Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Central Point of Law of Attraction and Manifestation

The Law Of Attraction - La Ley de la AtraccionImage by Iván Cabrera via FlickrThe central point of the law of attraction and manifestation is thinking and beliefing that those things you desire are achievable and will be achieved by you.

Most people thinks that the concept of the law is a hoax and have therefore considered it as a subtle way to deceive people and make them docile. This is far from the truth, I have been practising the law of attraction and it has served me very well. I have also received its testimony from some people.

If you want to benefit from the concept consider these ideas:

- Thoughts create things
- Your thoughts are your reality
- Ask and receive
- Belief it before you see it

The law of attraction has everything to do with the way you think and the belief you have about yourself and everything that surrounds you. It is what you think and believe that is attracted to you. You will therefore do yourself a good favour by thinking only of those things you desire and do less thinking of those things you do not desire.

Whether we know it or not, we are all practising law of attraction and manifestation every time and everyday. We all think and hold different beliefs. It is these that have produced what we are today.

Our thoughts and beliefs are energy. They produce vibrations and it is these that link with the universe to shape our manifestations. This is why thinking randomly is not good for us. We should make deliberate efforts to control our thoughts so that it does not go astray. Our thoughts should be directed at positive means.

To benefit from the concept we must learn to create feelings of well being, happiness and hope. We must also show gratitude for our well being and our present situation in life. This is when we can expect abundance in life.

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