Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clearing Your Chakras " Clearing Your Problems

By Jai Dahalli

The secret of success in todays times is to reinvent yourself constantly keeping in mind that you do not lose heart and keep on motivating yourself and keep moving towards giving your 100%.

It is not only the physical stature that matters but also the strength of your mind and the willingness in your soul that can lead to continuous development of your career and personal abilities. In every human being are present circles of energy known as chakras which have a great involvement in the determination of your personality. These chakras cab be said to be the links between your inner and outer self.

The chakras are the source that can allow your will and desires to process into ability and skill which lead to your achievement of success with the desired results. However if not given proper attention these skills may reach a point of stagnation and hence require constant process of up gradation which is the called chakra clearing.

These chakras are placed at varied points in our body and all of them are related to different types of behavior and character. It is hence quite important that you can work on each one of them individually.

Clearing chakras involves the release of the toxic energy within the body into the environment and capturing the positivity from the surroundings.

Your body movements that are anticlockwise are said to be movements that help the removal of negative energy while clockwise movements bring in the positive vibes.

On most occasions people can feel pain at various points however it should not be concerning as it only proves that energy flows in and out.

The energy obtained by means of exchange in the process of chakra clearing is said to come from the planets and are used by man to channelize his efforts optimally.

Once your chakras are cleared you will find a newer self in front of you, while many practise this on a regular basis, the intervals do vary as per the need and intent of individuals.

Once you clear the chakras and ensure that the positive energy gained is stabilized you would discover that your mind is filled with creative thoughts much more than what you would have previously thought. It helps the others familiarise with the different aspects of your life and thoughts.

The process of clearing chakras can start by paying attention to 1-2 of the circles of energy in your body and in the process try to get all your chakras cleared as only then you will be able to enjoy the advantage of your energies. People would be able to experience peace of mind as well as they tend to be relaxed.

Once you are parts of your body that relate to a particular chakra are understood you just need to use your feeling sensation to find the part which has a problem and work out on the corresponding chakra.

The amount of competition in all fields today is tremendous and you have to be very agile. In case you do not have the apt approach or there is an imbalance of the energies in your body, the execution of your skills and talents into effective results would be very difficult.

People have realised that inner energies play an important role in their lives, personal as well as professional, and also there is a conscious attempt made by people to understand and utilize its benefits.

You can bring a lot to your life in terms of happiness, satisfaction, achievements and success if you can practise and implement the fundamentals of chakras. A lot depends on how you approach it, chakra clearing would help you to approach your goals with a freshness of mind and body!

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