Monday, March 21, 2011

The Law of Attraction, Money

by Dr Self Help

You know a strong reason for many people to look into the law of attraction? Money.

If you want to manifest money you need to understand two main things. The first is how visualization works, and before you say you can't visualize - you don't need to - read on. The second is how to also attract relationships. This is because attracting money almost always involves attracting people as well and each (money and relationships) enhances the other.

The Secret to Successful Visualization

The big visualisation secret is that what you feel is more important than what you see.

The part of the visualisation process that works is the feelings. It is the feeling that sets the right "vibe". This is why feelings are the key to bringing forth that which you desire.

A successful visualisation will change your vibrational state or feelings into the ones you wish to manifest. Your emotional state indicates your frequency. Visualizing works by pictures in your mind creating emotion. An emotional state that equals the frequency of the emotion you desire will bring more of those feelings into your everyday experience more often.

Visualization is actually effective because of the accompanying emotional process. By seeing your desires played out, you feel like they are happening. It is that feeling that attracts. Stay with the feeling. This process can be supported by music, visualization, smell, whatever helps you recreate the emotions you wish to have manifest more often. You can get a full course on all aspects of visualization, the law of attraction, relationships and money here.

The Law of Attraction, Relationships

It appears as though the Law of Attraction, relationships and money all work as a team. When we feel full of wealth our law of attraction feeling around relationships is very different to when we feel cash strapped and vice versa. With the law of attraction and relationships it is important to concentrate on the emotion of the relationship going wonderfully.

A common law of attraction, relationships mistake is to decide that the solution lies in another person changing their behaviour. The solution is actually for you to experience the emotional state you hope to if they behaved differently. So go ahead and recreate that feeling. Then try to relax into the law of attraction and relationships manifesting your relationship working perfectly.

Always stay focused on experiencing the emotional state that you would feel if whatever you have desired has just manifest in your everyday life.

If you are looking for more relationship information you can checkout a best selling ebook on relationship creation here. Another great relationship ebook is "The Magic of Making Up" available here.

The Law of Attraction, Money

The law of attraction, relationships and money do enhance each other positively (or negatively); the skill of creating strong relationships is very helpful in also creating cash. Just as having abundant wealth can lighten disagreements and smooth negotiations in some relationship areas.

When the law of attraction vibrates with relationships and money its action in creating both things seems more efficient.

Place your concentration on the emotion you desire to manifest in your future. Experiencing it as intensely and consistently as you can until you find it naturally arising in you present because you have actually manifest the things that make that emotion arise for you.


Hopefully the knowledge above has thrown some focus on how to see a positive impact from visualization and how to use the Law of Attraction to attract money and relationships. Lastly if you want to immerse yourself and really integrate using the law of attraction into your everyday life then find more indepth information on the law of attraction, relationships and money here.

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