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The Universal Laws

Animation of a Foucault pendulum (showing the ...Image via WikipediaThere are certain Universal Laws that rule the world. At least, that's what they say. I strongly believe in these laws and can tell you that they NEVER fail. There is perfection in these laws and, if you align your life to live accordingly, you will have so much prosperity that will make you feel totally fulfilled.

So, no matter what you want to do in life try to do it in line with these laws and you will see plenty of abundance and prosperity to your life.

Theorists of the laws think that if your life in in line with the laws you will be happy regardless of your sins. It is the alignment with the laws what guarantees success in life not the absence of sins, as some religions say.

I agree with the theorists. In this article, you will find out which are the laws that govern everything under the sun. Probably you already know the Law Of Attraction, but there are several more as important as that one. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Law of Gratitude: according to this law, it is necessary that you show gratitude for what you already have. No matter if you strongly want to change your reality, and are not satisfied with your life, you need to be grateful for it.

This law allows you to show how grateful and unmaterialistic you are. If you can feel gratitude for what you have, you are showing the universe that you deserve even more.

If you show the universe how grateful you are for what you have, you are telling it how ready and open you are to receive more.

It seems that it is a requirement for the universe in order to give you more of what you want.

2. Law of Attraction: this is the most popular of The Laws since it was widely featured in the movie and book "The Secret". It is not new and successful people have known about it since so many years and they practice it constantly. This is the main reason for their success.

The point of this law is that you should focus your attention in your goals in order to get them. It states that everything material starts in the immaterial world. In other words, everything starts in the mind.

The key of this law lies in one single word: Manifestation.

If you act upon something and you actually feel it to be true then it will inevitably manifest in your life.

This law believes in the use of visualization. You need to mentally visualize and feel what you want to achieve. It is necessary that you practice this skills everyday until your visualization becomes so clear that it looks like it is already happening.

Thing of images, or a movie of what you want to attract. Feel it as it is already a reality and act upon it and it will become YOUR reality. Period.

3. Law of Karma: karma states that everything you do will produce and effect. Karma is the name used to describe the cause-effect principle.

According to this law you should focus on doing good actions always. Why? Well, imagine what you will receive if you do only bad things.

When you do bad to other people, bad is done to you. When you do good, good is done to you. Very simple, indeed.

That is why actions speak for themselves. Now, it is time that you start doing ONLY the good things and prepare to receive good in response

No matter what you do in life there will be and effect. Always. Make sure that effect produces good to you.

4. Law of Love: God established this law. It is present in every holy book known to men.

All religions agree to say that love is the building block on which everything is built.

This law states that love is much more than a feeling or emotion. It is living energy.

It can be felt and can take on different forms.

The Law of Love is necessary to make everything come true. If you don't approach your desires or goals with love they will NEVER manifest.

It is just amazing how every culture in the universe accepts this law to be true and how all of them emphasize in working in harmony with it.

5. Law of Allowing: according to this law, we must be open to receive what we want. Being receptive is not an option.

If we tell the universe that we want something but we don't allow it to happen it will never happen.

The purpose of wanting it will be defeated in the first place. So when we work in harmony with the Law of Allowing we are telling the universe that we are ready, open and willing to accept what you want.

6. Law of Vibration: when you have already set your goal and have visualized it is time to let the Law of Vibration play its role.

The main requirement for it to work is that you have to be in harmony with whatever you want to accomplish.

You will feel the universe responding to your queries. That's the Law of Vibration in action.

7. The Law of Gestation: this law is sometimes overlooked. It states that you need to allow the time and the conditions for everything to manifest.

Your dreams will not come true as a magic trick, out of a hat. They will take some time and there are some conditions that have to met in order for reality to materialize.

As you can see, The Universal Laws really govern the universe and everything in between. You had not noticed it (most likely) but they are true. Now you need to act in harmony with them and learn to put them into practice and you will see how manifestation start to flood your life.

Discover how The Universal Laws can affect each and every aspect of your life.

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