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How the Law of Attraction Works

How the Law of Attraction Works
By Rene Bastarache

We live in a world of Cause and Effect; a world where the invisible becomes the visible. The Cause or thought which cannot be seen and the effect or "materialization of thought which can be seen. According to basic science, an effect cannot occur without a cause and yet we choose to accept one without the other.

The actuality of it is that everything we see, feel and enjoy initially came from the invisible. The thought of that makes many of us uneasy to say the least. It can change everything in our lives if truly understood. Lets break it down a bit more.

Unseen radio waves become music that we hear. Unseen television waves become the programming that we see. Unseen Internet signals and information become what many know as their pastimes and even livelihood. Without this unseen information surging through the ether, cities, countries and civilization it self would crumble.

There is one more thing that is more important than anything I have mentioned that cannot be seen. It is something that you have total control of and without it nothing would exist. You are using it right now as you are reading and I used it as I wrote this article. It is the gift of thought. It cannot be seen but from it "all" things come.

Thoughts do become things. Someone had to initially think of how to design the clothes you are wearing, your furniture, computer, house, car, landscaping and even this article before it could be created. None of it could have happened without the thought initially.

You think of what you want to say and formulate it before speaking. You think before you drive, eat, walk, work, play and everything else you do. Otherwise how would you think about doing it? The thought "always precedes the action or the materialization of thought. It is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This thought can come from you, your friends, society, the government, the media, mass hysteria or virtually anyone but it all starts somewhere and through focus becomes reality as we know it.

Since an effect "cannot" exist without a cause, then sickness could not exist unless it began with a thought somewhere along the line. So was poverty, sadness, anger, hatred, prejudice, war, loneliness and greed. It really puts things in perspective when we start to think that all of these things began with our own thought process.

If this gift of thought is something that we truly have total control over then that means that we have total control over the direction of our lives as well. We have control over our present and future health, wealth and happiness. Yes, we control the invisible, which in turn creates the visible. It is the world of thought.

Not only do thoughts become things but "every" thought is a creation. Think if the enormity of that statement. It is said that the average human has approximately 64,000 thoughts a day. That would be similar to placing an order in a restaurant every time you have a thought. You order what you want and you also order what you don't want. You believe you can have the lobster so it is coming to you and then you doubt you deserve it so it is taken away. We think like yoyos, up and down, want and don't wants. We are constantly placing orders unknowingly by default rather than taking control and consciously placing the orders that we want. So any thought of indecision, doubt, fear or unworthiness would be working against the goals you have set for yourself.

It is time to take 100% responsibility for your life now. How? By simply being aware of your own thought process. Only think what you want rather than what you don't want. Understand that you are the originator and creator of this "invisible" thought. You are the cause of the Cause. The Effect is the direct result of your Cause. You are now able to understand how "you are the creator" of your own reality. Your new thought process or Cause(s) will now be the Effect(s) of your new health, wealth and happiness.

You are now in the drivers seat. Drive wisely.

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