Monday, October 6, 2008

Can Hypnosis Really Give You Better Health?

By Fleur Moir-Jones

Hypnosis has been around for a very long time. A lot of people have seen hypnotists on TV or at the fair. Hypnosis used in these ways is generally fun and it is always enjoyable to watch your friend quack like a duck every time the hypnotist says, "Hello".

Only a small number of people recognise that hypnosis can be used for genuinely beneficial health reasons in addition to its role within the entertainment industry.

The success of hypnosis on a person depends on their desire. The differing levels of focus and openness to suggestion are typical of a hypnotised person. Hypnosis CAN be the answer for transforming your life.

A person can increase their health in a number of ways by using the power of hypnosis. For example, re-programming the mind to drink a fruit juice with your evening meal instead of a couple of beers will improve your waistline and the way you feel about yourself (not to mention the improvement in your finances!).

All sorts of negative desires can be replaced with positive ones through hypnosis - a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie instead of a fizzy soda or nutritious nuts and seeds instead of chocolate perhaps. The possibilties are endless.

Hypnotic solutions are not to be regarded as a complete remedy for everything. You cannot act in a manner you wouldn't normally be inclined to do anyway. A commitment is required on the part of the subject. The person must have the desire to want to get fit at the gym as opposed to slouching in front of the tv for any hypnotic suggestion on that topic to work.

In recent years the medical community has recognized the benefits hypnosis can have on people's health. There are a lot of studies which document solid proof that hypnosis can benefit a huge variety of physical and psychological issues. These include pain relief for cancer patients, phobia sufferers, weight loss cases and anxiety to name but a few.

Prior to the 1950's people who suffered from the likes of vertigo or those afraid of spiders were pretty much left untreated by doctors. Nowadays, mental health professionals are using hypnosis to treat these cerebral subjects. Physical conditions have also received great attention from hypnosis in this same period.

Although hypnosis can permanently relieve some conditions (such as quitting smoking) it can't cure cancer for example. In such cases it is used as a complimentary treatment alongside established medical practices. Hypnosis is however being viewed as a very welcome (and effective) tool by a large number of medical professionals.

The benefits that hypnosis can bring to so many areas of a peoples lives are too vast to cover in this short article. As with any form of alternative therapy it is important to be fully prepared and understand what is involved. If in doubt, speak to your doctor and read up further on this incredible tool. - 14682

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