Monday, September 8, 2008

Can Hypnosis Really Help You Lose Weight?

By Robert Kaufman

Are you one of those who wonder if there could be a weight loss cure in hypnosis? Here is good news. Your weight is mere mass and mass is related to energy as Einstein proved. Energy is defined by frequencies of particle movement and hypnotic forces can alter these frequencies.

So what we are saying is, hypnosis and weight loss are clearly related and there is even scientific theory to support the fact. Not that science knows everything there is to know about either subject, but surely you see the connection made earlier.

Now you say hello, let's talk about fat loss 4 idiots ok. Imagine you are fat and hypnotized and no one bothers to get you out of your trance for a week. Is there a chance you would have lost some weight? Hmmm but is that how it works? Not really.

Hypnosis represents the mental condition of the body, and weight loss represents the physical condition of the body. Did you know that your mind completely controls your body? For instance, when you are preoccupied with something else you often will forget to eat at dinnertime. But when your mind preoccupied like when you are vegging out in front of the television, you can snack on loads of junk food and not even realize it.

So can you use hypnosis to not feel hungry? Sure. Many sales people I know (myself included at one time) self-program to skip lunch or live off a juice in the afternoon. Not many sales execs are fat, you'd agree. Self-programming is a hypnotic suggestion to the mind. No mumbo jumbo stuff!

Under the guidance of a master hypnotist, those who are serious about weight loss can explore their childhood experiences. Often, metaphysics reports, childhood pain and anger is stored up as fat in the body. You release the hurt and voila, you lose the fat. Takes a lot of patience and introspection, but the double benefit is worth it.

The signals that our mind sends to our body can be another reason why we are overweight. A friend of mine swore that skipping breakfast would help her lose weight, so that's what she did. Of course she was only making herself more overweight, because she was triggering her mind to tell the body, "We are in starvation mode because we haven't eaten for 16-hours." In response her body would store up fat to protect itself against ultimately starvation.

In summary, there is a clear relationship between hypnosis and weight loss. Try it out, find what works for you, and have a big picture point of view. If you are serious about your weight loss, then you'll find that hypnosis could be just the leg up you are looking for.

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