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Vision Board Creation

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By Max Millione

Vision Board creation can change the way you manifest your desire in this life. It's just part of the visualization process.

So what is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation of all your desires you want now in your life. They can also be called "dream boards", "wish boards" and "visual boards."

Visualization Techniques have been seen back in the ancient times where figured pictures were sketched on walls of caves. Many of these early cave paintings were created before a hunt so the caveman would see in his minds eye the experience of already succeeding in capturing his prey.

These boards have been all the rage and have been spoken of on TV Shows, most notably Oprah and Larry King. It become part of our culture thank to the movie "The Secret"

The most common type of vision boards are those that resemble a collage and feature pictures cut from magazines and those used from personal photographs and drawings.

Before you make a vision board it's important to have the following ready:

A) Visuals: photos, magazine images and drawings

B) Affirmations: optimistic sayings, inspirational quotes, mantras that encourage positive changes that you want in your life. These should be made in the present tense such as "I am so happy and grateful now that I have 1 Million Customers right now!"

C) Embellishments -- including stickers, foil stars, glitter, ribbon, personal memorabilia such as concert tickets, travel folders, maps, etc

D) Desire List-- a list of everything you desire

Different Types of Vision Boards are available for you to create.

Here are examples of just a few of the types of vision boards that you can create:

- Love

- Relationships

- Prosperity

- Gratitude

- Health and Fitness

- Travel Destinations

- Vacations

- Amazing Life

- Business Goals

And for special occasions such as:

- Birthdays

- Wedding Anniversary

- Graduation

- Valentine

- Thanksgiving

- Christmas

- 2009 Vision Board - Great for The New Years

This is just the beginning, there are advanced Visualization techniques waiting for you to explore. One of the advanced Visualization techniques is transforming your Vision Board into a Movie. - 14682

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