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Change Starts from Within

Reiki symbol1Image via WikipediaBy Taiana Camarado

Most people forget that important changes come from within. This means starting off with a clear mind, so that you not only know what the end of the journey looks like, but are able to plan a route more effectively. This means a route with a reduced risk of encountering hardships along the way.

Think of it this way, if you got onto a plane in New York and were flying to Great Britain wouldn't you want the pilot to have a flight plan (map) and a clearly planned digital route (another map) before they took the plane thousands of feet into the air?

When desiring to make definite changes in your life, you'll discover that traditional ways of setting goals are insufficient. Think back to the times you may have sat down with a pen and paper, or sat in front of your computer, and typed up a list of goals which you felt were important at that particular time in your life.

This process may have taken you a while as you mulled over what you actually wanted to do you may even have put your proyects in order of priority. You might have deliberated for some time over how you could achieve your goals, but then when you had finished making your list and re-read it once, you just it filed away out of sight away from possible future reference? Why hide the future from yourself?

In a lecture I had a professor once who said that one of the biggest problems people had in completing projects was getting ready to get ready. At some point, you make a plan and then you act on it. It's not the plan that's the problem, the problem is in the plans execution.

If you are absolutely honest with yourself, how many times did your list get used for reference purposes? How many times did it even see the light of day?

How long after you got knocked about, when something bad happened, and then you forgot all about what you really wanted out of life?

Even more importantly, did you deliberately focus on each goal until you could almost see it, touch it and sense it? Probably not.

Most of us have great intentions to better ourselves. We all wish to self-motivate, improve our self-discipline, and have a stronger sense of purpose.

We would all like to increase that vital sense of drive and passion for life. That would make it so much easier for us to achieve our aims, and the simple reality is that we can.

Taiana is 26 yrs old. She practices Reiki in her work as a professional body worker, with study and experience in Holistic Therapies. Taiana is also personal trainer, and has extensive experience with coaching people to make the breakthroughs in life, that they've waited for " all their lives. She believes in rekindling the flames of inspiration in life's first step for motivation. Taiana lives in Australia, where she relocated to 16 yrs ago. - 14682

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