Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Quick Trick to Practice the Law of Attraction.

By Marty Lee Parker

The human brain on average has 60,000 thoughts a day. From your knowledge of how things work, you are part of the lucky minority that realizes the more you use some of those 60,000 everyday on your desires and wishes, the sooner your wants become reality.

It can be difficult with so many thoughts in the day - everything from remembering to water the plant to putting the toilet seat down - to consistently toss a chunk of those thoughts at your goals and dreams.

Here is a trick to help you think, feel and visualize your goal on a regular basis; make your passwords your most desired dream. How many times do you have to log into your email, bank account or onto Ebay? Instead of having some frivolous word to think about, make all of your passwords relate to your desires.

Instead of typing "happyskunklove" as your password, type "president of XYZ company" or "Iamslinder&sexy". Instead of typing "bigfootfart", type "mastersdegree" or "Iamalwayshealthy". When you type in your passion, this is the perfect opportunity to use some of those 60,000 thoughts to forge your dreams into reality. Actually see yourself for a split second accomplishing your goal. Go ahead and let yourself feel the excitement and joy of already having what you most desire.

I used to always type in "kissingpenguins" as my password for most of my accounts. After realizing that I was wasting a thought on the image of two penguins kissing (strange, I know). I decided to then change all my passwords to "myownpirateship" (possibly even stranger). I have always wanted to have my own pirate ship in my backyard. It isn't there yet, but will be some day!

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