Friday, January 25, 2008

Secrets of a Money Magnet

You've read about the Law of Attraction. You've watched The Secret. You've likely begun working with visualization to bring your desires into manifestation within your life. I'm pretty sure you've thought to yourself, "How can I become a money magnet?" The good news is, you can become a money magnet! Let's look at how you can attract money, and the pitfalls you should avoid while doing so.

Many people become discouraged when first attempting to use the Law of Attraction. They focus on the things that they lack, and not solely on what they desire to attract. This is a common error, but a frustrating one, and many people give up and leave the Law of Attraction behind. If you focus on lack, you attract more lack. This is pitfall number one.

You know better than this, I'm sure. You're not a silly newbie, you're a spiritual mastermind! You realize that by correctly using the Law of Attraction, you can be, do and have anything you can possibly imagine.

You would be correct.

So how do you become a money magnet?

Begin by being thankful. Thankful for the money you have right now. Thankful for everything in your life that costs money, and for the things you love to do most. Almost everything in life costs money, and by reinforcing the things you enjoy in your life, you will more naturally attract the money with which to do it. Value every penny you pluck from the ground. Money is money to your subconscious, and by ignoring a penny you send a strong message: "I do not value money". Avoid this pitfall as well.

Continue to affirm to the universe how important money is, and how much you cherish it. By this, I do not mean start throwing money parties, or neglecting your friends to go hang out with all your money. But you can treasure and truly value money, no matter how much or little you have. All of this positive thought and emotion towards money will work to attract more money. This will create a cycle of prosperity in your life.

The more you are grateful for what you have, the more of that you will receive, and on and on. Remain in a receptive mode, and allow money to flow into your life easily and without resistance. Appreciate each little "bonus" that finds its way to you, be it a two thousand dollar pay bonus or a beat up nickel you find in the dirt.

Eventually, the money magnetism will really lock in, and opportunities to make big money will begin flowing into your life. Remain aware and be ready to pounce on opportunity when it comes knocking. Remember, you will have to act when the time is right, or you might just miss that chance. Remember, life is organic. You will not manifest a million bucks directly into your checking account. Allow the universe to manipulate phsyical reality in such a way as to bring you the very best opportunities to create and enjoy wealth.

There is no luck, chance, nor even coincidence in life. There is only the Law of Attraction, and the energy you have put out which magnetizes that unto you which is like what you have imagined. Like attracts like. Becoming a money magnet is a gradual process, but it is fully obtainable. Simple follow the steps in this article and reread them from time to time.

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Cool stuff, your article is very simple to read and straightforward. And I am inspired, thank you.