Sunday, November 2, 2008

Useful Negative Thinking - Can It Help?

By Felicity Tan

It is commonly believed that any kind of negativity in a person's life can prove to be harmful and will lead to the wrong kinds of emotions. However, there are some cases where negative thinking can actually help us in a positive way. Sometimes negative thoughts a person may have will also come with a hidden layer of positivity in them.

But as we spend more time brooding over these negative thoughts then any positive ones we have simply get brushed aside. So it's important that we understand that these negative emotions are not always detrimental and we should instead see them in a more positive way, helping us to deal with life in a better way.

Useful negative thinking can prove extremely beneficial to you. Sometimes the negative emotions and feelings we have tend to bring the best out of us. As the saying goes, opposites attract and therefore negative thoughts also attract positive feelings.

In fact you will find that a certain amount of negative thoughts can be very useful indeed. Also you need to remember is that having such thoughts is completely normal and natural for us. But it is when they become too much that we need to try and avoid them.

There are going to be times when negative thinking leads you to look at yourself more closely and this helps you to then understand your own needs and beliefs better. Every negative thoughts or emotions you have can become a learning experience that teaches you an invaluable lesson about life.

Therefore, you should learn more about the art of choosing to use useful negative thinking. Negative thinking will help you in understanding not just your weaknesses but strengths as well. You can then work on ways that allows you to up these strengths and talents you may have.

However, you should not spend all your time pondering over every single negative thought. Instead one should be working on trying to uncover any hidden messages or meanings that may be contained within these negative thoughts.

You should also maintain a balance between both your negative and positive emotions. Your life is filled with all types of experiences, some of which are can prove to be very painful. If you know this, then you will not be able to escape the pain just through positive thinking. So this is the time when you should embrace such negative thoughts and you will then learn from them. - 14682

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