Monday, January 7, 2008

Attracting Customers

The life of any organization is its customers. The world is filled with many products but each one is designed keeping the customer in mind. Fulfillment of the needs of the customer should be the main motive. The success of any unit is indicated by the number of customers it has and also the rise in the number of customers every year. In order to keep up the reputation of the organization it should not lose any of its existing customers and should also gain many new ones.

Competitors are always there and their main job is to make you look sloppy and out of the market. If you want to make the best products or provide the best services and you are thinking about it all the time, the Law of Attraction says that the universe is surely going to move you in the right direction. The thoughts are yours and the direction of your professional life is also yours.

If you want to attract more customers, the first course of action is to get attracted to them. Look at a customer not as someone who is going to make you rich but as someone who needs your product badly. Think about the various pros and cons of your product or service. Are you satisfied with your product? Would you use it yourself? Asking questions like this will put you in the customer's shoes. Once in the customer's shoes you will more easily be able to get an objective picture of your product or service.

When this is established you will ensure that your product is the best and that there is no compromise made on the quality or quantity. Differentiate from competitors! This will bring you great satisfaction. When you as a provider are satisfied you are bound to attract the same satisfaction from your clients. A satisfied client is sure to be yours both now and forever.

What you think about the other person is what the other thinks of you. This is a vital factor especially if you want to attract customers whether new or old. If you want them to come in and focus all your thoughts on to it, they too will surely want to come in and check out your offering. 'Ask and it shall be given unto you'. Asking and focusing in this case can be considered synonymous. What you think is what you want. By constantly meditating on the same thought you have a great chance of getting what you want.

Customers may walk into your organization with different thoughts - some of them may just want to have a look around, some may have a particular favorite that they want to buy and some may just come in because you smiled at them and welcomed them. The reasons may be different but they have all been pulled into the counter because of your continuous thought and longing for them to be there.

Attracting a customer by your thoughts alone is not possible. Or perhaps I should say attracting a satisfied repeat customer by your thoughts alone is not possible. The deed part of it has to be there too. Make your store or website attractive. Provide your customers with the best service and quality. Give them no chance to crib or rethink. When you have the deed part of it right, then your mental wavelength and theirs is bound to match.

If you focus on creating an excellent product or service, then focus on attracting satisfied, happy customers, you will do very well in your business.

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