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Positive Thinking… No Sweat

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Karl Jung famously said What you resist, persists. You might not have heard of or know much about the Law of Attraction, but this basic statement demonstrates one of the Laws key principles, whatever you think about you attract. And when this is something you really don't want, you tend to think about it even more and with real feeling - which means you attract more of it, more quickly.

So how does this apply to the problem of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis as its scientifically known? Well, if you suffer from this problem you probably dont need me to tell you that when you start to sweat, you get stressed...which can make you sweat even more.

The levels of stress and anxiety that you experience when you start to sweat, and the focus your mind has on your problem, means that according to the Law you are bound to start sweating even more.

Think about it, even when you're not sweating, if you are going to work in an office all day, or are on your way out for a date, you probably have in your mind the worry that you will start sweating even though it hasn't actually happened yet.

You're thinking about it, even though it hasn't happened yet, and you're putting so much emotion behind the thought that it's bound to show up.

If you can take on board what the Law of Attractions says, that worrying about a problem can make it worse, the Law can also help you beat your excessive sweating. Thinking more positively will bring the Law onto your side and help you cure your problem.

If what you are wanting is to be sweat-free, confident and dry all day, then give some focus to that. Visualise yourself in the office sat back in your chair with your arms behind your head and not a hint of perspiration showing on your shirt or blouse. Picture yourself on a fantastic date where you are able to get really close to your partner because you know your underarms are dry and fresh.

You might even want to use affirmations, which are a powerful part of the Law of Attraction. By affirming, in your head or out loud, what you want your reality to be, and saying it in the present tense like it is already true, the Law must make it happen.

Affirmations should always be positive and in the present tense to be really effective, for example you could try saying this every morning before you go off to work. "I am confident and comfortable and my underarms are dry and fresh all day".

If the Law of Attraction is something totally new to you, you might not see how positive thinking and affirmations can improve your problem. However, if you really believe in what you are saying and put thought and feeling in to it, it might be something that could really help your excessive sweating problem. Isn't it worth trying?

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