Monday, March 7, 2011

7 Law of Attraction Secrets for a Positive Outcome

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The law of attraction is a new age belief that we are able to gain our deepest desires by focusing positive energy toward gaining them. The validity of the law of attraction is still under debate. There is, however, a large body of evidence that it is real and does work. In order to properly apply it and gain those things which we most desire, it is important to follow these 7 law of attraction secrets.

1. Become aware of your emotions and thoughts at all times. Negative emotions attract negative effects. It is therefore essential to always be feeling happiness and gratitude for the things which we have rather than sad or depressed because of the things we lack.

2. Claim power over your emotions and thoughts so that you remain focused on the positive outcomes you seek. If you find yourself thinking or feeling in a negative manner, take control of your mind and turn it around. Otherwise, the negative things you are thinking and feeling will manifest themselves.

3. Carefully consider your dreams and desires. Choose from among them the one thing you want most in your life. This can be difficult to do at times, but settling on one thing you truly want will make it easier to work toward it.

4. Ask for what you truly desire and believe that it will come to you. Just as with the religious belief in the power of prayer, the law of attraction states that if you ask and faithfully believe, you shall receive. The hardest part is maintaining the belief that you will get what you want.

5. Live in the present. Focusing on the past and things you lacked will only prolong the time you lack those things. The law of attraction states that what we have in the present is the direct result of what we attracted in the past, good or bad. Focusing on the present allows us to work toward the future and obtaining our goals.

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