Sunday, October 5, 2008

Difference Between Perception and Reality- Is There One?

By Lorelei F.

You walk into the room at a party and see a handsome man. He has on black jeans and a sexy black shirt. You are attracted to his chic sensuality. You are about to walk over to him when he turns his head and glares at you with a look of disdain. The look is clear. It says, 'Stay away, I'm not interested.'

If you're like most people, you then made a beeline for the buffet and hung out there for the whole evening. You didn't mix, you didn't mingle. You just stood there feeling deflated, waiting for the evening to get done so you could go home and take off this dress- which was clearly a bad choice. Which was why he looked at you like that.

Now suppose you are on the other side and you are the male. Here's what may be happening for you. You have just taken a sip of your cocktail, and it is sour as a green lemon. You purse your lips to try to keep from spitting it out. You are noticing nothing but the bad taste in your mouth- and you are thinking of how to get rid of it without drawing attention.

His look of disdain was actually a reaction to his drink. He never even saw you until later, when he meandered over to the buffet and saw this vision in white. She was lovely, but she had an aloof look on her face. It was an above-it-all look. Still she was very appealing, in an odd sort of way. But he decided he was not up for the certain rejection, and walked away.

Now if we look, both of these people in this story are 100% sure that they know 'reality.' They are sure that they know the very thoughts in each others heads. And that is the difference between perception and reality. And because of their beliefs, which they take as real, these two potential soul mates never even meet.

This kind of thing happens all the time, there is no doubt. We are all thinking that we know how it is and what is happening in others, or in the world at large. But how often are we wrong? How often do we go along, doing or not doing based on what we think- not even realizing that our thoughts are simply our own personal judgments, assessments, past experiences, and a boatload of firmly held beliefs.

Can you imagine how many opportunities we miss that we don't even know about?

In this and future articles we will look at the difference between perception and reality. We will look to see how setting aside limiting beliefs and assumptions can give us miracles in our lives- miracles in romance, career, finances, life-fulfillment, and every other are of life. So stick around, and enjoy the ride. - 14682

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