Saturday, November 22, 2008

Simple Self Improvement Exercises Anyone Can Do

By Jeanette Meierhofer CFLC

There are an infinite number of self improvement exercises you can do. And there isn't one task that works best for everyone. As a Personal Life Coach I've come up with dozens of exercises for my clients, most of which come to me while I'm coaching someone. It all depends on the situation and the awareness the client needs to get in order to move forward.

I recommend these simple exercises to all of my clients because they work and they work for life.

You must remember that in any self improvement exercise, you will be involved in your own process. There are two essential processes: the positive and the negative. Make sure that your focus is on the positive processes to keep your energy high and your heart open.

Write down 5 acknowledgements a day. Let go of your expectations of what goals you are supposed to achieve or what defines a risk to you. If it is risky to smile at 3 strangers a day and you smiled at 2, then acknowledge yourself! All progress is progress. Keep a log of it and be proud!

Be grateful. It works. Write down 5 things you were grateful for every day. Here's the challenge: those gratitudes must be about the challenges you faced that day: from the surly checkout clerk (I'm grateful for all of the money I saved using coupons) to the flat tire on the interstate (I'm grateful it was a sunny mild day). By focusing on the gifts or the lessons presented in your challenges, you become more and more attune to them as they happen.

It is important to write out at least 5 gratitudes and acknowledgements a day. These daily drops of positivity will become an ocean of energy that you live in. Your confidence will swell and you'll feel more connected to yourself and all that is in your life.

Find your true motivation. When you have a goal or desire in mind, ask yourself: "If I had this, what would I have?" And then ask yourself again: "If I had that, then what would I have?" Repeat this until you have gotten to the true desire. That desire becomes your intention you can return to again and again to keep you committed.

These self improvement exercises can be done every day. They are simple and effective and will change your life for the better! - 14682

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