Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Practice Self Affirmations Effectively

By Ethan Beh

There's a lot of talk by people claiming that practicing self affirmations is really effective. That it can really bring positive changes to many different areas of their lives. However, many others do not experience this. They claim that despite practicing self affirmations, they don't see any results from it.

So why are there 2 opposing opinions? What creates the difference between the 2 groups?

Before we get into that, let us know what self affirmation is first. Doing self affirmations means to repetitively affirm to yourself the thing that you desire to have or achieve. It is done by just saying out the affirmation repeatedly. Somewhat similar to reciting or chanting. Self affirmations can be done for anything you desire.

Have a look at this example of a positive self affirmation;

- "Everyday in every way I am getting stronger and stronger"

A direct statement is OK too. You don't need to use the "everyday in every way". Just a simple "I am becoming...." will do.

Affirmations are made with statements 'I am', 'I can' and 'I will'. Like "I am confident" or "I can be confident" etc.

The Workings Behind Affirmations

Affirmations works because of the power of intention. When you practice affirmations, you are declaring your intention to the universe and everything in it. It is not just a mere verbal practice. The universe helps you in the background to achieve your goals when you do affirmations.

When we imagine something vividly and intensely, our brains cannot differentiate between the visualization and reality. It will accept it as the real thing. The more intense it is, the more likely it will be accepted as reality. It is the same with affirmations. Practice your affirmations with emotion and intensity and the more likely it will be accepted by the brain. This is how affirmations work.

And when you repeat the affirmation many times, it will be more and more 'real' to the brain.

So how comes affirmations doesn't work for some people?

Now if that's the case, why do many people claim that self affirmations don't work? Does the power of intention really work? Will your brain feel that what you are affirming is not actually the truth?

Well there are mainly 2 reasons why it does not work for some people.

First of all it is because they are doing the affirmations the wrong way, without any power, passion, intensity or emotion. If you chant affirmations in a weak and non-enthusiastic manner, it will never work. That statement will not be accepted by your brain or the universe. There is no power of intention in it. Don't practice affirmations just for the sake of it, don't just go through the motions with it. Do it correctly, which is with belief and power.

The second reason is due to lack of congruency after practicing the affirmation. After the doing the affirmation, you must also put in your effort to make it work. You must try your best to be congruent with it.

That is the mind-set to have when it comes to practicing affirmations. Affirmations should not be considered as the end all solution. We must work with it. Be determined to help the affirmation take effect by putting in the effort to change our lives to reflect the affirmation. - 14682

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