Sunday, July 15, 2012

Law Of Attraction - How Negative People Influence Your Results

Author: Daniel Hinds

When it comes to using the law of attraction, it is very important that you examine your thought patterns. But it is also very important that you examine the thoughts of those around you. And by that I\'m not trying to tell you to sit down and over analyze or judge others for the way they think. But it is very important that you be mindful of the quality of energy you allow into your space.

When a person is holding very strong negative thoughts and emotions, those negative thoughts and emotions eventually will begin to seep into your aura. Before long you will also begin to think as they do. You will begin to examine life and circumstances as they do. What is even worst is that you will begin to manifest some of those negative experiences into your life.

Negative People Love Company

People who are saturated in a negative thought frequency share their negative emotions by introducing negative possibilities into your life. They can never see life or the future in an optimistic way. It suits them far better to imagine that everybody\'s life is as difficult and miserable as they are experiencing.

When someone projects a negative possibility into your future, they are helping you to create a negative possibility. Simply by listening to that possibility you may find yourself thinking upon it, wondering if it\'s going to happen, preparing for it, placing your life and circumstances in alignment with that negative possibility, and before long you begin to dream about that negative outcome. And as you know the law of attraction supports whatever you\'re thinking about most.

Don\'t Let Negative People Enter Your Space

It may be a bit difficult for you at first to put your foot down, it may also be difficult for you to examine your life and recognize the people in your life who hold very strong negative thought patterns. It may be difficult to take action and to eliminate those people from your life. But ultimately your success depends on that. It is crucial to your success that you eliminate people who dream up negative possibilities.

You must remember that the law of attraction supports anything you think about, anything you speak about. The law of attraction is here to assist you with anything that you want to bring into your life. Why limit what you bring into your life, by associating with people who continue to dream up negativity?

There are few key principles in examining the people who enter your space. Start by listening to their thoughts, and their conversations. Start by examining their emotional state, also become aware of their experiences. What are the things which happen to them, daily? What are the experiences like? Are they experiencing joyful moments, or are they continuously experiencing negative circumstances.
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