Monday, October 13, 2008

Common Methods of Cleansing Our Chakras

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

Since our chakras are directly influenced by everything around us such as the technique to regular cleansing of our chakras logically follows that we should take our environment into consideration as well. To achieve balance and harmony, the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being also needs cleansing in order to heal our energy systems. This is necessary since all aspects of our existence are interconnected and are necessary to function harmoniously for healthy and vibrant living.

Following are some of the common chakra cleansing methods that have been in use for thousands of years.

1. Smudging with certain herbs and plants like white sage can clear certain types of negative energy obstacles in your energy points. Simply go inside a room with the door and windows closed and burn some white sage and let the smoke fill the room; remain in the room for a few minutes.

2. Auric brushing with the hands or the aid of gemstones and crystals is one of the highly effective chakra cleansing technique. Caution must be taken however that the practice should only be performed by a well-practiced individual since there is the possibility of serious damage rather than successful healing due to the inherent powers of the gemstones and crystals employed in the process.

3. Live healthy by eating the proper diet, drinking plenty of water and fruit juices coupled with regular sleep and rest should be an individuals norm instead of maintaining a hectic daily schedule. A healthy lifestyle is highly recommended in order to preserve our energy systems.

4. Performing regular physical and breathing exercises are also necessary to achieve and maintain the health and stability of our chakras. The obvious benefits of exercise to our body are also an important consideration in doing physical activities and appropriate breathing techniques.

5. Connect with the wonders and magic of nature. Learning to appreciate the nature has a wonderful influence in the function of our energy systems.

6. Since each individual colors have different vibrations that affect different elements of a person, you can effectively perform chakra cleansing by looking at real color or simply by visualizing them.

7. Music has long been known as a way by which we achieve relaxation. Listening to music is a very helpful chakra cleansing strategy because a relaxed chakra is one that functions at optimum level and equally benefits the corresponding endocrine system connected to it.

8. Stimulating our mental power and engaging in worthwhile intellectual pursuits are critical factors to maintain a healthy chakra. The mind rests in the mental aura and this level of the aura needs to be stimulated or it will slow down, accelerating the aging process. We need to be learning, interested, and passionate about something at all times in our lives.

9. Allocating a few minutes daily for reflection on the days events is also a powerful chakra cleansing method. Spending some time alone and giving serious thought to our daily happenings and situation gives us a clearer perspective and awareness of everything that affects us and our environment.

10. Practicing love of self is also important as it teaches us survival and self preservation. It also makes us more able to love others.

11. Be aware of your emotions and express them to others responsibly. Repressed thoughts and feelings create energy jams that block the flow of energy and prevent good health.

12. Introducing creativity in our daily activities helps us keep healthy and calm. Creativity is not the exclusive domain of the arts we can apply it to our everyday activities!

13. Coming to terms with our past and having an appreciation of its meaning can provide us a deep understanding of our objective as a human being.

14. Honesty and truthfulness in all areas of our lives keeps us healthy and gives us vibrant energy. Values anchored on respect, trust, decency, honesty and truthfulness help make us a productive and responsible member of the society.

15. Prayer is also a central element of our health and energy systems. Prayer allows us to communicate with a Higher Being who can help us achieve emotional balance and stability. Prayer helps quiet down our minds to make us receptive to everything around us.

All the above methods of chakra cleansing are very important. However, it takes practice and a realization of your love for yourself and others before you can truly understand and use them for chakra cleansing. It is not necessary to use them all at the same time but it is recommended to start off with one or two or three and continue to add methodologies over time. Chakra cleansing is not achieved instantaneously, it is a constant and lifetime process (just like chakras are continually in motion) in order to achieve and maintain a healthy balance among all the elements involved. - 14682

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