Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Law of Attraction and Weight

Are you happy with your weight?

If you are then this article is not for you. But if you are not completely happy with your weight and would like to learn how to make your weight a non-issue then read on, because I have some great news for you, that will change the way you think about your body, weight-loss and dieting forever.

The news is:
  1. Your weight is influenced far more by how you think and what you believe than by what, when and how much you eat, drink and exercise.
  2. You can use your mind and Law of Attraction to attract your ideal weight rather than struggling to lose the weight you have.
Can you see how this reverses the way you look at losing weight?

Without understanding The Law of Attraction and the impact your mind has on your weight, the focus is on losing weight. But once you understand that Law of Attraction is always bringing you what you focus on, the focus shifts to what you want - and that is to be your ideal weight.

But wait there's more!

Not only does this make it possible for you to lose weight when you have struggled to in the past, it makes losing weight easy and it can also take care of those tiresome last few pounds that just don't want to budge.

Yes, for most of us this will still include some extra exercise and attention to the way we eat, but none of this seems difficult when you are inspired to move towards your goal of your ideal body rather than running away from, or trying to get rid of the body you have.

Now I know some of you will object to what I've just said, because having dieted and exercised in the past and seen results only to see those results evaporate the moment you stop your hard work,it is hard to imagine that there could be another way. Sometimes it is just easier to imagine that you are flawed in some way. But there is another way, and you are not flawed. You just have a habit of thinking that attracts extra weight.

Have you noticed that there are some people who can eat far more than you and exercise less, who maintain an ideal weight effortlessly? Why do you think that is?


Good Luck?

They are dieting and exercising on the sly?

Maybe, but more likely, it is because of the way they think.

The Way You Think Matters More Than What You Do.

Weight research supports this, suggesting that diet and exercise contributes only 10% to body weight.This explains how those effortlessly slim folk pull it off. They do it with their thoughts.

But what are those thoughts?

Have you noticed that the people who talk most about being overweight are those that are overweight?
It is the same for all things, those who talk about wealth tend to have it, and those who are poor tend to speak about poverty. It has to be like this because Law of Attraction always ensures that we always get what we are spending most of our time focusing on.

If you talk to "effortlessly slim" people you will find something rather interesting. Most of them won't be able to tell you how they do it and that is because they seldom, if ever think about their weight.
Now maybe you're thinking "Well, that would be because they don't have a weight problem!", but you will find that the opposite is true.The reason they are slim is because they don't think about or focus on their weight, they just expect to be slim and healthy. Weight is a non-issue for them.

You can "Think yourself Slim" too.

Right now you might be thinking, "Well good for them, but how does that help me?"

It helps you because, now that you know the root cause of your excess weight is your thinking, you can stop worrying or feeling guilty about what you eat and how you exercise or don't exercise. And, you can begin to put your energy into what will really make a difference. You are in the perfect place to begin creating the body you want, thought by thought, rather than wasting your time trying to do it mouthful by mouthful.
Now, you can't change the thinking habits of a lifetime overnight, but you can make a start, it's easier than you think, and there is plenty of help to be found.

There are so many law of attraction weight loss tools out there designed to help you on your way, and even better, many of them are free.

Tools include visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique, affirmations, hypnosis. Once you start looking you will be amazed at the help that is available,and you will be amazed at the results too.

So start changing your thinking and begin attracting your ideal body today.

You can find more Law of Attraction tips and tools at my blog http://www.mylawofattractiontips.com/

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