Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stress Management-There is No Time Like the Present

By Sara Mendez

Learning to manage stress is vital to leading a healthy happy life. You are as unique as your body's reaction to stress, everyone is different. Stress is how the body responds to outside situations and problems. Sometimes these situations become out of control and your body responds by developing health problems or by lashing out emotionally. It is trying to make you stop the stress. You might develop high blood pressure, ulcers, or have a heart attack. Sometimes the response is different, you might be angry, aggressive or overly sensitive. Only by learning to control both the stress trigger and your response to it, will you be able to have complete stress management skills.

A trigger can be anything. I can be something immediate like preparing for a date, making a speech, or the threat of physical danger. These situations happen and are over quickly. The stress will allow you to deal with these things immediately and then your body will return to its normal state. Long term stressors are different. A long term stressor can be things like divorce, having a baby, work or moving to a new location. These stresses can wear on the body and also cause serious health concerns.

Learning to deal with triggers is crucial to stress management. Hypnosis can assist you on your path to inner peace. It will help you to learn what your trigger is and it can change your body's response to that trigger. Some people know their triggers but others might require help finding them, hypnosis can do this. Hypnosis is a highly effective treatment for stress management.

Your body responds to too much stress through a variety of different ways. Stress can be the cause of low work performance, sleep deprivation, or other addictions such as alcoholism, drugs and smoking. Your body might respond through skin breakouts, grinding your teeth, a panic attack or a low immune system. I am sure you do not want to have any of these problems. Most people want to lead a happy and peaceful life free of stress.

Hypnosis will allow you to face your stress and its triggers head on instead of bottling it up. You will learn to relax your mind and breathing which will give your body a break that it needs. Hypnosis can help you avoid chronic problems caused by stress. You will learn to manage your stress in a healthy manor. Others may choose other ways of dealing with stress, such as medication, counseling or exercise but they are not dealing directly with the trigger and response. Hypnosis will address all of these things, it will even help you in other areas of your life that might cause you more stress such as weight loss, self confidence and fears.

Many new discoveries and theories are being made each day regarding stress management and treatment. The choice is yours. Only you can decide what is best for you and your lifestyle. Stress is something we are all going to have in our lives and something that will most likely not ever go away since our lives are forever changing. But you are in control of your body and it's reaction. There is not time better than now to decide what will work best for you, make a choice.

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