Monday, July 16, 2012

Law of Attraction - How To Change Your Own Future

By JT Williams

So much of the time people tend to measure their life by what they see in the physical realm. And it is hard to get past the "facts" that you can see. After all, seeing it is proof that it is, right? But when you remember that what you see is only evidence of what you have (past) thought, not what you are thinking and feeling now, or what you may be thinking and feeling in the future; This gives you the ability to change what you see in your future. It gives you a way to literally carve out a new life for yourself in just a few basic steps.

First you have to be really honest about where you are. If you deny that you have made mistakes or that your thinking has not been up to where you want it, then you have no power to change it. But when you are honest with yourself, then you can start from where you really are and make progress.

You can not go anywhere pretending to be somewhere else. Do you imagine yourself as having made much more progress than you actually have? Or do you belittle yourself and set yourself farther back than you really are? Either way, you will have a hard time moving forward until you honestly assess your progress.

From a true starting point you can progress as rapidly as you want. Like going up the stairs, you might skip a few steps, but mostly you take one step at a time. You can linger on one step a long time before going to the next step. Or you can bound up the steps with enthusiasm. It's up to you.

Next you need to understand that when you find (or see) a shortcoming in an area of your life, the shortcoming itself is not what causes you to feel lack, or pain or want. But when you let your focus and thoughts become enveloped in the lack, or the pain and want then Law of Attraction brings more of what you don't want to you. So, shift your focus off of the shortcomings and onto what is good in your life.

Remember what you see now is only evidence of the past, what is in your future can be completely different.

So, bring your focus back to all the goodness, and abundance and richness that is yours. This gets you tapped into your source, from which you can build you new life. Then as you stay lined up. and continue to focus on what you really want, those things you want will be what you start to see in your life.

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