Friday, November 14, 2008

NLP Hypnosis: The Dark Purpose of Hypnosis

By Joel Chue

Hypnosis is a natural and common occurrence and it happens one faces it almost regularly. All of us go in and out of hypnotic trances throughout our day. These trances are generally well intend and are pretty harmless, but there are some people who drive others in to a hypnotic state just so that they can forcibly convince others to buy something that they would not buy under normal circumstances.

By now, you would be wondering who these people could be. Well, the groups which uses hypnotic trances the most to deliver their messages are the Media, the Advertising agencies, the Governments and those strongly opinioned individuals. The advertising agencies are the most aggressive of the lot who uses this method to push their messages across to the public to persuade them to buy their clients' products. This is also the main reason why this group spends the most on advertising. There are certainly not there to be social welfare agencies, but rather to fill up their pockets when sales go up. The second group which uses hypnotic trances frequently are the political groups. A perfect example is the current Presidential election campaign going on in the US. Have you noticed and wondered why, how highly charged the advertisement s aired by the candidates?

The majority of the advertising campaigns are planned very carefully. Market researches are done to see what factors influences a consumer more and the data collected are then incorporated into the advertisement. They are designed to make you buy and item or at the very least be influenced to want to buy. This is the darker side of hypnosis. We are influenced to be affected by material things rather than spiritual well-being.

A s for news reporting, it is no longer about impartially and objectivity. Before, News were just reported as is which are directly related to the events. However today, due to the pressure of achieving good ratings, the media tend to be more of infotainment focused. They are designed to make us be captivated.

The fact is, Good news are plain boring. Nobody can stay glued to the TV watching good news. Sad to say also, people tend to be captivated for the dark side of human nature as well. Thus, when bad news happened, the ratings go up. The more bad news they pump through the tube the more captivated we stay to the TV.

This is the unfortunate side of hypnosis. - 14682

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