Saturday, November 1, 2008

Follow These 8 Behaviours to Ensure Success as an Entrepreneur!

By Hayley Weatherburn

How do the wealthy make their millions and make it look so easy? They seem to make money effortlessly, yet for us it seems so hard. What you will find is that most of the successful entrepreneurs have similar behavioral attributes that encourage success. If you follow these 8 simple steps, which are activities of successful entrepreneurs, then you will be joining them in the near future.

MASTERMIND THE WEALTHY / SUCCESSFUL-Read the books about those idols you want to be like - whether it Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump or Richard Branson. Actually write down what you believe are their Values are, and the daily activities they do, that got them to where they are. Once you have them - do them! Copy the behaviors of a lazy person - what do you get? Lazy! Copy the behaviors of a successful person what do you get? Successful!

PICTURE - Olympic athletes visualize winning their race 100's of times before actually doing it. What this does it creates a neural pathway in the mind of what it believes has happened, so when faced with the actual event, the mind can tell the rest of the body what it is supposed to do. Science has proven this increases chances of success, wealthy entrepreneurs do the same. Give it a try - visualize yourself as a successful entrepreneur - focus on what is happening around you, how you feel, what you say, how you hold yourself and what you hear. Do this daily, and it won't be long until you find it a reality.

GOALS -All successful entrepreneurs have goals, and they write them down. Have Long term goals and short term goals. It is a great idea to have a goal notebook. If you haven't done it before, start off with small daily or weekly goals. Like - I have achieved 20 marketing calls this week. Once you start achieving quite a few, then stretch yourself. When writing goals - don't worry about the HOW, just put your goals out there and get on with your daily activities. You will be amazed how clever your unconscious mind is at finding ways to make what is possible.

ACTUAL ACTIVITIES THAT PRODUCE INCOME - Yes, this may seem obvious, however it is imperative to the success of your venture! And, let's be honest here, how many of you have actually procrastinated and done the organizing of office activities, instead of the marketing and advertising, because it was easier and you just wanted to "get it out of the way". Write down a list of 10 things that you can do daily that will actually bring money into your business. For example: marketing calls, advertising and meeting with clients. Once you have written your list make sure you do at least 2-3 of these EVERYDAY, then watch the money roll in!

EXPECTATION - Expect that you will be successful. This again helps the unconscious mind to replicate what it is hearing / seeing. If it has an expectation of being a success, then it will do everything it needs to to for fill this truth.

GRATITUDE - Yes, I am talking about the "Attitude of Gratitude". The more you focus on the positives of the situation - the more you will notice. And this works vice versa. For example - stop for a second. I want you to look around the room you are in right now and focus on every object that is blue - that's it, start listing them all in your head. Ok, now what I want you to do - and do this as soon as you finish reading this sentence - is close your eyes and list all the things that are brown - close your eyes now. How did you go? Hard isn't it? That is because your mind was so focused on the blue it didn't notice the brown. Focus on what you are grateful for and that is all you will notice.

IMMERSE IN SELF-DEVELOPMENT - The true successful entrepreneurs are ALWAYS learning, always evolving. The more you grow inside, the more you will grow in business, finances and so on. Plug yourself into self-development courses regularly to learn.

PERSEVERANCE - Commitment and perseverance is key to surviving obstacle and actually arriving at your goal. Vow now that you will never give up until your goals are achieved. With commitment like that, you have no other choice but to succeed, not matter what is thrown in front of you.

A thorough understanding of the above 8 behaviors, and making them regular habits will only increase your chance of success ten-fold. Enjoy the experience and journey you take in achieving your goals. Don't forget to reward your successes and learn from the setbacks, success is on the cards - good luck! - 14682

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