Monday, August 27, 2012

New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth

New Consciousness And The Law of Attraction With Personal Growth
By Rion Freeberg

If you are not where you want to be yet with your personal growth and attraction goals and are already using the best technologies and methods to get their, what could possibly be missing?

You may already be using affirmations, mind movies, meditation, hypnosis and subliminal audio as well as positive thinking and goal planning (with a whole lot of hard work) yet still not where you want to be with the law of attraction. If your thoughts and beliefs are everything and form your reality and you are already working on changing them, what else is missing?

Let's briefly take a look at what levels of consciousness you are working with your beliefs on. Western traditional personal growth is very fond of the 'conscious mind'. And this is often meant and referred to include your thoughts and beliefs, but they can also occur on deeper levels such as your subconsciousness. Technologies like binaural beats, hypnosis audio and subliminals help you to affect and even change your beliefs (or the intention to) on those deeper levels.

But if you are already trying and using hypnosis, subliminals, affirmations, visualization and positive thinking to affect yourself on both the conscious mind and subconscious levels, then why aren't you there yet? Why do some of your thoughts obviously not manifest what you desire?

I mean is there some other level of consciousness that you have to work on or something that has just gone overlooked? Well, if we take a deeper look at your waking states of consciousness, you'll find that it is more than the mere conscious mind (which is really kind of a generic term). When you are awake during the day, a more qualitative definition of your consciousness would be a little more insightful and could be called your holistic consciousness.

Your holistic consciousness is your mental, emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual consciousness (or subjective experience). You can feel, sense, know and experience reality on each of those levels of conscious energy. A lot of Western personal growth (when you look at it compared to spirituality) is really coming from more of an ego driven definition and valuation of self; thus, conscious mind is more closely related to the ego definition of self.

But you have consciousness on the mind, heart, body, sexiness and soul levels of self. Understanding that greater and holistic definition of waking consciousness (where your practical experience of life exists), you are then able to work on expanding and changing your beliefs on all levels of consciousness; emotionally, sexually, etc..

You may have heard the saying 'when the heart and the mind are one it can move mountains', but if you are closed off to your heart then it is simply another level of self that you may have to take into account to finally attract and manifest your personal growth goals and dreams.

Your mind or really 'thought' often isn't enough power on its own. And that is no understatement because the Western definition of self is mind, body and soul leaving all of the power up to your mind for personal growth but you also have unlimited power with heart and sexual drive as well as aligning your soul to your purpose.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It

How to Use the Law of Attraction - Learn How to Alter Your Beliefs to Manifest It
By Harsh Agrawal Jain

According to online dictionary, a belief is something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. It is an idea which you consider as truth even though that idea may or may not be true. Our beliefs are framed in early childhood and teenage years by parents, siblings, peers and our day-today experiences. You keep thinking and believing these beliefs as thoughts throughout the day, consciously or subconsciously, and hence, the law of attraction brings the same to us in the real outer world.

On one side, positive beliefs help you achieve your goals quickly while negative beliefs serve as an obstacle in achieving your goals. Hence, it is really important that you change your beliefs to manifest the law of attraction. Follow these simple steps to alter your negative beliefs and replace them by positive ones:-

1. Write Down Your Negative Beliefs:

a. The first step in changing your negative beliefs is to carry a personal diary and pen with you throughout the day. Whenever, you find yourself thinking a negative thought, just stop a minute and write down that thought in your personal diary. Write down all those thoughts and beliefs which trigger anxiety and bring your confidence down in your personal diary throughout the day. Make sure you keep everything confidential. Other people's ridicule and laugh may shatter your confidence.

b. After you have jolted down your negative beliefs, take out some time and go through each of them. While going through these negative beliefs, just accept yourself for whoever you are and accept that it is OK to have these beliefs. Just welcome all the negative beliefs and release them.

2. Write Down the New Positive Beliefs:

After releasing your negative beliefs, write down the opposite of all of them in a separate piece of paper. The conventional method of writing the opposite positive statement for your negative beliefs and repeating it to yourself several times creates a lot of discomfort and does not really works for most of the people. Hence, it is really important that you write a solution along with your counter positive statement in your diary.

For example, if your negative beliefs are:-

a. I can't do this.
b. I am never able to finish my work on time.
c. That guy gives me a difficult time. I can't tolerate him anymore.
d. I hate my job.

Your counter positive statements will be:-

a. I can do this. This task is pretty easy, it can be easily completed.
b. I can finish my work on time. By dividing my work into several mini-tasks and assigning a deadline for each of them, I can get any work done in a given period of time.
c. I am cool with that guy. His attitude and behavior does not really matter to me. I will remain calm, assertive and straight to the point while talking to him.
d. I love my job. I will find and cherish one good thing about my job daily.

3. Establishing the New Positive Beliefs in Your Subconscious

In order to plant the new positive beliefs, just before sleeping at night and just after waking up in the morning, speak out all the positive statements (written in previous step) with full passion and enthusiasm. Mixing emotions, confidence and enthusiasm to your positive statement is important. This is where most of the books and self-development courses fail. Nothing is going to happen if you don't mix your emotions while auto-suggesting your positive statements. Keep doing this exercise daily until you start believing positive statements as actual and they become your new real positive beliefs.

4. Finding Real Life Examples

Find real life examples where you have actually acted against your negative belief. This method is really very powerful. Again many self-development books and courses miss this method. In fact, your negative belief will be completely and immediately dissolved when you find a good real life example of you acting in completely contradiction to your negative belief.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

How the Law of Attraction Works

How the Law of Attraction Works
By Rene Bastarache

We live in a world of Cause and Effect; a world where the invisible becomes the visible. The Cause or thought which cannot be seen and the effect or "materialization of thought which can be seen. According to basic science, an effect cannot occur without a cause and yet we choose to accept one without the other.

The actuality of it is that everything we see, feel and enjoy initially came from the invisible. The thought of that makes many of us uneasy to say the least. It can change everything in our lives if truly understood. Lets break it down a bit more.

Unseen radio waves become music that we hear. Unseen television waves become the programming that we see. Unseen Internet signals and information become what many know as their pastimes and even livelihood. Without this unseen information surging through the ether, cities, countries and civilization it self would crumble.

There is one more thing that is more important than anything I have mentioned that cannot be seen. It is something that you have total control of and without it nothing would exist. You are using it right now as you are reading and I used it as I wrote this article. It is the gift of thought. It cannot be seen but from it "all" things come.

Thoughts do become things. Someone had to initially think of how to design the clothes you are wearing, your furniture, computer, house, car, landscaping and even this article before it could be created. None of it could have happened without the thought initially.

You think of what you want to say and formulate it before speaking. You think before you drive, eat, walk, work, play and everything else you do. Otherwise how would you think about doing it? The thought "always precedes the action or the materialization of thought. It is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This thought can come from you, your friends, society, the government, the media, mass hysteria or virtually anyone but it all starts somewhere and through focus becomes reality as we know it.

Since an effect "cannot" exist without a cause, then sickness could not exist unless it began with a thought somewhere along the line. So was poverty, sadness, anger, hatred, prejudice, war, loneliness and greed. It really puts things in perspective when we start to think that all of these things began with our own thought process.

If this gift of thought is something that we truly have total control over then that means that we have total control over the direction of our lives as well. We have control over our present and future health, wealth and happiness. Yes, we control the invisible, which in turn creates the visible. It is the world of thought.

Not only do thoughts become things but "every" thought is a creation. Think if the enormity of that statement. It is said that the average human has approximately 64,000 thoughts a day. That would be similar to placing an order in a restaurant every time you have a thought. You order what you want and you also order what you don't want. You believe you can have the lobster so it is coming to you and then you doubt you deserve it so it is taken away. We think like yoyos, up and down, want and don't wants. We are constantly placing orders unknowingly by default rather than taking control and consciously placing the orders that we want. So any thought of indecision, doubt, fear or unworthiness would be working against the goals you have set for yourself.

It is time to take 100% responsibility for your life now. How? By simply being aware of your own thought process. Only think what you want rather than what you don't want. Understand that you are the originator and creator of this "invisible" thought. You are the cause of the Cause. The Effect is the direct result of your Cause. You are now able to understand how "you are the creator" of your own reality. Your new thought process or Cause(s) will now be the Effect(s) of your new health, wealth and happiness.

You are now in the drivers seat. Drive wisely.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Use Law of Attraction - 5 Steps to Manifest It With The Process of Visualization

How to Use Law of Attraction - 5 Steps to Manifest It With The Process of Visualization

By Harsh Agrawal Jain

Follow the following simple steps to effectively Visualize your dreams and trigger the law of attraction which will work in the minds of people and things in the Universe to bring you what you want and manifest your dreams:-

1. Know exactly what your goals are

First crucial in the process of Visualization is to set yourself a clear goal. It may be anything from earning money to attracting your soul mate. Make sure you write it down clearly on a piece of paper or create a vision board so that you can set and visualize your goal clearly. If it's earning money, how much is the amount you want to earn. If it's attracting your soul mate - how does he or she look, what are their habits, personality and behaviour? It would be better if you write down your goal and be as specific and subjective as possible.

2. Have a relaxed posture

Find a quiet place and sit or lay down in a relaxed posture. It doesn't matter whether you sit on a chair or lay down on your bed. You can choose any posture which you find comfortable. Just make sure you are in a relaxed state and no part of your body is tensed. After sitting in relaxed posture, just cool your mind and meditate for two minutes before starting visualization

3. Start Visualizing

Close your eyes and start picturing your goals. Feel as if you have already achieved your goal. What would your lifestyle be after you have achieved it, what will be your level of happiness and energy after that. It is important that you feel and experience the joy of already achieving that goal. This is where the law of attraction starts working.

4. Feel the Joy already achieving your dream

As stated above, it's important that you feel good. Visualization works best in morning just after you wake up or at night just before you sleep. In this way, your body keeps vibrating the feelings of joy and happiness to the Universe and law of attraction keeps working for you throughout the day. Initially you might feel uncomfortable during the process but this feeling of discomfort indicates that you are on the right track. So, be persistent and keep trying visualization until you find yourself in sync with your goal.

5. Start taking Action

As mentioned in all major books and courses on "How to Use Law of Attraction", nothing is going to happen if you don't take consistent action towards your dreams. An idea will pop into your head which is in complete synchronization with your goal. It is really important that you get out of comfort zone and start taking massive action towards that idea. This is where majority of the people fail in manifesting the law of attraction.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The power of positive thinking or, in modern parlance, the law of attraction affirmations has long been noted to draw good tidings or prosperity for individuals. Yes! Laws that lead to fortune do exist, and all you need to do is learn how to use them to improve your life.

You need to channel energies or thought impulses so they take on a power of their own and cast away all opposition. In other words, the positive affirmations can be actualized if you keep repeating them. Before you gain control of conditions, though, you need to know how to control yourself.

For example, if you cannot control overeating, you become overweight or obese. You then try to lose weight but you develop wrong habits of thought that give rise to so many negatives (like saying to yourself you cannot ever shed flab even if you exercise and diet). The bottom-line is, you will stay obese and unhealthy. In similar manner, if are convinced and keep saying to yourself that you will never recover from an illness, you really won't. Conversely, thinking positive and happy thoughts will shatter the negatives and usher desirable things like harmony, love, health, or prosperity.

The law of attraction affirmations conveys that the mindset you adopt, such as when you have the unwavering belief that something will take place notwithstanding the odds, can play a big role in its actualization.

Take it from French psychotherapist Emile Coue, author of the book, "Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion." He led many people to healing & recovery by teaching them to open the mind and keep saying to themselves that each day and in every way, they are becoming better and better. What happened was that they did get better.

The technique, as Coue maintained, is to cast aside distorted or negative thinking that can lead to mental and physical ailments, and direct the mind, instead, in a conscious and wise manner. This means tapping the immeasurable power or force within us, harnessing the unconscious self, and unleashing the power of conscious autosuggestion to make good things happen.

The law of attraction affirmations -- or as early theorists refer to the concept, the law of autosuggestion - can lift people up and make them soar to altitudes of achievement. In reality, people who experience continuous failures that may diminish their self-esteem may find it difficult to think positively, much less snap out of a passive state.

Over time, and with the encouragement of people close to them or their therapists, such individuals with a broken spirit can regain their confidence. Flipping negative moods or feelings and replacing pessimistic thoughts and beliefs with positive affirmations can greatly reverse the situation and turn it into positive.

The good news is, self-help or empowerment tools have been devised to help people adopt healthy coping skills to undesirable circumstances in life like illness, poor career prospects, unsatisfactory relationships, or dwindling wealth. Individuals can rein in their unconscious selves, give free rein to creativity allow the positive cosmic forces to work their magic, by drawing on the power of the law of attraction affirmations.

Jeff Staniforth, Australia's Leading Motivational and Self-help Expert. Jeff is also the creator of the Sculptor3 program and publisher of the " Affirmations For The Mind " self help newsletter. Jeff's approach to teaching is empowering and effective... go here for your daily sample affirmations