Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feeling Things Out

We all have a built in mechanism for detecting when something or someone around us is ultimately good or bad for the life we desire.  Most of us ignore this system, or are unaware of it, or even utilize it without realizing it.  This system is our intuition, and it is fully functional in all of us.  We just need to take a moment to reconnect to it.

Of course, intuitional abilities may greatly decline with the introduction of emotional blockages in our energy bodies.  The more closed off from the world we are, the less able we will be to access this ability.  You need to keep your energy open, so that you can truly feel what I’m explaining to you.

When in the presence of a new person or circumstance, stop for a moment and notice your feelings.  Are you anxious?  Nervous?  Relaxed?  Calm?  Afraid?  Your emotional energy is a great clue as to the nature of your surroundings.  This is what we often refer to as our “gut”, or gut instinct.  It’s also described as “vibes”, as in “So and so gave off some creepy vibes.”  These feelings are more often than not excellent assessors of our current situation, and you can use them as a cue to move forward or retreat as necessary.  In cases where we have patterned thinking that causes emotions, we may actually be creating them ourselves.  This is why it is important to be truly open, in order to sense the energy of any person or situation.  Otherwise, it may just be a mental concoction.

If you want to develop this ability further, you should first begin working on meditation.  As you learn to move into light trance states, and then slightly deeper, emotional blockages and unhealthy mental patterns will begin to make themselves known.  It is far easier to identify and eliminate or heal such patterns and blockages when in meditation.  In many cases, knowing the blockage or pattern exists may be enough in and of itself to do away with it.

You may need to work with a hypnotherapist if there are deeply scarring issues in your emotional body.  Traumatic or otherwise hurtful events in your past may be crippling a part of your energy field in the present.  Having a healer or hypnotherapist assist in removing such blocks is an excellent first step towards regaining your full power.  You can also buy healing and hypnosis CD’s to listen to each night as you go to sleep.  Over time submersion into these types of material will allow your subconscious to begin the healing process, which may take a day, a week, or a year or more, but will eventually resolve in a healthy, happy energy body.

The more open you are, and the stronger and clearer your energy field, the more easily you will be able to detect and intuit all of the nuances of a given situation.  You will know a bad person by the vibe you get immediately, and you will catch liars in their tracks.  When things are going wrong, or if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, you will get a feeling for that well in advance, and can change your plans to coincide with better events.

Take control of your inherent abilities to intuit.  Your life will be smoother and happier for it!

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely true. I've become very good at using and trusting my intuition now after two decades of work. There is only one drawback - lately my instincts have been warning me to not trust almost every single new person I've met in business lately. If I disregard the warning, I always find out it was right all along. But the warning bells go off on 19 out of 20 people I meet. Can that many people today be up to no good?

Excellent blog about the LOA. You are bookmarked as a favorite!