Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deliberate Manifestation

The Law of Attraction teaches that everything in our lives, from the good to the bad, has been attracted to us by our own thoughts and feelings. We often hate to hear this, and may remain in denial. After all, most people do not wish to admit that all of the unpleasantries in their lives were self-created. Unfortunately for them, it is so. Fortunately for all of us, we can change the course of our lives quickly by deliberately manifesting the conditions for the ideal life we dream of.

When learning to manifest deliberately, a few ground rules are helpful to know. First off, there is no such thing as coincidence in life. I mean this absolutely - there are NEVER any coincidences. Things that appear to be a coincidence are actually the carefully orchestrated whims of the universe, operating in perfect harmony with your thoughts and emotions via the Law of Attraction.

There are four primary keys to manifesting your life deliberately. Let's discuss these four keys and why they are so important.

First, you must be willing to take ownership of everything in your life, whether good or bad. You must take responsibility so that you can take control. Without claiming ownership over even the bad things, you are not claiming energy that is yours. This energy is what you can use to replace the undesired portion of your life with a more desired person, place or thing. However, if you won't take responsibility, you will never have full control.

Secondly, your word is the closest thing to a magical wand you have available to you in this physical world. Your spoken word is a direct connection between the realms of thought and physical reality. When you speak, you are manifesting thought energy directly into the physical in the form of sound waves. This energy, now that it is a part of the physical world, will quickly disperse, reform, and come back to haunt you (or bring you great things, depending on what you said). Most people alive today are using their own words against themselves on a daily, hourly, and often minute-by-minute basis. All of this confusion and jibberish causes crazy things to manifest. Be aware of what you say, and do not use your powerful word against yourself!

Third, your feelings, while a little trickier, can also be controlled once you realize that they arise from your thoughts. When you catch yourself feeling bad, note what you are thinking about. Likewise, when you feel really good, note what you were thinking. By changing the way you are thinking in the moment, you can literally change your feelings. Good feelings, in general, indicate that you are thinking thoughts that strengthen you, build you up, and continue to attract good things into your life that you will enjoy experiencing. Feeling bad likewise indicates that you current train of thoughts is having a not-so-positive effect on the reality you are currently in the process of manifesting for yourself. Now is a good time to reconsider the thought patterns that are causing these emotions.

On the up side, it is easier to overcome an emotion before it becomes destructive than it is to overcome words that you speak. There is a time delay and you have plenty of time to recognize the error and correct it. Once a word is uttered, that energy has made it into the physical - stopping it from manifesting into another physical form won't be easy.

Fourth and finally, put up reminders around your home or work area that help you to remember to live a conscious existence. When you see this item, pause for a moment and remember your goal to deliberately manifest your dream life. Check your thoughts and emotions. Make sure that you are creating positively, and if not, attempt to alter the thoughts and feelings that are working against you. Take control whenever possible, then relax and rejoin your day.

Just by remembering to remain aware of your intent to manifest deliberately within your life, you will begin to change long-held habits of thinking, which will ultimately change the way you experience life itself. You will come to realize that those bad feelings begin to happen before a negative experience, and that the words you speak will be back to haunt or help you within a mere few minutes or hours. You will begin to see the workings of the universe for what they are, and the Law of Attraction will have come fully alive for you.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to becoming a deliberate creator of your own life.

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Working with deliberate manifestation can really change your life when you give it a chance.

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Learn how to manifest, so everything will just come to you naturally

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