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Law of Attraction - Being Aware of Your Thoughts

Law of Attraction - Being Aware of Your Thoughts
By JT Williams

You will attract into your life whatever you focus on. So what do you give your attention to? What do you think about? talk about? fantasize about? worry about? listen to on the radio? or watch on TV?

Many time the things you spend most of your thought time about are negative. So it might take some effort to keep your focus on what is good and positive around you. But when you do, you bring more of the good and the positive into your life.

Law of Attraction is something that can not be turned off. You are bringing into your life the things you are focusing on, day and night, week after week, year after year. So if you want your life to change it starts with what you spend your time thinking about. You build your future with every thought you think.

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is fundamental to your success. You can empower yourself to build the future of your dreams. You can create a new life for yourself. But it takes an honest understanding of your role in the creation process.

That part you have to master is choosing what thoughts you will put your awareness on. You do not have to be aware of every thought, it is not a process of monitoring every thought that goes through your head. But you do need to be aware what thoughts you linger on. What do you spend time thinking about? It is up to you to be intentional about choosing what thoughts will bring you closer to what you want, and focus on those thoughts.

It can be helpful to have a reminder word that you can repeat to yourself that reminds you of what you are trying to accomplish. Or to put it another way, it needs to be a word that describes you, how you are or will be when you accomplish your vision.

It might be a word like, strong, brave, kind or loving. Or it could be something like victorious, prosperous or abundant. Whatever word you choose, it need to be one that makes you feel like you have become what you are trying to be.

As you read your word and speak it out loud you will find yourself becoming more and more like the word you speak. Your vibration will change and you'll attract things that are in harmony with the word you speak.

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