Friday, June 29, 2012

The Law of Attraction in Weight Loss and Blogging

By Alex Papa

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that we can attain anything we really focus on and work toward. By positively focusing on something, like wealth or love, we create a new reality for ourselves that makes those things attainable. On the opposite end, when we focus only on negative experiences, like being unhappy with a job or a relationship, that will soon turn into the only perceivable reality for that situation. By instead focusing on positive attainable prospects, we can use the Law of Attraction to our interest and obtain the things we really want, rather than just acknowledging the things we don't want.

How can the Law of Attraction help you improve your blog?

Some people seem to have it all: a fulfilling job, great income, wonderful family, physical fitness, etc. While some things are certainly out of our control, it is possible to attain your goals and desires whatever these may be, making more money from your blog, having better relationships, getting healthier or losing weight.

4 Steps to defining and getting what you really want

In this article we are going to examine briefly the steps to using this law in order to attract in your life what you reallywant, instead of what you do not want.

Define Your Goal

The first step in using the Law of Attraction is finding and defining your particular, concrete goal. It could be something like "make six figures," "save $5,000," "lose 30 pounds," "have 3,000 visitors a day in my new blog" or even "get married." Any of these goals are positive, attainable and can be broken down into smaller steps to make them manageable.

Be Practical

Goals like "win the lottery," "lose 100 pounds in one week," "get 100,000 visitors a day" are all impractical. No matter how hard you think about them, and no matter how hard you focus on them these wishes are not physically attainable. In particular, when it comes to weight loss or diet,  expert dietitians from companies like Bistro MD and Diet to Go will tell you that your goals need to be realistic or you only set yourself to be disappointed. The same applies to the blogging sphere.

Narrow Your Focus

While it's tempting to say, "why not attain all the things I want?" it's not very practical. Focusing your energies on one goal is much more reasonable than trying to focus on every goal you've ever wanted. When all of your energy is focused on one thing, it's much more likely to come into your grasp. Then, once you have the thing that is most important, you can work on your other goals.

Focus your thinking on what you want and never give up

Bringing your version of abundance into your life really comes down to the energy you put into your goals. Focusing your energy on what you what is not easy, especially when you go through adversities.

If your goal is something like "rank in the first page in Google for my main keyword," or "lose weight and shed 2 inches around my waist" then first acknowledge that you can do it, then find the steps you need to complete this goal and then stay faithful to your dream.

It may take weeks or even years to reach your goal, depending on the nature of your goal, but know that if you stick to your path and work to get there, it will eventually become possible.

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