Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Can Attract a Million Dollar Idea

Everyone on this Earth has something valuable to offer another person. Everyone of us is capable of being very prosperous and contented. But nevertheless, so many of us struggle day after day. We're caught in a cruel rat-race, and often we can barely come up for breath. Yet, to each of us, there's hope. Applying the Law of Attraction, I want to teach you how to pull to yourself your Million Dollar Idea.

We all are here for a reason. We all have something that we alone can offer. To figure out our purpose is to discover that which both makes us happy and makes us wealthy. We were not meant to fear, hurt, or suffer. However, we all have been culpable of questioning ourselves, and we must learn to move through this. These are very basic things that you must realize before you'll be able to even begin to reveal your million dollar idea. If you find it, but question yourself and do not follow up on it, you might not find it again for years.

You may want to create a list of things you know. You can list things that you have specific knowledge in. You might try to narrow the list down into something you believe is valuable in the market place. There are hundreds of books for that tactic. What I want to reveal to you today is a tactic that is much easier, but you must be willing to put in the effort and specifically to remain very mindful for the answer.

Find a time when you have half an hour to yourself. Find a comfortable, secluded spot that is quiet and relaxing. Sit (or lie) or get comfortable in any way you want. Listen very attentively to the sounds about you. If the room is silent, hear the silence. Become mindful of your breathing. Count thirty breaths (in-out one, in-out two). When you have completed this your body and mind will be very relaxedat ease and in the perfect state to proceed.

Close your eyes and repeat out loud, "I intend my million dollar idea to present itself to me now. My million dollar idea is here and now and I will that it show itself." Now listen to the silence, centering on what you just said. Every few seconds when you begin to experience your mind meandering, repeat the procedure - say it aloud again, then listen and experience the power of your words as they echo through your being. Continue this for as long as you are able, then become aware of your breathing for ten breaths. Then you can get up and go about your life.

Now you've put out an emotional desire for your million dollar idea to present itself to you. I won't go into it, but the world you perceive around you is actually within you - everything in your external world is merely a representation of something internal. So what you need to do now is to stay cognizant of what you're doing throughout the day. When you're talking to someone, listen very deeply to what they are saying. If you stumble across a book, a magazine, or a proposal of some sort, pay extra attention to it.

What will happen is that something in your external life will happen that will present the million dollar idea to you. Does your friend have a problem that you may have a solution to? Is that answer possibly your million dollar idea? Do you hear someone discussing something they wish they had, but nobody has created it? Do you hear anyone complaining about a lack of something that maybe you could supply?

The peculiar thing is, occasionally your million dollar idea won't sound like a million dollar idea to you at first. As your day goes by (and the following day), write down everything you think could be a suggestion. Dreams are especially important. What you'll start to discover is a pattern based around one definite idea, one certain need, that others have. You will start to recognize it over and over again. This is the process of your idea introducing itself to you. Once you're certain you have it, then begin to develop it, and keep faith in yourself.

The simplicity of this exercise is deceiving. The universe, our external reality, is perpetually communicating to us on a personal level, because our external reality is in point of fact just a manifestation of our internal. The process of giving an intention and question and then really paying attention to personal messages appearing out of the world around you will help you open up to the process of life.

You see, the best million dollar ideas are not things that you think are fashionable or inspiring. They are things that others need - things that benefit others! That's quite often the simple rule that we neglect in life.

The best moment is when you become aware that we don't really have one million dollar idea. We have an infinite number of them at our fingertips! All we need to do is expect and listen. May your life be enriched and your dreams come true!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Law of Attraction is up to You

It may surprise you to hear that you're a complete being, capable of having anything and everything that you desire in a blink of an eye! Nonetheless it's the truth, and the Law of Attraction is the connection to your divinity. We will not go into how you've become separate from your birthright, but instead we'll center on how to regain it.

First and foremost, we are all in a world of disorder. Whether your particular battle is financial, emotional, security, addiction, or whatever else, everyone is struggling with something. If you're not, then you're way ahead of the pack! The trick to the Law of Attraction is that whatever you lend energy to through your thoughts and emotions becomes your reality in short time. Whatever battle you're focusing on, that same focus is what allows your problem to remain.

The Law of Attraction operates perfectly at all times, in all ways. You have created the situation you're in. Own it! Until you accept full responsibility for your life and your circumstances, you have no power to change anything. Today, begin spending more time centering on things in your life that you value. Give more focus on the things you already have that you enjoy, and give less focus and energy to the things in your life that are disagreeable. Just a small shift in the balance, maintained each day, will quickly begin to turn the tides in your favor.

The more cheerful, easy going and stress-free you feel, the more will be awarded to you. As you yield your tight grip on the things in your life that are untrue and shift your focus more to the things in your life that are right, you will find that the "wrong" things begin fading away and you will receive more of the things that you enjoy.

This subtle shift in mindset is perhaps the most difficult thing for us to do, as it's breaking a mental habit we have held for years and decades! But take note of when your life becomes even the slightest bit better. That is your true breakthrough moment. Imagine a boulder tumbling along a road. It has momentum. If you start pushing on the boulder from the other side, it doesn't immediately do what you want. All the same, if you are able to slow it down there will come a instant when it slowly creeps to a halt. Then it will begin to roll slowly in the other direction.

That is the moment when things begin to change. In actuality you have just established the momentum and direction that you want, although things still don't seem to be progressing quickly. Just hang in there until the boulder starts building momentum! That push through moment will lead to better and better times until one day you will realize that your life has adopted a completely different characteristic. One of prosperity, peace, happiness, love and joy. From out of such a state will come only better and better things. You can no longer lose!

When Jesus said "I tell you, to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away," this was not a cruel assertion. To one who's moving in a positive direction, things will only accelerate more and more in the positive direction. To one moving in a negative direction, which many of us are, things will only get worse. Set out to change your habits of focusing on the negative and focus more on the positive; have gratitude and truly feel thankful for the things you do have, and more – much more – will be given to you!


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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Secret Meditation for the Law of Attraction

So you are aware of the Law of Attraction. It might have worked for you in some instances.

You're hooked. But how can you move to the next level? Is there a way to give a turbo charge to your power to manifest? Actually, there is! Using my private meditation, you will discover that you are able to manifest things far more clearly and rapidly than ever before.

First let's broach the topic of meditation. Meditation is very often misunderstood. There's nothing less complicated, nor more difficult for the current rat-race mind to comprehend or apply. Permit me to help you in developing a feel for the experience.

I'm going to pull out some weirdo voodoo now, so please ready yourself. When I tell you, I need you to stop reading this article and listen very cautiously. You'll pick up something, but it will be feint! You must listen very, very cautiously - what you hear will mystify you! All right, stop reading and listen right now.

Did you hear anything? Maybe so, maybe not. That's not essential - my voodoo act was a prank. What you did have in the few moments that you spent listening intently was an absolute state of meditation. Your mind was stopped, you were wholly focused in the here and now, and you were present.

Our minds are our worst enemy. They live in the past; they live in the time to come. We remember what was, and we think about what we hope (and fear) will be. Meditation, and in fact reality, is in the present. It is in the here and now moment only. Time is a fantasy, and the more our minds wander through the past and the future the more of the magic of reality we miss.

Reality isn't a static, solid, predictable and measurable thing. Our minds block it off that way, but reality itself is ever shifting, ever changing, world without end.

In the meditative moment, we learn to tune into the hear and now. As a consequence, we set about knowing ourselves more deeply and will in time begin to see reality more as it truly is - a magnificent, mysterious gift! But more significantly, when we are in the meditative moment, our powers of manifestation are vastly amplified.

So here's the secret meditation. You need not master the meditative state nor become a Zen master to do this meditation! Simply test this for a couple of minutes each day and presently you'll discover it's actually quite pleasing. First, sit in a private, hushed place. Relax. Become aware of the sounds around you. Then become aware of the intermixing of those sounds. If you have an air conditioner and a fan in your room, you may have observed when drifting to sleep the ways in which those two sounds mix, interfere, and change. Become aware of the interplay of the sounds around you. This helps to relax the mind and bring your focus into the present.

Now once you are relaxed and your mind has ceased blasting you with thoughts, you should begin to imagine what it is that you desire, as though you are experiencing it right now. Basically, daydream! Daydream of having what you want, and you will begin feeling the good emotions of happiness, excitement, and joy. Do this as long as you can, and then relax for another moment, be mindful of your breathing for a few breaths, release, and go back to your normal life.

This sounds misleadingly simple, but the amount of power contained in a meditation state far surpasses the typical rat-race mind-set in which we typically attempt our manifestation visualizations. You'll recognize the power of this very rapidly as the speed and accuracy of your manifestations will amaze you.

And remember - keep practicing. It only becomes easier the more you do it, and the benefits to your life, your aspirations, and your joy are more than worth any initial challenges! Good luck!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quickly Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction!

Numerous people were prompted to find out about the Law of Attraction from the movie The Secret or by seeing the instructors from The Secret on Oprah. Attracting abundance is in all likelihood the most common desire, and yet it's one of the most difficult to do. Notwithstanding, the most common problems in attracting money are simple to short-circuit. Once these problems are dodged, attracting money is not tough to do!

The most prominent problem with attracting wealth is that most people urgently require the money and select money as their first manifestation goal. Yet, due to the need for money and the never-ending negative thinking encircling money ("how will I ever pay that bill?", "oh no, my power is going to be shut off", "I'll never pay back this student loan"), any attraction dealing with money is likely to be set-back by day-to-day negative thoughts and feelings. This causes a negative attraction which can offset or even entirely wipe out your endeavors to attract money.

Manifestation and attraction works when you take a positive, light-hearted and playful approach. Patience and detachment are the keys to successful manifesting. Since money is such a charged subject, it is difficult for people to detach themselves from their attraction attempts long enough for the money to manifest. Meanwhile they continue thinking their daily thoughts ("I can't afford these gas prices!", "I wish I could afford a vacation", and "I'm not paid enough") and these thoughts bring about negative feelings towards money that push their desires away.

The way to break through this is to start smaller, and concentrate on things other than wealth. Start out by trying to manifest something simple, like a red rose. Beware, depending on what you envision, you may get a actual rose or you may wind up with a box of tissue that sports a big red rose on the side. Be as specific as you can in your imaginings, and always place yourself in the picture. See yourself holding a rose, or whatever little desire you're trying to manifest.

Once you manifest your initial small thing, repeat this process two or three times. Each time, what you'll find out is that your intentions are manifesting, and that will add faith to your technique. When you return to manifesting money, start by picking a minimal sum of money that you can believe in. Five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, anything so long as you can in earnest conceive that you are able to achieve that money. Keep an unconcerned and playful state of mind - this will bring your manifestation into your life more speedily. Because you succeed more and more, your faith will advance, and your manifestations will materialize faster. Also you will develop a true realization that you'll be able to manifest your intentions, and so you can set about working at attracting larger sums of money while knowing right along that you'll deliver the goods. As faith develops and begins evolving into absolute knowns for you, your entire life will lighten up and you'll feel the magic that's in the universe around you.

Best of luck and may you attract your every goal!

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