Saturday, September 27, 2008

Using The Law Of Attraction To Make Money At Home

By Kelly Heldreth

We've talked a lot about making money at home and the difference in how people who are rich think about money compared to how poor people do the same. Your relationship with money affects how much of it you have now and how much will come your way in the future.

Everything in the world is energy and money is no different. I'm sure you've heard of The Secret ? the DVD that was released in 2006. It was in The Secret that millions of people learned about the Law of Attraction and the principle that "like attracts like." Your thoughts literally create your reality through this principle. Now, the Law of Attraction (LOA) works whether you aware of it or not - and this is where most people fall into a trap.

Most of us are not aware that we create our own reality with our thoughts. People think about things which they would rather not have in their life and without realizing it, bring them about. You've probably spent time and effort worrying about something which you shouldn't have and then had that very thing you'd worried abut come to pass? This is an example of the Law Of Attraction at work.

Understand that the LOA works in every area of your life and what you think about is what you create ? whether you want it or not. The key is to think about things you want, not the things you don't want.

As our example, let's use money. You may spend a lot time worrying about money. If you do this, you are creating a reality where money becomes something that you need to worry about. This all goes back to what we were talking about in last week's e-zine. Rich people understand the LOA and use it for their benefit. They think positively about money and as a result, they have no problems with it. On the other hand, poor people spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about money, which makes it a problem for them.

As I said, the Law of Attraction works in all areas of your life, not just your finances. The key is to think about what you want, not what you don't want. While it is true that your thoughts create your reality, a more accurate statement would be that your feelings create your reality.

See, thinking about any one thing is only the trigger than signals feelings. How you feel about any one thought is what the LOA responds to. Remember, (in week 2's ezine) we discussed the role that desire plays in setting goals? That is because the LOA actually responds to the way you feel, thoughts are just the origination point.

Think about it this way, behind every thought is a feeling good or bad. While there are varying degrees to "good" or "bad" feelings, there is really no in between. You are either focusing on a feeling that will either create the result you want or don't want. The more intense the feeling, the more intense the LOA will be. Feeling really good about something carries more power (or energy) than feeling somewhat neutral. Of course, the pendulum swings the other way as well; feeling really bad about something carries as much energy as feeling really good.

The future is not predetermined; it is literally being shaped by your thoughts at this very moment. Taking conscious note of that fact will help you shift your focus. You can take control of your future by focusing on the outcome you want, not the one you don't want.

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