for much longer.

Mostly, remember that proper use of the Law of Attraction brings about good feelings. If you imagine a warm healthy love, you will feel wonderful. If you have difficulty doing this, rent some romantic movies – romance, romantic comedies, whatever your taste. Find movies that make you feel good inside, and where the protagonists have the type of loving relationship you are looking for. The more you saturate your mind with images, thoughts and feelings of being in love, the faster things will happen for you. Movies, books, and love songs are all excellent ways to saturate your consciousness with the idea.

Finally, when your love arrives, be sure to properly appreciate them. Check yourself every month or two and make sure you are not taking them for granted. Remember how lucky you are to have found love, and bask in the warmth of a truly loving relationship. Best of luck!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feeling Things Out

We all have a built in mechanism for detecting when something or someone around us is ultimately good or bad for the life we desire.  Most of us ignore this system, or are unaware of it, or even utilize it without realizing it.  This system is our intuition, and it is fully functional in all of us.  We just need to take a moment to reconnect to it.

Of course, intuitional abilities may greatly decline with the introduction of emotional blockages in our energy bodies.  The more closed off from the world we are, the less able we will be to access this ability.  You need to keep your energy open, so that you can truly feel what I’m explaining to you.

When in the presence of a new person or circumstance, stop for a moment and notice your feelings.  Are you anxious?  Nervous?  Relaxed?  Calm?  Afraid?  Your emotional energy is a great clue as to the nature of your surroundings.  This is what we often refer to as our “gut”, or gut instinct.  It’s also described as “vibes”, as in “So and so gave off some creepy vibes.”  These feelings are more often than not excellent assessors of our current situation, and you can use them as a cue to move forward or retreat as necessary.  In cases where we have patterned thinking that causes emotions, we may actually be creating them ourselves.  This is why it is important to be truly open, in order to sense the energy of any person or situation.  Otherwise, it may just be a mental concoction.

If you want to develop this ability further, you should first begin working on meditation.  As you learn to move into light trance states, and then slightly deeper, emotional blockages and unhealthy mental patterns will begin to make themselves known.  It is far easier to identify and eliminate or heal such patterns and blockages when in meditation.  In many cases, knowing the blockage or pattern exists may be enough in and of itself to do away with it.

You may need to work with a hypnotherapist if there are deeply scarring issues in your emotional body.  Traumatic or otherwise hurtful events in your past may be crippling a part of your energy field in the present.  Having a healer or hypnotherapist assist in removing such blocks is an excellent first step towards regaining your full power.  You can also buy healing and hypnosis CD’s to listen to each night as you go to sleep.  Over time submersion into these types of material will allow your subconscious to begin the healing process, which may take a day, a week, or a year or more, but will eventually resolve in a healthy, happy energy body.

The more open you are, and the stronger and clearer your energy field, the more easily you will be able to detect and intuit all of the nuances of a given situation.  You will know a bad person by the vibe you get immediately, and you will catch liars in their tracks.  When things are going wrong, or if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, you will get a feeling for that well in advance, and can change your plans to coincide with better events.

Take control of your inherent abilities to intuit.  Your life will be smoother and happier for it!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Integrating the Law of Attraction into Your Busy Schedule

Are you too busy to sit down and visualize for very long?  Do you find that you can't seem to get the focus necessary to really put in a good Law of Attraction practice session?  You may be surprised to know that you can easily integrate your practices into your hectic schedule.  Allow me to explain.

Yes, it's easier to manifest something if you sit down and truly place minutes of focused, concentrated thought and emotion on your desire.  But you can achieve similar results by simply working for very short periods, many times each day.  In this way, you will still put energy into your desire and your subconscious will become saturated with your desire as well, which will definitely help you to manifest it.

Rather than attempt to make time to sit and focus, you may instead decide to begin integrating short moments of visualization throughout your day.  When you're driving and things are monotonous, or you're at a long red light or in slow rush hour traffic, imagine your desire as fulfilled.  Feel what you will feel when your desire has become manifest.

When you're in a dull meeting and your mind is drifting, allow it to drift to a fantasy of your desire being fulfilled.  When you go to take a smoke break, imagine for a moment the feelings of manifesting your goals.  When you're walking from one place to another alone, take a moment to consider your desires.

Do you exercise?  A run around a track is a good time to imagine your fulfilled desire.  Do you bathe?  The tub is another fantastic place, with the added benefit of built-in relaxation.  Are you starting to get the picture?

You can easily, without straining yourself, begin integrating the Law of Attraction into even the most hectic schedule imaginable.  Saturating your thoughts and daily life with visions of your desire will have the same effect as one or two long visualization sessions.  Be vigilant, and your desires will be manifested!

If you have trouble remembering, there are several things you can try.  Around your home, place sticky notes.  Put them on the bathroom mirror, the wall near your bed, the wall over your television (commercials can be visualization opportunities), and basically anywhere else you will see them.  Call your work phone at night and leave yourself a message for the morning.  If you use Outlook at work for your email, set up recurring reminders, either daily or hourly.

Do your best to integrate your practices into every aspect of your life.  A hectic schedule actually allows opportunities that once-a-day visualization may not offer.  It's up to you to make it truly a way of life.  Only then will your dreams begin popping into existence all around you.

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