Saturday, September 15, 2012

Joe Vitale Elaborates On The Law Of Attraction To Help People Become Successful

By Lee Mckenna

Joe Vitale was featured in "The Secret", which was a movie that explained various Laws of Attraction. In this movie, you find him sharing his knowledge and take on the Law of Attraction and he exposes the power this has to bring in great fortune, success and wealth in one's life. Only experts were included in this movie and their understanding and knowledge about the Law of Attraction has spread to all corners of the globe. People began to hear about him as his fame preceded him like bushfire.

The Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. was founded by Joe Vitale who has been renowned as a copy writing expert. He has spoken extensively on the subject, written many books on hypnosis, marketing as well as the Law of Attraction. He integrated his expertise on both the Law of Attraction and hypnosis to found "Hypnotic marketing" which has become famous today.

Joe Vitale is commonly referred to as "Mr. Fire," as his internet marketing techniques and expertise level on the Law of Attraction has made him famous as a guru, who provides extensive knowledge on acquiring wealth. He has the ability to produce great marketing strategies with positive outputs that make him the greatest online marketer.

Joe Vitale is a voracious speaker and has been recognized as one of 25 top speakers in the field of marketing and sales. He has spoken in front of many business groups and proved to be a popular speaker and marketer. There is no doubt that he is noted for his mastery and excellence as a speaker on topics such as abundance and wealth.

He has helped many publishers and authors to promote their books by collaborating with them. "Money Beyond Belief" is one of the books co-authored by him along with Brad Yates. Readers can learn how to amass great and unimaginable fortunes by get rid of fears and certain beliefs that prevent them from making money.

Learn the technique that has been created by both Joe Vitale and Brad Yates that is called the 9-Point Quantum Tapping System. You learn how to create positive relationships instead of restricting your actions with limited fears and beliefs. The book "Money Beyond Belief" is based on ancient Chinese principles, psychology and quantum mechanics. Both the books create a program that will help achieve wealth and success by letting you understand the basic reason why you are not able to amass this in the first place. Terminate this core reason and you will find that you are able to work in the right direction to amassing wealth and success.

In the book "Missing Secret," you learn about the art of making the Law of Attractions work for you. We should be aware that this Law of Attraction works continuously. You may have failed though you have been using it all your life. This is only because you let your subconscious mind dictate your actions and attitude.
Use this program to learn how to make this universal law work favorably, automatically and consistently for you. This will help you change and strive to fulfill all your desires. It is not only a guide for people to wish to learn how to make this law work to their advantage. It also is aimed at people who have tried to apply the law but failed to get the desired results. Read the book to know the potential and try to grasp the principles that will make you succeed in life.

Though people assume that Joe Vitale had a successful life, it has not always been easy for him. He was homeless at one time in Texas till he learned to achieve the present success. He always strove to achieve his dream and did not let the fact that he was homeless play on his mind. He held on to that dream by taking necessary action and the proof is in the books that he has written that have become best sellers.

People who are positive of their requirements and wish to learn from his teachings attend Joe Vitale's meetings. They benefit from his extensive knowledge as a marketer, while using the Law of Attraction as this gives them an advantage over the other marketers in the field.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Goals Using The Law of Attraction

By Nick Hoad

Choosing your goals in life is something you should think about very carefully, as you will want to be in charge of your own destiny. When you use the law of attraction, this can bring you happiness, as you will be using your mind to help create the reality you live. For most people there is nothing more important for them than being happy, and by being a more positive person you can start to feel an improvement.

The life goals you choose should be the ones that you really desire, the ones that make you want more from life, as being creative and achieving greater levels of success can happen by applying the law of attraction.

Your life goals can be chosen no matter what age you may be, so think hard about these, as it is never to late to become the person you feel you should be. Having these goals are the things that keep you motivated and help you pass though the bad things that can happen, and strive towards the good things in life, as being successful gives you the power to be happy in your life.

Do not let a negative attitude fuel your fears and hold you back, as choosing your life goals is an important decision that needs to be reached before you let yours goals fade away. By using your mind to create something for yourself is important and helps to make things easier to happen. Try to work out your main goals if issues arise that are hard to keep up with.

You will find that most people can fall on hard times, the trick is to not let it keep dragging you down, and letting the negative energy wash over you. If you are goal oriented you will find the good things in life happening for you, and bringing you greater success and happiness.

You will find that there are many CD's, books etc so you can study the law of attraction, to help you find out about the things to learn about achieving the right mind set, and with this you will be better able to be a more successful person and not miss out on the better things life has to offer.

Dreaming of the things you want, and making them happen are two different things? To make your dreams happen you need to have your goals set in place, and using the law of attraction can help these. You will find that the way that you think will be your main support, and having positive reinforcements in life can bring you the happiness you want, so focus on the things that are keeping you going.

Remember to never let anyone stand in the way of the things that you want! By using the law of attraction your life goals can become a reality, as it is about what you want and expect from life, as nothing is going to be handed to you, unless you take positive action with yourself, and apply the law of attraction to start to make things work for you and your own happiness.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Law of Attraction and Money - How to Attract More

Law of Attraction and Money - How to Attract More
By Tammi Putnam

Law of Attraction...It's gained a big audience over the last 10 years. The reason? People all over the world are waking up and realizing that their thoughts are creating their world.

By far the #1 question I get is, "How can I make more money using the Law of Attraction?"

Yes, it's important to understand Law of Attraction and money.

People want better results.

They want to know the action steps to create a better life for themselves and their kids.

As Jerry Maguire says, "Show me the money!"

How about Law of Attraction and money?

Yes, it takes action steps.

Too many people think you can sit around and attract money without doing anything.

Not true.

You see, the universe will always respond to your vibration. If you're holding on so tightly to everything that you have, you're telling the universe, "Hey Big Universe, I can't give anything away because I've got to hold onto every dollar."

Until you're ready to let go of your hold on what you have, you can't possibly create more.

You can't!

You see, there's this a small myth surrounding the Law of Attraction and money.

And it's this...

You don't have to do anything to create the money you want.

"When you pray, move your feet."

That means, get off your backside and create what you want.

You're going to have to move with a boldness to create what you want.

You see to create what you want, you'll have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

The Universe is waiting on you!

Because with belief comes a vibrational energy that is like a magnet in attracting what you desire.

"So, what can I actually "do" to take inspired action to attract money?"

2 Main Steps to Attract Money

  1. Give Money Away - Yep. When you give money away, you're telling the universe that you have enough. Because, quite frankly if you were down to the bottom of the barrel, you wouldn't give anything away. So, give money away and watch it come back to you ten-fold.
  2. Get in the Right Financial Vehicle - You want to look for opportunities where you can make as much money as you desire. We don't want someone telling us how much we can make. Find the right financial vehicle that has a low start up yet big return on your investment.

That's it. Two steps to attract more money in your life!

And remember, Law of Attraction says, "Whatever you focus your energy and attention on, you'll attract more of the same." Like attracts like.

Focus on the abundance that flows to you each day.

Make it an Abundance Celebration

  • Celebrate finding money in parking lots, stores, in your jeans pocket, in the house
  • Celebrate gifts/coupons/freebies that come in the mail
  • Celebrate all the compliments and good tidings others offer to you
  • Celebrate all the money that comes into your bank account
  • Celebrate all the opportunities to pay others for their service to you

When you take these steps, watch how bit by bit you start to attract more money to you. I'll look forward to hearing your results!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Law of Attraction Change Lives

by Yuling Chansard

Ten years ago I didn't know the Law of Attraction when I was in the deepest pit possible, a single parent with two young children, with no family, no friends, no reliable income.

Today, I am happily married to the most wonderful man, making great money.

How Did the Law of Attraction Change My Life?

One day I was browsing in a book store when a book caught my attention. It is a book by Esther Hicks,
The Law of Attraction: the Basics of Teachings of Abraham.

The book taught the three universal Laws of Attraction. I have learned and applied the Law of Attraction to my life and suddenly my life started to turn around.

The Three Universal Laws of the Law of Attraction
  1. The Essence of That Which Is Like onto Itself, Is Drawn
  2. The Science of Deliberate Creating
  3. The Art of Allowing

The Law of Attraction changed my life with such confirmations as:
  • I AM the attractor and creator of my own life experience
  • My every story is attracting its vibrational match
  • Think of myself as I would want to be
  • Whatever I desire I can acquire
  • Achieving is my natural birthright
  • Money is the root of evil or of happiness
  • I can have money and freedom, too
  • Whenever I am feeling good, I am attracting good
  • The better my story gets, the better my life gets
  • We are each responsible for the thoughts we think
  • I can make a career of living happily ever after
  • My career is one of creating a joyful life experience
  • My life is as good as I allow it to be
  • I am always receiving the Essence of what I am
  • Love and appreciate everyone and everything in my life
  • In my appreciation I allow myself to receive wonderful things
  • I can transform my own world
  • I can create both money and the time to enjoy it
  • I can earn money by doing what I love to do
  • Life is always working out for me

Once I started to apply the Law of Attraction with those affirmations, my life began to change and good things started flushing into my life in every area.

Apply the Law of Attraction

  • I have attracted the most desirable marriage to the most perfect man - the secret to attract the best relationship
  • I have attracted great money-making opportunities and making great money - the secret to attract financial abundance
  • I have attracted many endless wonderful things in my life - the secret to attract all good things
  • My life has been ever expanding with Law of Attraction, but at the same time I am maintaining peace and freedom in my life. I enjoy doing what I do and making great money doing it.
The Law of Attraction Is the Most Powerful Law

If anyone told me a few years ago that my life would be changed in such a tremendous way by a book, a concept, a way of thinking, I wouldn't believe it possible.

You know what? Today I know I am living the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction changed my life forever

The Wealth Builder is a platform that people are learning to change their lives while making great money through online marketing.

Like the Law of Attraction, the system has changed many people's lives. When you take a moment and watch the video your life will never be the same.

Let the Law of Attraction Change Your Life Too

If you are completely happy with your life, do nothing. If you want your life transformed, do the following:

Get a copy of the book The Law of Attraction; Check out the life-changing website.

Yuling Chansard has always been passionate about personal growth and business expansion. She is dedicated to helping others to transform their lives and to achieve more success in online network marketing.

Yuling Chansard's interests include spiritual reading, movies, fine cooking and organic gardening. She also enjoys watching Formula 1 Races with her loving husband. She currently helps run an online network marketing website where they teach people a proven successful system to make money while enjoying life.

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Law Of Attraction Tips That Will Help In Manifesting Your Goals

Law Of Attraction Tips That Will Help In Manifesting Your Goals
By Roberta Barrow

Law of attraction is a belief that says like can attract like. Focusing on positive thought will ring in positive results; whereas if you dwell on negative thoughts, then negative occurrences will come to your life. This theory seems quite easy to understand, but there are instances when this simple principle can become really hard to perform. Knowing and applying law of attraction tips can greatly help in reaching for your dreams and in manifesting your goals.

No Attachment To The Whatever Result May Come

The Law of attraction is said to be able to give us what we want. Thus, we may think that we need only to want something and it will materialize before our eyes. The law, however, is not that magical. We may need to sweat a little before we can actually get what we want and throughout the process, we are allowed to learn how to be patient and grateful. To successfully live by the attraction law, learn how to not be attached to what the results will be. Visualize yourself having your desires, but do not care if you will achieve it or not. This will help prevent you from feeling frustrated each day, as you wait until your dreams unfold in your life.

Happiness With What You Already Have

Remember that happiness is different from contentment. Be happy with whatever you have now, but this happiness should not hinder you from wanting something more. By being happy and grateful for what you have at present, you are also to avoid feeling depressed. You can focus on what you have and work on enriching it for a better future. Do not concentrate on what you feel and think are missing in your life, they will all manifest once you have learned how to be appreciate the goodness you already have.

Determine Why You Desire It

Another important fact that you must remember is that you must know the reason that you want something to come true in your life. Goals are not that exciting to reach if you do not know for sure what those goals are for. The reason behind will give you the willpower to continue working and hoping that dreams will all come true someday.

Always Visualize

The brain is in a neutral state. It can offer you with things that are in accordance with what you think, not considering if you want the results or not. Controlling the brain may be difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Through creative visualization, you can send out more favorable intentions instead of the bad ones. If you have the means, you could invest some money on binaural beat products that can assist your brain to be calmer and more relaxed. This way, you can have more vivid and clearer visualizations.

Actions Are Still Necessary

Simply wanting, without showing any effort to achieve it will be fruitless and futile. The law of attraction can bring positive things to your life if you will seriously desire for it. Any desire, regardless of how strong or serious it is; if it is not coupled with appropriate actions will still not bring in rewards. Thinking about what you desire and working towards its achievement will synchronize things with one another so that you will have better chances for manifestation.

Angelic Attraction Video Series can offer you with seven videos for bringing in positive changes to your life. Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos is another suggested set of videos for realizing your dreams and goals in life.

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