Saturday, July 7, 2012

Controlling the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is an age-old universal law. It's always there and it's always working for you. How it works for you is something that only you can determine. If you want good things in life then you have to make that happen. You can learn to control the law of attraction so it always works in your favour.

Controlling the law of attraction sounds difficult but it's not. It's all about your mind set and your thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive energy, which in turn can bring you the success in life that you desire. Negative thoughts will serve to only sink you further down in life and make it harder to claw your way out.

The law of attraction does not differentiate between what is negative and what is positive. It only concentrates on your thoughts whatever they may be. It's all in the way that you think. For example you may be deeply in debt. If you focus on reducing your dent, this is negative and you will wind up further in debt. However, if you change your way of thinking and focus on increasing your finances then you will find that this will start to happen.

You must learn to focus only on positives and avoid negativity. This is not so easy; all of us are negative at some point in our lives and we all have that little inner voice that screams negative thoughts at us. In order to control the law of attraction you must learn to control your thought processes.

Whenever negative thoughts and doubts start to creep in you must quash them immediately and replace them with positive thought. Always look for the good side of every situation and focus on it. Eventually you will be able to train your mind in such a way that this will become easier.

You must learn to visualise your goals. Always live in the present. The past has already happened and cannot be changed, no matter who much positive thought you have. The future can be determined by how you deal with the present. Always visualise yourself as having attained your goals.

If you want to be rich, visualise yourself as being rich now. If you want to be successful and gain that job you've always wanted, visualise yourself as having achieved it. Your goals must, however be achievable and attainable. They must be realistic. It's no good visualising yourself as having won the lottery if you don't even do it! And learn to act on your desires. Positive thought gives you positive energy which in turn leads to a different, more confident you.

To start controlling the laws of attraction you must start controlling your own thought processes. Make a conscious effort to replace the negative with the positive. Only you can determine your true path in life and only you can make it happen. Belief in the laws of attraction will make it easier for you to get yourself to a place where you want to be.

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