Sunday, September 28, 2008

How bad is Your Attitude Toward Debt and Money?

By T. W. Whiting

A large portion of the population today is living with excessive debt. They shop and spend with no thought of the consequences. In effect, they are not managing their money and debt properly. In order to get a handle on it one must change their attitude about money. It's not an never ending supply of fun but an asset that must be managed.

Those little expenditures on a daily basis really add up. Yes your leaking money like a sieve. This slow steady leaking day in and day out gets us deeper into debt. We don't really miss it because it is only a little at a time. So preparing a budget can help you spot those leaks. Once spotted you can plug them and budget money for those things that are really important, like that first Starbucks coffee.

By going through the process of preparing a budget you will see exactly where your money has been going. We all fritter money away daily. This excess is one of the things that gets us deeper and deeper in debt. Simply, it's a little bit of money at a time, so we never miss it. We are to busy building that mountain of debt. Like a bird with its nest we keep adding a little here and a little there until it is huge.

Often small amounts over a period of time, such as daily coffees and fast foods can be used to purchase something more substantial like a vacation. Some people might find that more desirable. But the choice is yours as long as you can fit it into your budget. In the short term spending is fun. However, in the long term the excessive debt takes an emotional toll. Buying anything and knowing it does not add to your debt is really satisfying.

Changing your attitude will enable you to take the first steps to getting your finances under control. You must make the choice about how you will handle your money and eliminate your debt. No it won't be easy? Not at first. But the more you focus and work your budget plan, the sooner you will get out of debt.

Is it simple? Yes it is a pretty straight forward solution. Simply changing your attitude will enable you to take the first steps to getting your finances under control. Changing your attitude to debt and money is your choice. Will it be easy? Probably not at first. But like any habit once you stick with it a while, the change becomes automatic. Make up up your mind to start a budget today by setting short term and long term goals.

Even people with huge incomes get into trouble with money and debt because of their loose attitude toward spending. After all, they can always make more, right? If you follow a budget, plan your expenses and expenditures, you can enjoy living without that huge pressure of debt setting on your shoulders. Your quality of life depends a large amount on your attitude toward debt and money.

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