Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Conscious Art of Subconscious Influence

When dealing with the Law of Attraction, it is important to acknowledge and familiarize yourself with your greatest ally and your direst foe. That is, your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind holds tremendous power over your life. It has the power to make a belief become a reality, and it has the power to veto new ideas from entering into your perceived physical reality. This is a safety mechanism, as so many new things are thrown at you each day that without this protection, your world would seem entirely unstable. However, we want to look at ways to slip the ideas and beliefs you want to take root under the guardrails so that you may begin to experience the things you want.

There are many tricks to getting things past your subconscious resistance. Hypnosis is one that, if repeated every few days for around a month, will work. Research suggests that when the subconscious is bombarded with a new idea for approximately twenty one days consecutively, it will accept the new idea. That is why you will find so many programs called "How to XYZ in 21 Days!"

Another trick is to phrase your desire in the form of a question. The subconscious can not perceive a question without answering it. The brain, in fact, can not understand a question without forming some type of answer first. So slipping a question in is an easy way to force your subconscious to process something.

Brute force is another way to get past subconscious resistance. By forcibly exposing your subconscious to something, often following the 21-day rule, you can force it into acceptance. This can also be done with hypnosis, or by using affirmations, affirmation recordings, repeated meditation, etc.

In the end, once your subconscious accepts something as true, be it "I am rich" or "I am healthy", that truth will begin to take form in your reality, until it is 100% true. The subconscious holds an uncanny power, as it literally dictates what you will or will not be able to perceive in your reality. If your subconscious has rejected purple flying elephants, and a purple flying elephants comes hovering across your lawn, you won't even see it. Your subconscious would have to allow for the fact that a purple flying elephant might exist before that reality could be perceived by you.

So you can see how very important it is to turn this potential foe into an ally. (One tactic I won't go into detail with here involves having your subconscious form into a character within a lucid dream and speaking with it.) The speed with which you will be able to transform your life is directly related to how willing your subconscious mind is to accept the change. Do some research and learn more about this connection, and you will find that you already have all the tools necessary to get your subconscious working with you.

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susanchap21 said...

I had been struggling to apply the law of attraction into mys own life but after reading Positive Energy, by Dr. Judith Orloff, I started using many of her meditation tips. After reading your blog, I find that it did take at least 21 days for my subconcious mind to start accepting the visualizations I was trying to incorporate. I hadn't thought about that time line before. Thank You!