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Feng Shui History " Separating the Fact From the Fiction

By Kyle Richey

A lot of feng shui beginners or practitioners are also interested in the history and real story of how feng shui was developed. It is a very good idea to find out more about this because when feng shui was introduced to the western culture and began to gain popularity, a lot of untruths and misconceptions became mixed in with the real practice.

Feng Shui History in Ancient China

Asian cultures have always seemed to place a lot of importance on peace, harmony and balance. In Japan, for example, Zen masters taught that hard work and simplicity were keys to peaceful success. In China, it has been believed that you need to respect your surroundings if you want to be at peace.

Chinese experts, according to the true feng shui history, believed that the earth resonated a strong energy. They believed hat this energy should be attracted to, and welcomed into, one's home. They also believed that certain practices fought this energy, bringing chaos and disruption.

Therefore, the Chinese believed that they could arrange their buildings and even furniture and other accessories so as to best respect this energy, thus bringing harmony and balance into one's life.

Feng Shui Comes to the West

Stories about feng shui history become a bit muddled when the practice was introduced to western cultures; no doubt because there were many unscrupulous persons who realized that they could make a fast buck on the unsuspecting westerners who were unfamiliar with this art.

In addition, many New Age elements had begun to be introduced and were confused as being part of feng shui history. In reality, though, these New Age elements have nothing to do with what is true feng shui. For example, crystals, star shaped mirrors, red front doors and other elements are all among these New Age non-feng shui elements.

In addition, some have claimed that feng shui can heal you if you're sick, bring prosperity and wealth, and accomplish several other amazing miracles. However, true feng shui history has none of these statements in it. Those who practiced it historically had never made such far-flung statements.

They do firmly believe that the right use of feng shui can add positive energy to your life, and this energy can result in good things and your own accomplishments, but it was never meant to be some type of magic pill that one could use to cure, heal, or work influence over these outside factors.

Understanding Real Feng Shui History

If you really are interested in learning more about the art and science of feng shui, one of the first things you'll need to do is to understand its true history. If you don't, you could become a victim of one of these so-called "experts" who might tell you falsehoods or half-truths about its use and true applications.

Feng shui history is all about order, harmony, positive energy and balance. Stories you might hear which don't include these elements are probably just folklore and you should ignore them. When you know and understand the truth behind this fascinating science, you will be better equipped to appreciate and use feng shui in your life and in your home. - 14682

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