Friday, October 3, 2008

The Hidden Treasures of Chakra Energy

By Jonathan Benjem

Did you know that our bodies have tremendous amounts of energies, which are sufficient to ensure our physical and mental health? This may come as news to many Westerners, but its a fact of life proved and followed by many ancient saints and scholars in countries, like India.

They call the phenomenon as the Chakra Energy. To a layman, it is the energy generated by the seven primary energy centers in the body. Interestingly, all these seven energy centers are situated in the upper half of the body, i.e., from head to the base of spine. These primary energy centers are:

* Root or the Base Chakra (RED) located at the base of the spine, known as the coccyx.

* Spleen Chakra (ORANGE) situated just below the navel.

* Solar Plexus (YELLOW) Chakra situated just above the navel.

* Heart Chakra (GREEN) located in the center of the chest.

* Throat Chakra (BLUE) located at the base of the throat.

* Brow Chakra (INDIGO) situated on the forehead.

* Crown Chakra (VIOLET) located on top of the head.

Though invisible, these Chakras constantly and continuously rotate in the bodies at their stated positions. This movement is responsible for the production of energy, called Chakra Energy.

If their movement is not in sync, the health " physical or mental " is bound to suffer.

So, whats exactly Chakra Energy and how it influences our physical and mental well being? The Chakra System in our body is primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of every organ. As every bodily organ is connected with the brain through a complex web of nerves, the Chakras rotate to provide the necessary energy for all the nerves and organs so that they perform their natural functions in an unhindered manner. They not only rotate, but also the movement of their rotation is so synchronized that they complement each other in a unique way.

If the movement is in sync, the Chakras will produce sufficient energy to ensure physical and mental well being. However, if the movement is not in sync, the energy so produced will not be sufficient and itll invariably result in some body ailment.

Undoubtedly, Chakra Energy plays a decisive role in human lives, but is it possible to work around the Chakras and bring about a balance in their movements? Though Chakra movement is a natural phenomenon, yet you can direct your physical and spiritual energies towards attainment of Chakra balancing. Learning is an art and invariably, a slow process. But if your have determination and perseverance, its an achievable goal. The exercise is pretty simple. Firstly, just sit or lie down in the most comfortable posture with eyes closed. The next part is to relax and feel all the body parts from visible organs to the minutest cell within the body. Don't avoid the distractions, like myriad thoughts. With time, they'll disappear. Keep it going for about half-an-hour to any length of time for as many days as you can. You'll surely feel the difference.

You may ask if achieving physical and emotional well being is so simple, then why are the incidents of such ailments on the rise? The answer is pretty obvious. The advancements in the modern day living have translated into our increasing reliance on the materialistic things. In the worldly pursuits, man has slowly but surely lost contact with the spiritual aspect of his existence. This myopic mindset has robbed humans of their earthiness.

The best part of Chakra Energy is that it is always within your control. You just need a firm determination to balance the Chakra movements and in the process, ensure a healthy and contented existence, both in the physical as well as spiritual realm. - 14682

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