Saturday, October 25, 2008

Subliminal Messaging Explained

By Greg Frost

Many people do not really understand the concept of subliminal messaging, and it's understandable considering how it's not a widely known phenomenon. So what exactly is subliminal messaging? It is a technique whereby messages are conveyed to the subconscious, rather than through the conventional consciousness.

These subliminal messages are often in the form of words, sounds, or images that are designed in such a way that a person is made unaware of their presence because they fall below a person's normal aural registers. But just because we cannot consciously hear a message does not mean that it is necessarily non-existent.

These subliminal messages are usually embedded into a form of media. Typically, images are flashed faster than the eye can perceive, and sounds are played at a frequency beyond which no normal human can consciously hear. Despite not being able to process them on a conscious level, on the subconscious level however, these "hidden" messages can be deciphered and processed.

Subliminal messaging is everywhere. Yet because of everything that is physically happening around us, our minds automatically shut out the unnecessary information and treat them as "background noise". We are aware of them however, just on a far lower level than what our conscious mind makes us focus on.

Take for example this scenario: You're at a party, and you're mingling with some of your friends. As you're chatting away, you notice someone in the opposite end of the room. They're known by many to spread rumors about others, so you begin to wonder if your name ever came up. The person makes their way closer to your group, but remains far enough to appear out of earshot. Yet as you continue to mingle with your friends, your mind would have subconsciously taken notice of the rumor-monger, and the minute you hear your name being mentioned, your mind focuses your attention to the rumor-monger, because somewhere at the back of your mind you've unwittingly made the rumor-monger a focal point.

Subliminal messaging works more or less the same way, as you may not be aware of the messages you are receiving, but your subconscious may already be processing and deciphering the information before you can be made fully conscious of it. There have been many instances where advertisers and marketers have leveraged on this by using subliminal messaging in their advertisements, be it in print, radio, or television. The power of words and images is often underestimated. Whether spoken, read, or viewed, subliminal messaging does have the power to influence people's behavior and thought patterns.

While subliminal messaging has been used in advertisements and commercials, it can also be used for self development, and it is in fact the best technique to consider if you're seeking self-improvement. A lot of people all over the world are turning to self-help audio; in fact the industry is valued around $50 million today, and counting. This shows that people believe in the power of subliminal messaging and how it can enable them to unlock their true potential. Some of the more common areas where subliminal messaging have been used for such self-improvement products include improving self confidence, weight loss, and even enhancing one's sex drive.

So you see, subliminal messaging isn't all that bad. All it does is activate the parts of your brain that you aren't consciously using, and unlock the full potential of your mind to your advantage. - 14682

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