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Law of Attraction Tips - How to Get Clarity With Your Intentions

One of the hardest things for someone that is new to using the Law of Attraction is to learn how to gain clarity in their intentions, so that they don't have anything blocking their path to attracting what they desire. Now, I will admit freely, that this was one of my biggest problems when I first discovered the Law of Attraction. It can be kind of tough to turn off that doubting part of your mind and just really believe that you can and will attract the things that you want.

Here's how to gain clarity with your intentions while using the Law of Attraction:

1. Find a peaceful place where you will not be disturbed.
Sometimes, you just need to turn off all of the noise that surrounds you, and by finding a peaceful place where you can sit and think can help you to get rid of any negative influences. We have so many that surround us, from television, radio, to even the internet. If you are going to get crystal clear on your attentions and build up the belief that you can and will achieve your desires, then you need to gain some peace.

2. Visualize the life that you want to live.
This is where it used to get hard for me. If you are not used to using visualization techniques, then it can take a little time before it becomes easier, and it takes practice just like anything else. Picture the life that you want to live, not the one that you think you have to live, and start to fill in the details one by one. Picture your house, your car, your family, the yard... all of the details of the complete picture.

3. Make yourself really FEEL it coming alive.
You might have heard that it's all about vibrations or the vibes, and in a way, it really is. When you can feel really good, when you can actually start to see it come alive in your mind and you feel excitement, you know that you are on the right track. Again, this can take some time and some practice, as you have to be able to open up your imagination and give yourself the permission to DREAM.

Of course, it does not just end there. You have to be able to take positive actions towards manifesting your desires, or else, all they will ever be are dreams trapped inside your mind.

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